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Oren Malka
Oren Malka
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"At the onset, we thought we could go through the entire house buying process without a Realtor. We found most of the ones we met at open houses to be pushy or otherwise unpleasant, and so we preferred to go it alone. Fortuitously, we met Oren, and we realized how much smoother the whole process could go with someone we trusted to give us advice. In the end, this was the absolutely right decision. We were extremely pleased with the service provided by Oren!

After we made our offer, Oren remained in contact with us throughout the day and night to make sure we were kept abreast of the developing situation. His friendliness and optimistic personality kept us calm while we underwent the stress involved with waiting after making an offer. Moreover, we were impressed with his obvious talent for negotiation, as he helped us obtain the house for a fair amount below list. After all the grueling realty work was done (the search, offer, negotiations, and inspection) he remained very attentive to our needs, and would even check in with us to ensure that everything was going smoothly. We enthusiastically recommend Oren." - Buyer

"Oren was extremely helpful. Even when he was sick, he still was willing to stay up late and walk us through our purchase. I would highly recommend him to anyone. We will remain friends for a very long time." - Matt and Kristal Dalbec
"Oren is very professional, well knowledged, articulate and yet very personable. It was a pleasure working with Oren as he was a great guide through our very first home purchase." - Paul Gee
"Oren is very professional, well knowledged, articulate and yet very personable. It was a pleasure working with Oren as he was a great guide through our very first home purchase." - Paul and Elisa Gee
"He was very friendly, helpful, and profesional. He spent a lot of time with us. He was incredibly patient with us. Since we are from SF, Oren helped us a lot." - Buyer
I recommended Oren to my parents, as he had previously helped me with the purchase of my home in Boston, and had done a perfect job for us. My parents retained Oren's services, and delegated me to deal with most of the transaction, as they do not speak English well. Oren and I worked together in the purchase process. Oren was very responsive to the needs of my parents in the property selection process. He was clear, and offered very good advice at the time of the writing of the offer. He negotiated professionally for my parents. He kept us on top of all deadlines, and was present at inspections. Each time I called Oren, for help or advice, or whenever a document had to be obtained from the sellers, Oren was diligent about following through. As far as I am concerned, I am extremely satisfied with Oren's professional performance, I feel that he served my parents interests in an excellent way, and will again recommend him to friends, so that he may assist them in their real estate transactions. Caroline Dlugy-Hegwer - Buyer
"I enjoyed working with Oren. He was professional and very helpful. He even answered my questions after the closing date. Excellent!!!!" - Buyer
"Oren was absolutely spectacular. He was literally available to me day and night -- answering my calls at 11pm and midnight as well as 7:30am; emails coming at 2 or 3am; equally responsive on weekdays and weekends. While I was away on business and in mid-transaction for a purchase he filled in, did combat duty with a difficult sellers' agent, and eased my mind so I could focus on my work. I was definitely well represented by Oren!" - Stephen Janiak
"We were so happy with the help we received from Oren on the purchase of our first home! He was very attentive to our needs and walked us through the entire process with the utmost courtesy, respect and professionalism. We loved working with him and would recommend him to anyone!" - Richard Andrew Shipp
"Oren was conscientious and very helpful. He was upfront with us and tried not to be pushy. We worked with him for approx 18 months before we actually bought our house. " - Buyer
"He is a very warm person. While we searched for the house, he became the best friend of my whole family. My children just love him. He works professionally and very precisely. I would like to keep in touch with him.. Thanks, Oren!" - Buyer
"Oren was extremely easy and enjoyable to work with. He really made us feel at ease with the homebuying process, and put forth great effort to get us in to exactly the right place. Thanks Oren!!" - Katherine E. Epmeier
