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Mitzie Bradbury
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Overall star rating: 4.7
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Closed clients: 4.7
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Home buyer in Glenn Heights
Mitzie was great to work with. We listed our house in May 2014 and finally sold it in October 2014. Mitzie was always responsive to any of our concerns or question. I know what you are thinking though, Why did it take so long to sell. Basically my stubbornness and resistance to lower the price on my house cause the delays. Had I listened to Mitzie when we listed the house I am sure it would have sold in 2 weeks. Mitzie suggested we list our house at $151k and I insisted we stert at $159k. After lowering the price to $155k with no better results we lowered to $149,900 and sold it the first week. My best advise is to listen to your agent and take your own pride out of the way. Mitzie continued working hard to sell our house and we had 100+ showing request in the 3 1/2 months that the house was on the market. Mitzie also sold us our new home and was very patient with me and my wife. She seemed to always be available (as if I was her only customer). I cannot speak highly enough of Mitzie and her skills. Thank you for the hard work in dealing with me Mitzie.
Home seller in Fort Worth
Mitzie is AMAZING. She is professional, answered all my questions. Treated us with courtesy and respect. She understood our needs to get our house sold quickly and get us in a new one. I am thrilled with the results and couldn't have asked for better service!
Home buyer in Watauga
She was friendly and always answered our questions in a timely manner.
Home buyer in Colleyville
This was my first experience purchasing a home on my own. Mitzie was a HUGE help to me. She was patient, not pushy, offered lots of guidance and support, speedy to reply to all of my emails (believe me I sent a lot) and was very knowledgeable regarding the whole process. I will recommend her to EVERYONE who is ready to purchase the home of their dreams!
Home buyer in Irving
Mitzie is very professional . She is very fast to respond to all our questions and needs. She really works for the client and make it happen. I very much recommend her to anybody with any real estate needs.
Home buyer in Fort Worth
Mitzie is a great person to work with. We was looking for a new home for about 4 months Mitzie was always there to help any time of the day, She is very good at what she does and makes sure your happy Thank you Mitzie so much
Home buyer in Fort Worth
Mitzi's was wonderful. She helped make our experience very pleasant. She really cared that we got the home we needed. She was helpful and informative through he entire process.
Home buyer in Fort Worth
Without doubt, Mitzie is the reason that our transition to Texas has been totally excellent! She shepharded us for over a year, from introduction to DFW real estate and it's neuances, She walked us through initial contract to final closing. She ranks among our finest friends. You want a Texas professional to meet your housing needs, she's the one.
Home buyer in Arlington
Mitzy was just wonderful to work with. Very personable and receptive. If I could check 3 boxes below for Dedication, I surely would. She had the patience of a saint with my husband and I - first time home buyers. She was even all smiles when both sets of parents came along for house hunting! Super cool lady.
Home buyer in Roanoke
An absolute pleasure to work with and so knowledgable about the area. I always felt as if Mitzi had our best interest at all times and fought to get us the beat deal possible. She also has valuable contacts in the industry for all of your closing needs. The lender and inspector she recommended could not have been better. This was by far the easiest escrow we have closed. Choose Mitzi and you will get the best representation out there!!
Home buyer in Euless
Mitzie is a very experienced agent. I was always able to get ahold of her quickly and easily.
Home buyer in Southlake
Mitzie rocks! She was patient and considerate. She was honest abd encouraging. She us very knowledgeable if the area, the market, and even my family. We felt like she truly cared about finding everyone a goid match and we really appreciate that. We love Mitzie and think she us fantastic!
Home buyer in Arlington
I found Mitzie to be very helpful in searching for the type of home I was looking for. She was constantly in contact, especially during negotiating process. Quickly responded to calls, e-mails and texts. I would recommend Mitzie to other home buyers.
Home buyer in Keller
Mitzie has helped us buy and sell throughout the years. If you want a realtor who's very knowledgeable, honest, and will give it to you like it is, then definitely use her.
Mitzie has a good knowledge and experience with real estate. She really understands what buyers and sellers are looking for in today's market. She gave us some good advice on what needed to be done to the house before selling it. We listened and our house sold quicker than similar homes in our neighborhood.
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Home buyer in Irving
Mitzie was helpful to my husband and I during our long search for a home. She was always willing to show "another" house and was patient with us as we narrowed down our 'must haves.' We appreciate Mitzie's help to find the home we finally could love.
Home buyer in Irving
She was fantastic!!
