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Edward Halterman
Edward Halterman CalBRE #01269083
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Overall star rating: 5.0
Past 3 months: 5.0
Closed clients: 5.0
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Edward is definitely a person that knows and loves what he does. I have recommended him to everyone of my family members and will continue to do so. My wife and I had a bad experience in the beginning of our home buying process and we went through two realtors till we came across Edward witch was the best thing that happened to us . Edward did his homework on what my wife and I where looking for and was quick to respond to our questions and made suggestions and guided us the right way. The knowledge Edward had on the areas we where looking for was great he exceeded my expectations by meeting my needs and my wife needs on what we wanted to start a home.
5 very enthusiastic stars for Edward Halterman! I had put off for a long time trying to buy a home because I was intimidated by the process. I reached out to Edward to get a feel for how to start, and by the end of our first conversation I was well on my way to becoming a homebuyer. His extensive experience in the industry coupled with his warm, practical and fun personality made it easy for me to take the first step, then the next step and so on. He is extremely patient throughout the whole process, and has mastered the art of allowing you to take your time while laying out the realities you are up against in your search for the perfect home. Edward is not only a total workhorse, he always has your best interest at heart, and is someone you can truly trust. He brings a lot to the table having experience in construction, and knowing the city and the market as well as he does. I had the added challenge of trying to find a condo that allowed my pet, and Edward made all the necessary phone calls for every single property I was considering. Edward works really hard for you, and his negotiating skills and strategies put you at a tremendous advantage in a competitive market like Los Angeles. I had so much fun looking for my home, and found his feedback, advice and support invaluable. I have already recommended him to several friends who are either actively looking for a place or nervous about taking that first step. I am lucky and grateful that our paths crossed.
Very helpful and responsive. We enjoyed working with him and he was always available and never impatient. Honest, reliable, and dedicated. I would highly recommend Edward if you are unhappy with other real estate agents who are robots and see each client only as a number and paycheck. He cares about people and dies his best die his clients!
Prospective seller
I've been a happy customer of Edward for the past 20 years. The quality of service and personal touch has maintained 5+ stars. The interaction with Edward has been like dealing with one of the family. "You da man Edward!"
Condo buyer in Hawthorne
Responsive. Professional. On time. Has extensive knowledge and network. Had a very good experience with him
Big MAHALO to Edward. Picture this - here I am in Hawaii looking for a property to purchase for my son who will be starting a working career in LA. His knowledge of the LA area and the trust I had in him made my anxiety about buying (without seeing) subsided. I am so blessed to have created a trusting relationship with Edward. He was extremely responsive and I never had to followup on any of my issues. He spent so much time and energy on various properties that had potential for my needs. I would definitely work with him again in the future! Aloha!
Edward went about and beyond to purchase my investment property. Had it not been for his solid and consistent effort, we would have been amongst one of many buyers.
Prospective seller
very professional and honest. his hand shake counts and that is rare.
I wanted to share my experience about Edward, he is an amazing Agent. I wish more agents could be more like him. I have seen Edward go the extra mile to make sure his Clients get the very best deal. I have been in the lending industry for over 20 years now. I would have no problem recommending Edward to Family and friends or anyone for that matter. Edward has integrity and is a professional through and through. Please feel free to contact me 714.615.0430 if you would like to know more. My hats off to you Edward for exceptional service. Respectively, Christopher S. Coble
Home buyer in Inglewood
Edward is a consummate real estate professional whom I thoroughly enjoyed working with. He is superior in his experience and level of support when it came to assisting me with my home purchase in the city of Inglewood recently. This city becoming one of the hottest real estate markets where buyers are urgently bidding on properties, Edward kept me grounded and patient through the tenuous selling and mortgage process and throughout ensuring that I came away with the intended sale. He stays totally true to his professional motto of "finding his clients the best deal and getting it done and closed in the most diligent and respectful way possible. I would highly recommend Edward's services to anyone seeking a referral, you can not go wrong. Simply I say to Edward, you are a dedicated and most pleasurable person to work with! My sincerest highest regards to you, Ms. M. Davis, Happy & New Inglewood Resident
Condo buyer in Inglewood
Edward was a pleasure to work with as I sought to find the perfect home. He listened to what I was interested in and sent me to potential locations in places I expressed interest in as well as other neighborhoods that were good matches for me. As he has been working in Southern California for many years, he had a lot of helpful local knowledge that was very useful for me. One of the things I appreciated about Edward is that he communicated effectively in a way that respected my availability. I never felt like he was deluging me with too much information or that he was ignoring me. We had just the right amount of contact, and I think that shows a respect and trust from him that you don't often find in this business sector. Perhaps most importantly, I really trusted Edward and his tastes. He truly listened to me and I feel that he was batting for me all along in the house hunting process. Some of the other realtors I have met did not make me feel valued, possibly because my price range was not very high, but Edward made me feel like I was someone special to him and that his goal was simply to make me happy. A good example of this is when a possible unit came on line when I was out of town and Edward went to go look at the condo for me. He called me up and told me that it was just what I was looking for. Through his hard work, I was able to tour the location even after another offer had been accepted. Eventually, that was where I ended up. He was competitive, but honest and fair when negotiating a final price for the home, and I have nothing but good things to say about my experiences working with Edward. When my friends and family decide to look for a new place in the LA area, I will definitely be sending them towards Edward Halterman.