"Being first time homebuyers, the process was a bit confusing and scary at times. Oren took the time to explain everything very well and ensure that we understood each step of the way. When issues arose, Oren addressed them immediately and ensured a timely resolution. Overall, he made us feel more comfortable with the buying process and gave us the confidence that we had someone with us every step of the way." - Rui J. Vieira
"Both Gaby (my wife) and I greatly appreciate the huge efforts that Oren showed in trying always to accommodate our needs, even as these changed many times as well as our requests in terms of what kind of home we were looking for and which neighborhood. He provided lots of great tools to help us distinguish one city from another as well as websites that helped us make up our minds." - Hector Maza
"Oren did a superb job. He checked in regularly to make sure we were getting necessary actions completed. He negotiated well on our behalf when necessary. Was agressive in rounding up necessary information to facilitate all aspects of the finding and buying process." - Buyer
"Oren is a wonderful broker and I have told everyone I know about him. I'm not always such a wildly enthusiastic person, but you would not believe the extent to which Oren worked on helping me buy this condo from beginning to end. One of Oren's most important characteristics as an excellent broker--besides obvious things like knowing the area and dealing with other brokers and lawyers and so forth--is that he is a superb communicator. The best way I have found to express this is that Oren NEVER drops the ball. In fact, if he has followed up on something and sent the ball back to my court and I miss it or get distracted, he goes and gets the ball himself and puts it back in play. For a busy working woman with two teen age boys and LOTS of distractions, this is a wonderful characteristic. I could not have completed this deal without Oren. It's not that I didn't have the money. I do. It's not that I didn't know what I wanted. I did. It's not that I didn't have a good credit rating. It's excellent. It's that the online mortgage company screwed things up so badly and so persistently that I needed Oren to keep rescuing me in a way I haven't needed for anything else in years and years. Refinancing my house in Arlington and buying a condo in Brookline was something I started in June and thought was all squared away when I left for China in mid July only to come back in August to find that the company (who was handling both mortgages) had sceduled the refinance AFTER the purchase. It's a long, complicated story but Oren stayed on top of everything from beginning to end. I have never recommended anyone as highly as I am recommending Oren to everyone I know who even breathes a wish about buying a piece of property in new england!! Oh and did I mention that he's just plain nice besides being super competent?" - Christine Mitchell
"Oren was simply outstanding throughout the entire process. We began looking for a home over six months ago, and Oren happily showed us places we found online, and researched and suggested others, as well. Although our first attempted purchase fell through (requiring still more phone calls, house visits, etc.) Oren was always extremely helpful and kept in close touch with us. He advised us very well as to making an offer and we are now in a home we love. Thanks to ZipRealty and, most specifically, to Oren!!" - Jacob M. Bush
"Oren was extremely helpful, caring, and professional. He listened to what I wanted and helped me find the perfect condo for me. His expertise and experience helped guide me through this extremely new process and he made it enjoyable for me. Anyone would be lucky to have Oren as their agent!" - Chantal Menard
"Oren stayed on top of things the whole way. If he hadn't - I don't think the deal would have closed. He has been great with items afterwards as well." - Michele L. Morelock
"Oren helped me with the process from the beginning to the end. He knew the area very well, shared good advice about the houses that we had seen and was extremely flexible in terms of showings and phone conversations. With his keen knowledge of the market, intuition and bargaining skill, he saved me a lot of money. He even helped me move my furniture to my new place right after the closing! How many agents would help you in such personal way? " - Eri Verter
"Oren was from day one simply the best , always polite , very friendly and willing to answer whatever questions we had (and there were a lot ).Gave us the best advice in which direction to go, what to look for, who to deal with, and for a person that had no experience on the subject, I am forever thankful ." - Buyer
