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Agent Ratings for Timothy Edwards

Timothy Edwards
(50 reviews)
Overall star rating: 4.9
Past 3 months: 5.0
Closed clients: 4.9
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Home seller in Cary
It has always been a pleasure working with Tim: the most recent transaction was the sale of our home of 16 years, but a few months earlier, he helped us in purchasing an investment property that eventually turned into our newest home. We will be in need of an agent in the near future looking for a new investment property, and Tim will be the person to call. We recommend him to anyone wholeheartedly. Thanks Tim!
Tim was extremely patient with us.
Home seller in Youngsville
Very knowledable about real estate and looks for what is best for your family.
Home buyer in Franklinton
Tim is wonderful to work with, Tim went out of his way to help us find the right home for us. Tim was very knowledgeable of the areas that we were looking to purchase a home. Tim did so many extra things for us which meant so much, I would recommend Tim to anyone that needs a realtor. Tim, We thank you for everything you did for us to help us purchase our home. Jess & Sue Paxson
Home seller in Clayton
Tim went above and beyond to meet my needs and sell our home as quickly as possible. If you want a realtor who is honest and looks out for your best interest, Tim is your guy.
Excellent customer service, exceeded expectations, went above and beyond in every aspect.
Home buyer in Raleigh
Tim is professional and honest. I would recommend to anyone.
Tim is the best.
He is professional.
Very professional.
Tim is professional. He is working hard and patient.
Home buyer in Louisburg
Tim is very patient, kind, and as we got to know him we could see that he was genuinely concerned with finding us the house we where looking for. It took a while but he never changed through the entire process. Rhonda and I will never use another agent besides Tim and will recommend him to anyone we know who is looking to buy or sale.
Home buyer in Wendell
Made finding and buying a home very easy, we called Tim and that same day we found the home that was right for us. Thank you Tim Edwards.
Home buyer in Middlesex
I do not know where to start in saying how much we appreciate Tim. He always had our best interest at heart and worked above and beyond to help us find a home that would work for us. Tim was always there to answer any questions we may have and helped us with the tools we needed to make our purchase. Doing an interstate purchase was not an easy task but he made it go as smoothly as possible. If I choose to make any purchases in the future Tim is the only agent I will work with and that I would recommend to others looking to purchase a home. There is only one Tim and we were lucky enough to find him to help us through our journey to our new home.
Townhome buyer in Durham
Tim was very easy to work with. He was always available to answer questions and always timely responded to emails or phone calls. You could tell he was experienced and knowledgeable . I would recommend him to someone else.
Home buyer in Clayton
Tim was an awesome Realtor. He helped us through the home buying process step by step. I would definitely recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home.
Home seller in Wake Forest
I have known Tim a long time and knew he would be truthful and dependable. He answered all my many questions with his usual calm approach and made it a better experience since I have been in same home for 20+ years. I have already recommended him to a family member who is prepping to sell.
Home buyer in Louisburg
Tim is very knowledgeable. He thought of everything and was working behind the scenes, completing things we needed to do before we even knew we needed to do them. He communicated with us well and had our best interests at heart. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate agent.
Home seller in Chapel Hill
Tim is extremely easy and pleasant to work with. He is thorough, knowledgeable, resourceful and reliable. We will definitely use him for all real estate needs.
Townhome buyer in Raleigh
Tim is great!
Home buyer in Zebulon
Very satisfied,excellent services
Tim became our Buyer's Agent through this website. He has gone above and beyond our expectations. He knew exactly what we were looking for - even before we did! He is a great agent and I would recommend him to anyone.
Home buyer in Youngsville
Mr. Edwards has worked with us almost a year to find a new home. When we found out we were having triplets, we knew we had to find something fast. Tim was relentless in finding us the perfect home. He was patient with us and literally went out of his way on numerous occasions to try to relieve any stress on our end. After working with Tim, I can not only speak highly of him as a realtor, but I can speak highly of him as a friend.
Home seller in Whitaker
Tim, is one of the best RE agents in the state. Thanks again for all of your help. Looking forward to the next one Tim!