Edward is a dedicated real estate professional who gets the job done. He helped me find a great income property. I will hire him again to represent me in the future.
Home seller in Los Angeles
Dear Mr. Edward Halterman, I just wanted to write you again and thank you for all the help you gave me in selling my cousin's house that I inherited. I had so many emotional and physical concerns about selling it. My friend Betty Harbison gave me your phone number as you had helped her find her, "Dream Home." I don't know if you recalled how much help you gave me. You me back within the hour after I called you! We met the next day and several times within the week after you obtained all the information you needed. We discussed options in what to do and in a company that would be the best to work with. Once all the papers were ready, you patiently went over them with me and went to the escrow office with me to make sure all was understood & signed. Once everything was completed you called me, to "See how I was doing" and I told you I was at peace, satisfied and could now go on my inner healing. I want to thank you and I defiantly would refer others to you. After everything was finished there were some other questions and I knew to call you for help! You immediately gave me the resources to get the answers and I got them! I hope you will continue to have more business and help others like you have helped me. Sincerely, Dolores
Home seller in Los Angeles
It was a very smooth transaction. Edward is very professional and diligent. This made for a quick sale at full price. We closed escrow in 3 weeks, and Edward resolved all glitches promptly and effectively. As an investor with over 30 years experience in the real estate industry and as an attorney, I highly recommend Edward Halterman to anyone thinking of either buying or selling real estate.
Condo buyer in El Monte
very good agent help me so much
Edward gives great attention to detail. He takes great efforts in explaining the contents in the documents in very understandable way. He clarifies any questions or concerns immediately in the process of selling the house. He is trustful and advises both on the Pros and Cons of the sale. His candid and the friendly nature helps me to be at peace in regards to the process of the sale. He knows the market very well and pays greater attention to higher prospects of sale but at the same time being reasonable as well. He is my realtor when I want to buy a house in LA. I would confidently recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house in and around LA for his trust worthy nature, attention to detail and excellent communication and ability to tactically deal with the process depending on the client needs. Great person to work with both professionally and personally.
Home buyer in Gardena
I really enjoyed meeting and working with Edward. He's easy to approach and talk to. He really does everything he can to help you, giving advice and answering any question you may have. I also liked his reliability. He was in constant communication with me, and didn't make any decision for me (very important for outstanding service) or any decision without me completely understanding the situation. He works hard to make sure you are happy, and always willing to work with you, and doesn't make you feel as though your wasting his time. I can definitely recommend him, as he is a very kind, and hard-working professional.
Prospective seller
Edward, Thank you for all your help and support you gave through finding the property and completing the deal. I found you to be very sincere genuine and client focused. You went beyond my expectation to find me the property, I wanted and guided and advised me throughout the process of putting an offer and closing the deal. You continuously reassured me when I was unsure. You always answered my calls and answered my questions. I saw you as a very kind, considerate, honest and a hard working professional who was focused on meeting his client's needs through the process of purchasing a home. I would love to give you a score of 10 instead of 5. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. Sincerely, Lee
Home buyer in Gardena
The only reason I didn't give Edward 6 stars, is because they only allowed 5 ! Buying a house is a process comprised of a million intricate details. Edward knows every one of them & this will put you at an extreme advantage when competing for a property. Edward also has the unique ability to make a very stressful process, comfortable, and dare I say, even fun. Utilizing Edward's skillset will get you the property you want at the price you should pay, in a very reasonable amount of time. I highly recomend Edward Halterman .