"Oren was very helpful in finding us a home. Always brought out the truth of the place whether it was good or bad. He was able to quickly learn what I was looking for, which helped cut down on search time. He was always happy to help in any way possible and was very energetic during the whole process." - Buyer
"Oren was a huge help through every step of the buying process, and was always available to answer any questions I had (and there were lots). He was very involved in the whole process, making sure to attend both the inspection and the closing, and was great about scheduling to meet my needs-- even on short notice. Though I only purchased a small condo, the service he provided was something you'd expect if you were spending much, much more. I really appreciate all his hard work and help. Oren is truly an asset to ZipRealty!" - Buyer
"Oren was truly outstanding. He was patient and professional and I felt that he was clearly interested in our benefit rather than a quick sale. He is a credit to your company and a very nice person. " - Alan Sullivan
"Oren was extraordinary. He worked with us for a year to find our home. In all that time, he never expressed any dissatisfaction or frustration with us and never gave us less than his best work. Oren's commitment to us was central to our successful purchase of our home. I am happy to be able to count him as a friend as well as our (former) agent." - Buyer
"We were really happy to have Oren as our Agent. He did a great job right from the search till the closing of our house. He was prompt in returning our calls and conveying our queries/counter-offers to the sellers team. He was very good in negotiating. We would Highly recommend Oren as an Agent and we look forward to working with him in the future." - Philip D. David
"Oren has been great throughout this transaction. He is very energetic and enthusiastic and we really felt that we are in good hands. Especially towards the end, he handled some closing related problems really well exceeding all our expectations. Will definitely recommend Oren to work with as a Realtor." - Buyer
"Oren was wonderful. He was friendly, responsive and knowledgeable. We appreciated his openess and honesty with us." - Seller
"I will forever be grateful to Mr. Malka and he will be on my Christmas list for life! I have already referred my closest relatives and friends and even complete strangers to call him if they ever want to buy a home! He is the man to go to! He is amazing at what he does and I have been totally blessed to have had him as my agent and I will NEVER go elsewhere ever again! ZipRealty with Oren Malka is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life! I am more than Happy and satisfied with the services he provided for me and the amount of respect and attention he gave to me during this purchase! He treated me as if I were buying a million dollar property and I, with all my heart appreciate that so, so much!!! Thank you ZipRealty for having an amazing staff like Oren Malka and Thank You Mr. Malka for your hard work, dedication, respect and the amount of commitment you had with me! I could Not have done this with out you!! Don't ever change! THANK YOU." - Gissi C. Cruz
"Oren Malka is an excellent real estate agent. He was responsive and guided us through the home buying process. Oren has a good referral network, and we used his recommendations for several services. We would recommend him to other home buyers and enjoyed working with him." - Buyer
"Oren is a wonderful person to work with. He is friendly, considerate and helpful. And on some occasions, he went out of his way to help me. He certainly made my first home buying an easy and wonderful experience." - Buyer
"Oren was awesome to work with. He was always there to answer the phone and questions. He worked with us every step of the way, and we feel like we've made a friend. I'd recommend him to anyone else looking for a house." - Jax Adele
"Oren was delightful to work with always!!! I have been recommending him to anyone I know who is in the market to buy or sell a home! Thank you, Oren!!!" - Carolyn Korber
"This was my third time buying a house, and there's a reason that Oren was the third different realtor I used. Oren went above and beyond my expectations from beginning to end and continued to do so with a couple of loose ends even after the closing. I would recommend Oren to anyone that I know without hesitation." - Brian Kern
"Oren was wonderful. He was very personal and made sure that I was completely comfortable during this process, as I was a first time home buyer. He was knowledgable and met every need that I had. I would recommend him to any of my friends that are looking to buy a home." - Buyer