Tim Edwards has the courtesy and professionalism above all ranks. We could not do business without fantastic agents like Tim. Jason L Stewardson EarlyFalsom Properties, Inc
Our company buys and sells residential real estate in over 40 counties in North Carolina. Tim has the honesty, integrity and knowledge of any agent/broker we have ever done business with. We hope to engage him as often as possible. Thanks again Tim for all your hard work Happy New Year! Jason L Stewardson EarlyFalsom properties Inc.
Home seller in Creedmoor
Tim was chosen for us after we cut ties with our first HPW agent, who had priced us far too high and cost us 6 months of selling time. Tim certainly knew how to stage the house, and got us closer to a good selling price. However I found him difficult to work with. On multiple occasions I had to repeat the same question four or five times before he would give me any kind of reply. He was also very poor at managing expectations, and gave us time frames which were never met and always delayed by weeks. I understand these delays were not usually his fault, but he might have said "this step will take two weeks" rather than "I've never seen this step take more than two days". I understand that we did not earn his highest priority given the low value of our home and the low percentage of his commission, but he was still our agent. Understanding his time constraints I even contacted the HPW main office, hoping someone there could answer the questions Tim did not, but they just directed me back to him. Tim also made decisions that directly affected the sale and the home without consulting with me first, such as hiring a contractor I had not vetted to do repairs. Even if these repairs were at the buyer's request, I feel I should have been involved in that process to make sure the person hired to do the work was reliable and trustworthy. I do not know of Tim's negotiating skills. The buyer offered full asking price. I had thought all appliances were add-on items to this, but instead they all conveyed as included. It is entirely possible that he negotiated very well, I was not present for any negotiations so I cannot speak to that. This was my first time selling a house. Perhaps my expectations were off. I came into the process thinking a Real Estate Agent helps facilitate the sale in all aspects, but I found myself doing much more work than I anticipated (including working directly with the closing attorney throughout the closing process to get vital documents filed). For instance, the closing attorney failed to obtain a payoff quote from my mortgage company, something I could have gotten myself if given any warning. That feels to me the sort of thing Tim should have been keeping an eye on as we got towards closing. To his credit he was often available over text or email, though as I mentioned above, he did not always actually answer the questions being asked. He was also available nights and weekends, which I appreciate. Overall we closed after 11 months on the market with a loss of around $25k. I would recommend Tim to anyone with experience buying and selling houses who is looking for an agent to manage the paperwork and documentation which is involved in a sale, and who can obtain information about pricing in your area. He was very good with staging, and though he wanted to price the house higher than I did, he respected my wishes and priced it low enough to actually sell. I would not recommend him to a first-time seller.
Response from Timothy
This listing was challenging I was the second agent that had listed the home for sale in the last six months. I staged the home over and we started getting good remarks from buyers. Within 90 days of me listing the sellers got a full price offer on their home.
Home seller in Creedmoor
We were very pleased with the service provided by Tim Edwards. Since we were a long distance seller, it was necessary for us to rely on Tim to manage all aspects of getting the house ready for sale, including disposing of household items, cleaning and painting. Tim kept us informed and went beyond expectations to close the sale.
Home seller in Raleigh
Tim is a great agent and I look forward to doing business with him again in the future. His negotiation skills and attention to detail set him apart from the pack.
I have bought and sold several single family homes using Tim as my go-to Realtor. His dedication to detail and great negotiating skills have served me well over the years. I look forward to working with Tim as my Realtor in the future.
Home buyer in Garner
Tim provided an excellent experience for my first home buy. He did very well to keep me up to date with the entire process. I learned a lot.
Townhome seller in Raleigh
Tim is an excellent agent. He did not come into our townhome insisting that we update everything before we sell. He had simple suggestions such as removing some furniture from the living room and clearing countertops, he did not want us to spend a lot of money if it was not necessary. He also went above the call of duty, we were out of town during a snow storm and he even shoveled the sidewalk for us.
Townhome buyer in Wake Forest
Tim was a pleasure to work with. I felt like he took care of my husband and I like we were his own kids. I highly recommend him for anyone!
Home seller in Raleigh
Having reviewed several real estate agents with disappointing results, meeting Tim was a refreshing change. I personally have over twenty years of professional outside sales experience. Tim's sincerity, directness and honesty made a difficult sale easy. i recommend him without reservation.
