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Zap is the ultimate real estate solution. Through the dynamic combo of our website and CRM, you can manage more leads, close more deals and win more business.

Online marketing and exposure
on the #1 brokerage website
Industry-leading CRM that keeps
you at the top of your game
More leads, more deals,
more money

Supercharge Your Success

When you’re part of the ZipRealty network you’re getting more than an industry leading CRM - you’re getting powerful and effective online marketing on the #1 most visited brokerage website in the US. Better yet, these two dynamic platforms are completely synced up, giving you instant insights into your clients’ online home search activity, including who is heating up, who is ready to go, and who is still in the early stages of their home search.

It’s an all-in-one system that not only gives your ever-growing platform of clients what they want - accurate and timely real estate info - but also allows you to easily deliver the kind of personalized, anticipatory service that will win their business, and ultimately, make you more money.

Powerful Online Marketing

ZipRealty markets you in a way thats authentic and deeply integrated into the consumer search experience Your local expertise and exceptional service are showcased across in relevant and effective ways that engage home buyers and sellers right off the bat. Unlike other sites where you have to pay to get good marketing placements, when you’re part of the ZipRealty network you’re rewarded for simply taking advantage of Zip’s tools and for doing what you do best - helping clients find and own the home meant for them.

Because we market you in a way that’s authentic and deeply integrated into the consumer search experience, you’re given valuable exposure to the consumers that matter most - serious homebuyers who are searching in the areas where you’re a local expert.

Power Up Your Business

Input all of your current and upcoming clients into Zap for an efficient and effective way to incubate, manage, and transact with them throughout the entire sales cycle. Zap makes it easy to maintain relevant contact with prospective clients, so you can grow your platform without compromising your level of service.

Since Zap and the Zip website are completely interconnected, you’ll receive valuable feedback when your clients are ramping up their search, so you can prioritize those clients. As your platform grows, you’ll be able to effectively manage your clients through the tools that Zap offers.

Zap CRM manages your clients, leads and prospects
Stay in touch with clients weekly
Check in with prospects when they show high activity
Contact leads when they register and mobile apps market you to everyone else
Effectively manage your time and relationships, so you can stay in touch.

Jump-start your day

Get down to business with the Dashboard - all your daily tasks and contact plans are ready for you when you log in.

In Zap, see who your highest priority clients are and connect with them first

Smarter client ranking

ZipScore ranks clients based on their search activities in real time - see who your highest priority clients are and connect with them first.

Zap template scripts can help with creating emails

Content to get you started

The Script Library is full of content for your phone calls and emails. Use the content as a jumping off point, and get suggestions on who to contact and when.

Always up to speed

The Contact Summary will give you all the contact info you need, including when you last contacted your client and what you said, as well as tips on how to interact next.

Zap can manage your contact reminders

Personalized contact reminders

Easily turn on (or off) contact reminders for groups of your clients. Create your own unique follow-up plans with content you can tailor to your clients.

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