Home buyer in Inglewood
Edward was the best, he made sure I was in a save area, the told the truth about the homes. He was great stayed on top of everything ,
Home buyer in Los Angeles
I enthusiastically recommend Edward Halterman, my Zip Real Estate professional (and I am already passing along his name to colleagues and friends)! As a first-time buyer, I needed a realtor not only with experience and knowledge but also honest and respectful communication abilities, patience and follow-through for my million questions and excellent negotiation skills on my behalf. Unlike some agents, who are pushy and patronizing, Edward listens to what his client wants and needs BEFORE making suggestions or expressing opinions, based on his experience. Then, he listens, again. He takes time to research questions and to contact necessary parties if he does not have an immediate answer, and he responds in a very timely manner, always keeping his client "in the loop." As a lady, I very much appreciate Edward's construction background and forthright comments on what he observes on-site. I watched my own knowledge base grow and my attention to detail expand from our interactions. I have an intense schedule involving family, work, performance and volunteer activities; Edward always managed to arrange property visits and paperwork sessions, including inspections, appraisals, escrow and key exchange, so that it was convenient for me, his client. (He willingly came to my worksite and other locations to facilitate processing various submissions.) In this particular financial climate, obtaining a satisfactory loan can be challenging--a headache to say the least. My experience was a major migraine that traversed through five different institutions! Thanks to Edward's experience and determination, he was able to make suggestions that helped me screen lenders and that even assisted my funding lender in resolving issues to secure my loan. Edward is a realtor that walks with his client from start to finish, an agent who helps his client achieve the goal--home ownership! I am very, very pleased with his service.
I enjoyed meeting Edward. He is a true professional: knowledgeable, respectful and eager to help the client. I would recommend Edward to all my friends. I am looking froward to work with him.
Home buyer in Hawthorne
There is what you say you want and there is what you really want. It takes time and interpersonal interaction for your agent to find those little things that are going to make or break a deal for you. Edward takes the time to listen and observe you and gauge what things turn you on or off when you are viewing; this helps him fine tune the future searches for you. If you are honest with him in what it is you are looking for and what you price range is, he can seriously help save you time by not looking at places that you will not be interested in. While you are traveling from place to place during your search take the time to ask questions about parts of the process that you aren't sure about. He is very willing to explain the various details that will make a difference later on in the process. Is there an illegal addition that could prevent your financing, are there larger repair costs involved than you see, does the market really bear the premium price that the seller is asking; these are some of the things that your research may not tell you but he can. He can also spot a quick flip job that is poorly done by the fine details that you might overlook. Then comes the time for you to make an offer. This is where it gets interesting. Edward will find out if you are the only offer on the table or if you are one of a dozen or more people with an initial offer on the table. If you are going to be in a bidding war, he will give you a fair idea of what a realistic number is. If his realistic number sounds too high for you move to the next search. Realistic doesn't mean that you will get it in the current market because there are plenty of people ready to out bid you. Edward also has a good grasp of when you are looking at a seller with unreasonable expectations. Some sellers expect to get 2007 prices for their place; he'll let you know if you might be facing one of these types. During your offer / counter offer phase; Edward is pushing for your advantage. If he tells you that certain contingencies have to come off for the deal to happen, that is because it is a non-negotiable point for the seller. This is the time to listen or you can waste a a fair deal of your time. When you have an accepted offer you will really see where a good agent is worth their weight in gold. Between the appraisal, inspections, further negotiations with the other agent and their seller during the contingency period, staying on top of your lender, and all of the things that need to happen during a 30 day escrow, you will find that he will run them to ground and help you get it all done. If someone in the process is dragging their feet and potentially jeopardizing your deal or could needlessly cost you money he will be all over them and will keep you informed. I asked two personal friends who had retired from the real estate business who they would recommend as my agent. Their answer was Edward; and at the end of the process I know why he was their choice.
Edward consistently works hard for his clients. He is knowledgable and current with the market. A true Professional!!!!!
Edward always goes above and beyond. As a real estate professional myself, I appreciate this.
Edward is an excellent realtor with a lots of knowledge and negotiation skills.He was able to locate the house i wanted within a 48 hours.He stay on top of whole process and went above beyond to get my dream house.He is very professional and detail oriented with so much energy and enthusiasm. He is the best.!
Edward was a good guy..took good care of us and made us feel like family.
incredible agent. truly professional and honest
Edward was referred to me by a friend. I am extremely satisfied with his service. He understands my requirements and is very patient, prompt in his response and provides excellent service. Choosing Edward as my realtor is one of the best decisions I have made and will recommend him to my friends.
Edward has helped me with several transactions and has always been a joy to work with. I wouldn't even think of looking for another agent as no one on the face of this earth will work harder and is more trustworthy.
We moved from Simi Valley to El Segundo and are in the market to buy a new home. Edward has beed a great help in showing many homes to my family. His honesty, timely response and knowledge about construction and the area really helps. I have had other real estate agents but by far he has been the best. My wife and I are absolutely satisfied.
Prospective seller
Edward represented myself and 3 partners on a 14 unit apartment building purchase. Edward found the property and did a great job helping us acquire it. It has been one of oue best investments. We had a few bumps in the road, but Edward was right there for us all the way and we closed the deal with all the buyers and the seller very happy with the results.
Prospective seller
Edward was an excellent agent... very down to Earth and knowledgeable. His 16 years of real estate experience was priceless. Thank you so much, Edward
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