Townhome seller in Raleigh
I've bought and sold several homes and Tim Edwards is the best realtor I have ever dealt with. I would recommend him to anyone .
Home buyer in Oxford
Timothy is a great realty, very easily to work with.know the area.
Home buyer in Knightdale
Tim Edwards is awesome! He went out of his way to get things done for us. I have already referred him to someone. He was a joy to work with!
Home seller in Creedmoor
Excellent service. He cares about his customer. Very trustworthy.
Home buyer in Wake Forest
We could not have been happier with our experience with Tim Edwards. He brings patience, wisdom, and experience to the the home buying experience. Working with Tim made the experience as peaceful and calm as possible. I highly recommend you trust him as we did.
Home seller in Raleigh
Tim was an excellent Realtor who did a lot of little things that truly helped us out. I would enjoy working with Tim again in the near future.
Home buyer in Angier
Working with Tim on searching for a home was a pleasant experience. Tim was never "pushy" as some agents can be and paid attention to detail once I had given him my preferences. I worked with Tim over a 8 month period, and found him to be prompt and responsive to the questions and inquires I had. He was honest with his opinions on houses we looked at and never tried to "sell me" on any property I found lacking. I would recommend Tim to anyone looking to buy a home in N.C.
Home buyer in Garner
I was very blessed to have a realtor who really listens and is proactive when looking for properties for me. I felt very comfortable working him as a first time homeowner. He walked me through all phases and also made me aware of things that might potentially may occur. He was just awesome. I will highly recommend him to friends and family members. I am so glad I came across his name on one of the websites. He is truly AWESOME!
Townhome seller in Ap[ex
Tim was absolutely outstanding. Without question we will solicit his services again when needed.
Home buyer in Raleigh
Tim is the ultimate real estate agent and professional. We have bought two houses with Tim as our agent and are completely satisfied. He took the time to get to know us, find out what we were looking for and showed us every house we wanted to see. He has great knowledge of ways to update or renovate the houses we looked at in order to better suit our needs and was always willing to brainstorm with us while we thought things through. Tim was also able to connect us with other great professionals including surveyor, mortgage broker, termite inspector, home inspector, etc. that made the process simple and smooth. He is an expert in every step of the home-buying process and was able to negotiate on price, closing costs, and other various concessions that really helped our bottom line. His demeanor is always pleasant, kind and calming. We recommend Tim to all our friends and family buying houses in the area, and we will continue to have him represent us for all of our future home and investment property purchases.
Home seller in Franklinton
What a pleasure to do business with Tim. He was very professional and down to earth at the same time. I feel like he become part of my family. I will recommend him to any of my friends and family.
Home buyer in Knightdale
Tim was great with listening to our needs and understanding what we wanted with our first home and seemed very knowledgeable in regards to the areas we were looking in. He also was great in negotiations regarding the purchase price, home warranty, appliances, extending the closing date without penalty, and an issue that we had with the inspection of the septic system. He even threw in a housewarming gift of paying to have our locks changed. Such a nice guy and would highly recommend him to anyone!
Townhome seller in Raleigh
We relocated cross-country and remotely sold our house in Raleigh with Tim's guidance. Despite being 3 time zones away, Tim was extremely responsive on email and phone calls any time of day. He helped us find and contract people to help paint and clean the house to prepare it for selling, making it even better than it was when we moved in 5 years ago! Tim's southern charm makes anyone feel at ease, while exuding an air of trustworthiness. We ended up closing 3 months after we put it up on the market, at the price that we were asking for. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone looking to sell.