Townhome buyer in Dallas
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Home buyer in Arlington
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Home buyer in Carrollton
No review submitted
Home buyer in Arlington
Mitzie was awesome! She was very patient and helpful in helping us find the perfect house. We would highly recommend her to anyone.
Home seller in Irving
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Home buyer in Mansfield
Mitzie was fun to work with and extremely knowledgable. She worked with us during our hectic schedule and found us a great home.
Land buyer in Granbury
The profile of our needs changed during the period of time with which we worked with Mitzie. She is a consummate professional, and I would recommend her to anyone.
Home buyer in Lewisville
Mitzie was very professional and patient during my home purchase.
Home buyer in Corinth
No review submitted
Home buyer in Mansfield
Mitze Bradbury in my view is the best. She is caring and very patient. I will be glad to recommend her to my friends.
Home buyer in Weatherford
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Home buyer in Frisco
We're first time home buyers and added to it, were new to Dallas. Mitzie was ever responsive and offered us a great deal of flexibility both with her schedule and being patient with us as we got a feel for the lay of the land. She has been there for us 24/7 - to answer all our queries and get us the additional information when requested. Mitzie is a consummate professional and is always effervescent making it an absolute pleasure to work with her.
Home buyer in Euless
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Home buyer in Bartonville
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Home buyer in FORT WORTH
I will refer her to anyone I know. She was the beast agent I had pleasure working with. I went to two other agents and then found Mitzie.
Home buyer in Lewisville
I would highly recommend Mitzie to anyone interested in purchasing a home.
Home buyer in Farmers Branch
No review submitted
Home buyer in Arlington
Mitzie has a lot of integrity. We enjoyed our time with her. She made looking for the right home fun, even though there was times we would get tired of looking, when we just had not found the right place for us. She was very patient and was always pleasant. We are very grateful to have had her as our realtor.
Home seller in Bedford
Mitzie provided support and expertise throughout the entire transaction. Her efforts in our behalf gave us as much of a stress-free sale as was possible.
Home seller in Benbrook
Mitzie exceeded my expectations in every way. I was an out of state owner and her attention to the property in my absence was extraordinary. She drove over an hour on many occasions for us, including to wrap outside pipes when a freeze was expected, which we would not have had any idea about. She is a true dedicated professional! Thank you, Mitzie
Home buyer in Fort Worth
She was as determined as we were to find our first house. She went above and beyond!
Home buyer in Saginaw
Mitzie was the greatest to work with. She assisted me in purchasing my new home which was not a easy task. I am out of country and Mitzie handled everything. She kept me up to date, emailed me daily and was just the best agent for the job. We had some real challanges but Mitzie came through for me.
Home buyer in Garland
Always punctual. Gave relevant comments and advice on properties. Looked out for my interests. It was our first home and she was very thoughtful in regards to answering our questions and concerns. First rate.
Home seller in Arlingon
outstanding, friendly
Home seller in Denton
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Home buyer in Colleyville
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Home buyer in LEWISVILLE
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Home buyer in Cedar Hill
She was very helpful, and very knowledgeable and professional. Very easy to get in touch with and schedule appointments for viewing. Not one complaint! She will be missed.
Home buyer in Ft. Worth
Mitzie was friendly, knowledgeable, professional and listened to what we had to say. Mitzie guided us through the home mortgage process and made it seem easy. She was with us when we closed the mortgage and has stayed in touch with us to ensure all is well. Mitzie is a great representative for Zip Realty.
Home buyer in CORINTH
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Home buyer in Fort Worth
Mitzie is real asset to Zip realty
Home buyer in Fort Worth
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Home buyer in Lewisville
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Home buyer in Fort Worth
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Home buyer in Highland Village
Mitzie went completely above the call. We were relocating more than 800 miles. Mitzie was in Texas making sure that every "i" was dotted and every "t" was crossed. Frankly, we could not have done it without her. She was awesome!
Home buyer in Cedar Hill
Mitzie was by far the best agent that we could have been assigned too. She treated us as if we were the only clients on her list, keeping us informed during the entire process. She was patient and willing to go the extra mile.
Home buyer in Waxahachie
We closed on friday as scheduled. there were some issues with the builder that came up after we had the movers out. ended up paying for 1/2 a 3rd party warranty that we didnt want to pay for. moving cost doubled due to week delay from builder. realtor needed to be more persistant and not wait for the builder/other realtor to resolve issues. she should have called them 2x a day and pushed them to get ther stuff done.