"Oren..very professional and truly a pleasure to have as a real estate agent. He was able to accomodate my needs of finding a residence to purchase over and beyond that of any other real estate broker I have worked with. He is commended on his personal service and his expertise and I will without a doubt HIGHLY RECOMMEND to friends, associates and family that are currently in the market. KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Stephen Wilson
"Oren worked very hard to represent me and my best interests. Despite long periods of inactivity on my part when looking, Oren helped me purchase one of the first places he showed to me that had fallen under foreclosure shortly after we first looked at it. He is a very responsible, patient, knowledgeable and most of all helpful representative--an individual whom I was very lucky to work with." - Sean Quinn
"He was very attentive. It was great to work with Oren!" - Larissa Matzek, Somerville, MA
"My husband and I had a very long house hunt process, but Oren was honest and patience with us. He has a high level of energy and passion for everything he does. It was a pleasure to work with him and now we have our first home :) " - Buyer
"Oren Malka is top notch. Our home was in a bidding war and Oren utilized a strategy that not only won us the house, but we did so without overpaying." - Matt Parkerson
"We are very thankful for our realtor Oren. We were first time homebuyers and didn't know a thing, but he literally did everything for us to make sure things are running as smoothly as possible. We had some difficulty with a seller and we had a really stressful and hard time. We really feel that we couldn't have done this without Oren and we cannot thank him enough. He is the hardest working realtor and we've never met anyone who showed a great deal of caring for our family.It was also very helpful for us that all the people he introduced us are very professional and reliable -- mortgage broker, inspector, lawyers etc . We met and spoke to several different realtors before settling with Oren, and he is definitely the most reliable, caring, and a wonderful realtor!Thank you very much!!!!!" - Chiaki & Nao
"Oren steadfastly stayed with us for our nearly 2 year search for the right home at the right price, and when we finally found it he went above and beyond his duties as our agent during to ensure that the deal would close and that all our concerns were addressed both before AND after the purchase. This transaction would not have happened if it were not for Oren. I can't recommend him highly enough." - Buyer
"Oren provided excellent suggestions, service and insight throughout our transaction. He was attentive, thorough and very responsive whenever called upon." - Mimi and Michael Woodman, Concord
"Oren was great to work with as well as to spend time with as we spent several hours each weekend with him for a period of time. We have a 4 month baby and Oren was good with the baby too and patient when we needed to take a break during the rounds of househunting. For my first housebuying experience he put everything in laymans terms for me and answered my many many questions, he kept it simple too by prioritizing tasks so I could focus on the next step. A great experience, thank you!" - Buyer, Bedford
"Oren was very helpful. He was there every time we called with any questions. He followed up after the sale and closing, to make sure we were happy and things went Great because of him. He's the best sales agent I have ever had" - Christopher Rogaishio, Framingham
"Oren was very helpful during the whole process; even though he wasn't feeling well, he was always very responsive, and willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. Thanks Oren!" - Buyer, Melrose
"Oren was helpful in my process as a first time homebuyer. During the waiting process, Oren checked in to see how things were going and went way beyond his job to represent me as his client. Oren spells things out to help me understand more of the process. Being a newbie, that was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend him to others." - Buyer, Jamaica Plain
"Buying a house, especially for the first-timers, is no joke. For us as first-time buyers, it was very overwhelming too. When buying a house, you never know what you are getting into. Most of the times, you feel like everyone is after your money. So, you have to have a Realtor who can understand you and above all in whom you can fully trust. After searching for houses with other Realtors, we finally found Mr. Oren through ZipRealty.