Townhome buyer in Raleigh
Tim was an exceptional agent throughout the entire process. He is patient, honest, and genuine. Throughout the process I felt he was far more concerned with finding the right house for my needs within my budget and preferred areas of Raleigh than with simply getting the sale. He understood what I was looking for and what my priorities were, so he could evaluate the properties objectively with and for me. Similarly, he was willing to take me to view as many houses as I wanted but was up front about eliminating houses that I didn't realize were in (or next to) undesirable areas or that would be hard to break even on for a resale down the line. When I found a home I wanted to make an offer on, he provided valuable and practical guidance as to what he thought the most effective offers and counter offers should be - which is exactly what a first-time buyer like myself needed. He could guesstimate what the next counter offer would be (fairly accurately) and make strategic suggestions accordingly. I knew what to expect all along, so there weren't really any surprises throughout the process. Impressively, he was a creative thinker when it came to negotiations as well; he had alternative suggestions of allowances and things to add to the "package" that could make the overall house cost less without actually reducing the asking price as much (which appeased my particular seller). As we progressed through the process he was also a great resource for suggestions on financing options, closing attorneys, etc. Beyond that, he has a very calming personality; the process can be stressful and unnerving, but whenever I was having a bit of anxiety or fear he could calm me down with his expert knowledge and understanding of the process and all of the elements of the sale. He could walk me through the logistics which satisfied my Type-A need for control in a process you have limited control over. Ultimately, I got a great townhome in a popular area of Raleigh that met my budget restrictions while including all of my "needs" and the majority of my "wants." I wouldn't hesitate to work with Tim again or to refer him to anyone else.
Home buyer in Zebulon
This was our first home buying experience. We had no clue what we were doing. Tim helped us through the whole process and made sure that we understood what was happening. We never felt pressured during our process of looking for a home. He gave input when we needed it and helped make our decision easier. Thank You so Much Tim!!!!
Home buyer in Raleigh
Tim was a pleasure to work with. Will be using Tim in the near future for more real estate purchases.
Home buyer in Raleigh
Tim has been outstanding! Responsive, dedicated, and an advocate for us!
Home seller in Durham
Tim was wonderful throughout the whole process. He was very dedicated to getting our house sold. We were completely satisfied with Tim and Coldwell Banker.
Home buyer in Willow Springs
Tim is a super person. Tim is a people person who cares about your needs and not the almighty dollar. He has that special way of making you feel comfortable, and is always there when you need him. He makes suggestions that are helpful and is always positive. If he thinks there might be a problem with something he will let you know. Tim is very professional and knowledgable about business. He cares for your needs and takes pride in making you feel comfortable. I would recommend Tim to anyone who is looking for a home. They will be lucky people and in good hands.
Home buyer in Fuquay Varina
Tim Edwards was a true professional that was dedicated and made the home buying process a breeze. He went beyond his means to educate me and provided excellent support. I owe him a big thanks and couldn't of made a better decission.
Home buyer in Durham
Having Tim as my real estate agent was a blessing. I first met him last year around the same time and his diligence and attention to details concerning my needs were just as exceptional as they were this year. I could not have asked for a more professional individual to assist me in finding a new home. Tim is truly an asset to Coldwell and I am higly recommending him to anyone that I know is in need for a caring agent. He has also become a personal long-time friend to me. I will him all the best in his profession.
Home buyer in Pittsbor
Tim was very pleasant to work with and knew his job. I appreciate all of his help with the purchase of my new home.
Home seller in Wake Forest
I have known Tim for two years now. During the process of selling our home he was not only my realtor he became our friend. Tim is very friendly and a professional in his chosen field of work. He told us what he was going to do and followed through on his plan. At no time did he ever mislead us and was always in touch with us by phone or email. Tim has very strong people skills, he communicates well and is knowledgeable in his work. If I or anyone I know wanted to sell their/my home Tim will be the one I call on because I know it will be done right and in a timely professional way. Tim is a asset too his profession and his company.
Home buyer in Raleigh
Tim was a thorough professional from the get go! Very patient, kind, understanding, honest, and knowledgeable. We have bought and sold several homes before but BY FAR TIM HAS BEEN THE BEST REALTOR EVER!!!! He is extremely nimble, attentive to detail, and pleasant. I would recommend Tim to anybody in a heart beat. In fact, Tim is not just a Realtor anymore he is a part of our family now. Thank you Tim for all that you have done for me and my family. We are always grateful for all the months and effort you spend in getting our family into the best home for us.
Home buyer in Franklinton
Through Tim's efforts we were able to find the right house that meet our needs and wants. He continues to be there and is NOT one that forgets we exist, once we bought. He addressed all of our issues with throughness and provided wonderful support through the whole buying process.
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