Home buyer in Lewisville
We have heard many horror stories related to purchasing a home. Our agent did a tremendous job of teaching us as well as guiding us in our first home buying experience. She was so outstanding that we are referring her to everyone we know. This experience has been incredibly smooth and we have not had any stress during the entire transaction. Thank you so much for a fabulous first home buying experience.
Home buyer in THE COLONY
Mitzie was a professional and very responsive to our needs. She did a fine job of understanding our demanding schedule as we were out of state buyers. Both my husband and myself truly appreciate her services.
Home buyer in Fort Worth
No review submitted
Home buyer in Arlington
Although Mitzie was professional for the most part, there was an incident where I overheard her talking about Jason & I to someone else in a very unprofessional manner. This made us very upset but we stuck w/ her b/c we wanted to proceed w/ buying our house in a timely fashion.
Home buyer in Keller
Mitzie understood that we were working on a tight timeline and made herself completely available throughout the process. She took the time to understand the things that were important to us and never wasted a moment of our time showing us homes that didn't meet our criteria. Once we were in contract on our new home she once again went the extra mile to make sure that things went smoothly. It was a pleasure to work with Mitzie from beginning to end.
Home buyer in Ft. Worth
E-loan it part of your site. I would not recommend them but the service I received from Zip was fine. Mitzy was a great help in getting us into the house.
Home buyer in Coppell
Mitzie was a pleasure to work with and she made the process easy.
Home buyer in Keller
I was not properly represented in my transaction. My agent, Mitzie, didn't get me a copy of the amendment to the contract, signed by the owners. She didn't get me a copy of the completed work orders, for work that was supposed to have been done (but wasn't done properly) before closing. She didn't recommend to me that I should have had the home inspector reinspect the items that he listed as deficient, in his report. She also promised me that if I wanted to cancel my Residential service contract (RSC), that I could do so and get a full refund of the RSC purchase price ($368). However, she didn't get written verification of this fact, for me, from the RSC provider, Nations, and after I purchased the home and decided I didn't want the RSC, Nations refused to give me the refund. She also hired an incompetent contractor to inspect the 2nd floor flooring in my home, and the contractor told me that the problems (significant unevenness of the flooring) that I saw, during my inspection, was due to carpet pad bunching up under the carpet. He told me that he stretched the carpets and padding and assured me that the floors were in perfect shape. However, when I arrived to move my furniture and belongings into the home, the floors were EXACTLY as they were when I first inspected them (i.e. Unacceptably uneven). Mitzie assured me that she would personally be present when the flooring contractor inspected the flooring, so that she could take digital photographs and email them to me, so that I could see the flooring for myself. However, the contractor "conveniently" showed up 2 hours early and Mitzie was "not able to be present to take the pictures." So, I didn't get photographs of the flooring, as she promised. Mitzie is supposed to be the real estate professional. She was reponsible for hiring, scheduling, and communicating with this flooring contractor. She should have made absolutely sure the contractor would be there at the time she would be there, like she assured me. Mitzie was supposed to be the real estate professional. I am the amateur in dealing with real estate. This was my first home purchase, so to represent me properly, Mitzie should have made sure she informed me and advised me so that I could have made the best deal possible and so that I could have been maximally satisfied with my purchase. Instead, I feel that I was taken advantage of, because I was new to the process of home buying and because I was purchasing the home from over 1,000 miles away. All Mitzie seemed to care about was that the house close on time. It appears to me that she didn't care about representing me. All she wanted was the money from the transaction ($6,000). I spent 3 months using Zip Realty's website and personally driving neighborhoods, compiling a list of homes I was interested in. Mitzie spent about 10 hours showing me the interiors of homes. I did all of the hard work. All Mitzie had to do was handle the legal issues, contract issues, and advise me properly, and she did a poor job of it. Why should I hire a real estate agent to represent me, if I am going to be this poorly represented? I feel I was damaged in this transaction (at least thousands of dollars on the flooring alone), because I was not represented properly and because I was not properly informed and advised. This leaves a very bad taste in my mouth for Zip Realty and for real estate agents, in general. I am most definitely not satisfied with Zip Realty, Mitzie Bradbury, nor my home purchase. I will never use Zip Realty again. And, I will recommend to all of my family, friends, and acquaintances to not EVER use Zip Realty. For the $6,000 the were paid, Mitzie and Zip Realty were worthless, in my book!
Home buyer in Irving
She was occasionally forgetful and did not check our house keys before meeting us at the home (were not the right keys).