From the day we met him, we knew that he suited us very well. It just felt right with him. He took a lot of time understanding what kind of house we were looking for. He was further available any day and time we requested him to show the potential matches. Whenever we had questions or need of help, you would be available to talk on the phone, even till midnight. Before we knew it, Oren had found our dream-home.

Then, he helped in finding cheap, reliable home inspector and attorney. He even worked one-on-one with our mortgage officer to make sure everything would go smoothly. He took most of our responsibilities in his hands, so we did not have to do or travel much. Overall, he was very kind, patient, professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy individual. He seriously made buying a house so easy for us.

In all, we thank him so much for his assistance, and I recommend Oren to anyone, especially to the first-time buyers. Oren knows his business very well, and more importantly, he personally connects with his clients and deeply cares for them. Go Oren!!!" - Buyer, Milford

"We were happy to use Oren again, in helping us purchase our second home. He made the entire process very easy and we are happy to be moving into our dream home." - Benjamin Eckstein, Natick
"Oren helped us to get ready to sell the house and offered us some good pointers for setting a good price. This advice made the process happen faster than we ever expected and we were very excited about that. We quickly got the money we needed in a short amount of time and in a tight market. Oren did a great job in getting our home listed and with working his contacts to spark interest and showings." - Seller
"Oren was very helpful throughout the entire process. He returned phone calls quickly, found the answers to our questions and was easy to work with. He's a friendly and conscientious person who really helped make an otherwise stressful and confusing process a much easier one." - Buyer
"At the onset, we thought we could go through the entire house buying process without a realtor. We found most of the ones we met at open houses to be pushy or otherwise unpleasant, and so we preferred to go it alone. Fortuitously, we met Oren, and we realized how much smoother the whole process could go with someone we trusted to give us advice. In the end, this was the absolutely right decision. We were extremely pleased with the service provided by Oren! After we made our offer, Oren remained in contact with us throughout the day and night to make sure we were kept abreast of the developing situation. His friendliness and optimistic personality kept us calm while we underwent the stress involved with waiting after making an offer. Moreover, we were impressed with his obvious talent for negotiation, as he helped us obtain the house for a fair amount below list. After all the grueling realty work was done (the search, offer, negotiations, and inspection) he remained very attentive to our needs, and would even check in with us to ensure that everything was going smoothly. We enthusiastically recommend Oren." - David Mason
"Oren was fantastic. He was attentive and informative and really went the extra mile for us on multiple occasions." - Matthew R. Shelton
"Oren was great at each step of the process. He made time to meet us any time we wanted to meet, and was generally very friendly and a pleasure to work with. We plan on recommending Oren to people we know who are looking for homes in the Boston area." - Buyer
"Oren was so great to work with. He was extremely patient and very flexible with our occasionally difficult schedule. I would definitely work with him again." - Buyer
"Oren was a superhero for us. We started our search back in January 2007, and over the past year and a half, we've probably visited 100 homes. Exhausting! But throughout it all, Oren's enthusiasm and patience never wavered. He's given us solid advice throughout, and as first time buyers up here, his perspective and explanations were invaluable. He eagerly took the initiative to find additional properties that he thought we should consider. And through the offers we made -- maybe 6 or 7 in total? -- he always went the extra mile to advocate for us with the sellers and present our case in person. Ultimately, his efforts led us to find the perfect home. My wife and I couldn't be happier. Above and beyond this, Oren's also just a wonderful person: friendly, smart, reliable, great character. It's definitely been a joy working with him. Kudos!" - Buyer
"I worked with my agent, Oren Malka, for several years while awaiting my first home purchase. He helped guide me thorugh the exploratory phase and provided excellent advice. He was always available to meet my requests without ever pressuring. His references for lender and attorney at closing were excellent. I am very pleased with Oren's efforts on my behalf. " - Buyer
"With the exception of a minor glitch when we first met, Oren was extremely helpful. As a first time home buyer he patiently walked me through the process. When I called he was quick to return my call and patiently answer my questions. If there were neighborhoods in which he had doubts, he encouraged me to visit them. Or if a home had potential pitfalls, he would let me know so I could factor that into my decision. As indicated I was very pleased with the services Oren provided and would not hesitate to call upon him again. Note: When Oren was on vacation, Ryan Wanger stepped right in and was also very helpful. I would recommend him to other potential home buyers or sellers." - Buyer
"Oren was great. His communication skills are excellent. He always returned phone calls and emails promptly and professionally. We would recommend Oren Malka to friends and family with no hesitation." - Adam J. Hart
"Oren is incredibly dedicated to his clients. There is never a time when I can't reach him and he is always willing to provide just the level of service I need. He is very responsive and eager to help while providing his clients with space when necessary. I would recommend Oren highly." - Gary G. Gustavsen
"Oren was very helpful and was available to answer any of our doubts/questions 24/7. His recommendations were very helpful. He made the home-buying process very smooth." - Buyer, Boston
"Oren is wonderful, was incredibly responsive and he recommended lawyers, bankers and a contractor with whom he had worked in the past. I was extremely pleased with his recommendation for a lawyer and for his recommendation on a bank, which was a good solid business that turned things around quickly. He was very helpful in making this purchase a low stress experience, going the extra mile to make a call for me, knowing that I was busy and working at the same time I was making a major decision. I would recommend him to friends." - Buyer, Medford
"Oren worked very hard to make this transaction happen and may not have occurred without his diligence. I could reach him any time I need to. He was always receptive to my needs as a client. I felt that he took a lot of pride in making me happy and my purchase a success. Oren is a wonderful agent." - Buyer, Marlborough
"As first time home buyers, we were a little overwhelmed by the home buying processing initially. That all changed when we met Oren and realized that we were not in this alone. He provided knowledge and advice every step of the way.