Townhome seller in Richardson
Can I just say Mitzie was a God-send!!??? She was a referral from my parents, so she already started out on a good foot with me. I had a very old, not great shape, hard to sell property - that i was trying to sell during a down market - i had 2 other agents who had given up on me, but Mitzie hung in there for 9 MONTHS!! She went above and beyond the call of duty!! All together she got about 10 offers on my property!!! She is persistent, she is creative in helping you find buyers, she has great follow-up, she gives great advice, and she really cares about your home!! My entire family loves her and sings her praises!!! She is THE ONLY real estate agent i will ever refer - and I work for a homebuilder!! Thanks again Mitzie - we love you!!!
Home buyer in Fort Worth
No review submitted
Home buyer in Mansfield
Mitzie was always willing to help and advise. She was GREAT!
Home buyer in ARLINGTON
After the agent automatically asigned to us, pretty much ignored us. I searched the ziprealty webiste myself and decided on Mitzie. She suited us perfectly.
Home buyer in Double Oak
Personable, experienced, detailed, and a complete joy to be with! That's how we found Mitzie. She helped above and beyond any agent we've ever had in the past and I'm quite sure we'll not experience any one like her again. Even after the sale, because she knows we won't be permanently in our new home for a few months, she offered to pick up our mail and stay in touch. ZipRealty has a treasure in Mitzie, and I'm sure she treats everyone the same way. ZipRealty will be handling the sale of our home when the time comes.
Home buyer in Flower Mound
Mitzie was a pleasure to work with. She always was there the show us homes and to get our home listed to sell and get sold
Home seller in Grapevine
No review submitted
Home buyer in Fort Worth
Mitzie is awesome!
Home buyer in Euless
Mitzie was fantastic. She took the time to explain everything for me and helped me find a fantastic started house
Home buyer in Arlington
Mitzie was very helpful. We felt that she was looking after our best interest as first time home buyers. Thanks Mitzie
Home buyer in Arlington
No review submitted
Home buyer in Arlington
Mitzie was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was always available for our questions and knew our needs. She is always honest. She told us the truth and not what we wanted to hear. She made our 1st buying experience as painless and as stress free as possible.
Condo seller in Irving
I fully expected the sales process might take up to 6 months since the nightly news featured bleak stories about a softening market. Mitzie helped me set a realistic price and within 3 weeks, I had a dozen showings and 2 offers. She did an excellent job of guiding me through the counter-offer process. After accepting an offer, things sailed along smoothly until the buyer???s bank financing fell through. For the next month, I felt like Mitzie???s only client. She was in daily contact with the buyer???s realtor and banker, as well as the title company, making sure the wheels didn???t come off the deal. If I had tried to handle this myself, I???m sure the deal would have died an ugly death since I was pretty angry about the delay. I wanted to walk away from this transaction several times and find another buyer, but Mitzie persevered. The sale finally closed Oct 2, mostly because of Mitzie???s tireless efforts. This is one of the few times in my life when I feel the commission I paid was too low.
Home seller in Watauga
Mitzie was very helpful, friendly, always available and kept me informed through the entire process of selling my house. I would recommend her to anyone I know who might be in the market to buy or sell a home.
Home buyer in LEWISVILLE
No review submitted
Home buyer in Arlington
Mitzie did an excellent job. She got a feel for what I was looking for and if she went into a house and didn't feel that would be right for me she advised me to continue to look around. She walked me through every part of the process, step by step. Enjoyed working with her.
Home buyer in Keller
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Home buyer in GRAND PARIRIE
No review submitted
Home buyer in Grand Prairie
Mitzie was awesome! She listened to us and advised us when we needed it. She communicated with us every step of the way, so there were no suprises. We will recommend her to anyone looking for a property.
Home buyer in Ft. Worth
Mitzy took the time to understand us and our family. She found us the perfect house to fit our family.
Home buyer in Haslet
Mostly because nobody is perfect. Mitzi was awesome.
Home buyer in Firsco
Mitzie Bradbury is the best agent. She provides prompt, expert assistance at anytime of the day or night. She is extremely knowledgable about the market values and how to provide the buyer with the best possible deal. My expereince with Mitzie was wonderful and I look forward to sending her other customers and doing business with her in the future.
Home buyer in Rhome
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Home buyer in Arlington
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Home buyer in Grapevine
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Home buyer in GRAPEVINE
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Home buyer in Ft. Worth
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Home buyer in Little Elm
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Home buyer in Ft. Worth
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