Even when we started to get nervous that we would never find a home, Oren kept our spirits up and we ended up getting the perfect house for us. We know that we would not be in our home now if we didn't have Oren's help, and we will definitely recommend him to everyone we know that is need of a Realtor." - Jen and Brandon

"Oren has a lot of knowledge in the real estate industry. He worked closely with me to ensure that we had everything in place for the purchase of my new home." - Marc Cahill
"Oren was prompt and courteous and he did everything he could to assist in the process of purchasing." - Melinda Reid Veress
"First of all, the house is wonderful and so are the neighbors!! We are beginning to settle in and got our new furniture today.

...You truly were wonderful to work with. You kept me calm and focused on the endpoint when things got crazy. I really don't think we could have done this without you. So, thank you so very much! I don't know anyone else right now looking to buy a house in the area, but, if and when I do I will recommend you to them. Thank you, thank you." - Buyer

"Oren was amazingly patient and helpful! We really wanted to find our dream home, and Oren made it happen. He is not only a great agent, but a great person! He made this process as easy as possible and always responded to calls and emails quickly! I have already recommended him to friends!" - Kevin And Bess O'Neil, Framingham
"Oren was an excellent confidant in representing my interests in all real estate transactions. In fact, Oren's exemplary service surpassed my expectations. Furthermore, my real estate attorney stated that Oren was a great real estate agent in all aspects of a very difficult FHA financing situation. I would definitely recommend Oren to others." - Buyer
"Oren was extremely helpful. He seemed friendly and responsible." - Buyer, Somerville
"Oren was a pleasure to work with -- always polite, available, and helpful. He helped guide us through our first house sale and the many back and forths in the negotiation process. I would highly recommend Oren to friends and family looking to sell." - Michael And Andrea Benoit, Natick
"I am a Bermudian who has had a love for the Boston area since attending university there for six years. After returning to the Boston area several times a year for 15 years, I decided that it was time to purchase a residence there. I started my search on internet and utilized many site before a friend referred me to the ZipRealty site. I found the site to be extremely user friendly. I really depended on the information that I received from the site since I conducted the majority of my search for condo online from Bermuda.

I was quickly assigned my realtor, Oren Malka. Shortly after signing up, I received an email from Mr. Malka requesting additional information about my wants and needs. Mr. Malka understood and seemed extremely willing to be flexible.

I travelled to the Boston area several times during process and Mr. Malka was always extremely accommodating and patient.I cannot recall how many condos Mr. Malka showed me during my first visit but he quickly learned the finer details of what I was looking for and was able to assist me in refine my search which led to better use of my very limited time.

In October 2009, I was shown a brand new condo in Everett. I put in an offer and it was accepted. The inspection revealed a few minor problems and highlighted one problem that was very concerning to me. Mr. Malka was a champion in my corner. He made several calls to the sellers agent and tried to resolve this issue. Eventually, the sellers agent agreed to resolve the majority of the smaller issues but refused to acknowledge and rectify the issue that caused me significant concern. Mr. Malka provided me with the pros and cons of purchasing this unit and left me to make a decision. I decided to walk away from the deal and Mr. Malka expressed his understanding and pledged to continue to assist me in my search.After that experience, I was not confident in my decision to purchase a condo in Massachusetts and was seriously considering aborting my search.

In February 2010, after visiting several condos, I became even more discouraged. Mr. Malka suggested that we revisit a condo that that I had seen earlier in my search that was located in Stoneham. During my first visit, the condo was occupied and I was not able to appreciate the beauty of unit. During my second visit, the condowas vacant. It was bright and very well kept and I loved the area. I immediately made an offer and it was accepted. I closed on the condo in Stoneham on March 24, 2010.

I am the owner of two houses in Bermuda and have had many opportunities to interact with real estate agents. Mr. Malka is the most extremely polite, friendly, well spoken and hand working agent that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He made me feel that I his only client and that my needs were important to him.

I believe that Mr. Malka has a unique set interpersonal and intellectual skills should be utilized to train and support future real estate agents. ZipRealty is extremely blessed to have Mr. Oren Malka on their team. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a home." - Buyer, Stoneham

"Oren Malka is very professional yet at the same time very friendly. He gave us all and any information we have requested and not only about the purchase but also about daily matters. He has been an excellent source of knowledge for us in trying to organize our new start in USA. We feel very lucky to get to know Oren, and would recommend him all the time. We really appreciate everything he has done for us. His help has been very valuable and we received more help than we expected." - Ahmet Atamer, Wayland
"Oren was there for us every step of the way and provided great service." - Joanne Pacor, Wakefield
"Oren was very responsive throughout the whole process. I was doing a rehab loan and he always made time to open up the property to get potential contractors in there. I was appreciative of his efforts." - Brett Flaherty, Easton
"Oren's the man. Everything he said, he delivered. Anyone that works with Oren in future is in good hands. I found my realtor." - Buyer, Clinton
"Oren is very thorough and communicative. Oren took a genuine interest in my home search and was very active in helping me narrow my search and guide me through the purchase process. As a first time home buyer, this was a huge help!" - Buyer, Stoughton
"Oren is the kind of agent that we would be thrilled to recommend to our closest friends and family. He listens, does his research and pays attention to all the minor details--and there are so many of them in these kinds of transactions." - Michael And Andrea Benoit, Natick
"This was our first home, and like any new home buyer, we were extremely anxious and wanted to make sure we were doing everything right. Oren suggested that we filter out houses based on our needs, so we don't go crazy and get overwhelmed. We then ended up looking less than 10 houses and we bumped into our dream home! He was extremely accommodating and helped us every step of the way, recommending mortgage companies, attorneys, home inspectors, contractors..Each of them were terrific. Our whole home buying experience turned out to be great, Thanks to Oren!" - Aarthi Sampath, Beford
"We felt that we could totally rely on Oren¿s responsibility. He went over and above by helping out in the very unusual situation we found ourselves in." - Buyer, Burlington
"Oren was very helpful and responded to my questions quickly." - Buyer, Burlington
"Very professional service with a firm understanding of the real estate industry. All my questions were answered in a complete and knowledgeable manner. Highly recommended." - Rick Gulla, Milford
"Oren was very helpful in my search for a condo. He was very patient and helpful throughout the whole process. He made my first home purchase a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Oren Malka to anyone looking to buy a home." - Buyer, Charlestown
"Look nowhere else. Oren is THE agent you want. He is courteous and responds to our messages promptly and professionally. He is the agent that will take the extra mile to help you and protect your interest. He also knows the real estate market here well and he always tried to accommodate our schedule. We are completely satisfied with the level of service Oren provides. Thank you!" - Buyer, Winchester
"Oren was wonderful to work with. It took us a year to find the perfect house and he stuck with us day and night during the whole process. During the year we changed our minds several times about what we wanted, which towns we wanted to look in and what our price range was. Through it all he continued to support us, give us great advice when needed, and reminded us as to what we had told him was important to us in a new home. Oren was not interested in selling us a house, he wanted to sell us a home and he did not give up or let us give up until we found our new home." - Seller, Natick
"He is very helpful. Always prepared with more than enough information, and he is very skillful in negotiating. " - Buyer, Lexington
"Oren was wonderful to work with. Being first-time homebuyer's was not easy but he made it much less stressful for us than it would have been without him!" - Anna Marie E. Krochmalny, Waltham
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