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Emily Howell
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Home buyer in Auburn
Emily did an outstanding job finding my wife and I a new home. We greatly appreciated her professionalism and dedication. She is truly a wonderful person to work with.
Home buyer in Tacoma
Emily has been an excellent resource for me throughout this most recent purchase, as well as through several recent buy and sell transactions. She is very competent, available and puts us ahead of her personal gain, i.e. negotiates well on our behalf with sellers and buyers to get us the better deal. No reservations on recommending Emily.
Home seller in Seattle
Emily is the greatest! We are amazed at the care and concern that she demonstrated not only for the sale of the house but for our feelings throughout the process. Emily constantly went the extra mile by adding her own plants to augment the street view and by adding her own towels and pillows to provide warmth. Emily was not passive with us either. She was firm in providing advice about what was needed to ensure that potential buyers saw the house in its best light. Finally, we always knew that Emily had our interests at the forefront. Her representation in the negotiations with the buyers were always for our advantage. We can't remember all of the times that she made the paperwork easy for us to handle electronically (We were out of state sellers). It was exciting to see the virtual presentations she prepared that were on line.
Home buyer in Auburn
Always go above and beyond, that's Emily! This is our third time working with Emily and she never stops showing us how amazing she is. While we were in the contingency of selling our old house to be able to buy the new one, Emily still managed to win our offering war at a very good price. If it wasn't Emily, I would have lost the house or needed to pay a much higher price for sure. Emily went extra mile, as always, to help us getting the house ready to move in. SHE IS TRULY THE BEST!
I couldn't have gotten this house if I hadn't had Emily as my agent. If you want an agent who would be completely on your side, come to Emily! I wanted to buy an inexpensive house and incurred many really difficult things on the way to buy it, but thanks to Emily and her husband, I got it, with a surprisingly cheap price! Can't imagine that obstacles still came up in the last minute but Emily was really awesome, she finally hand me the key before Christmas! I can say that Emily works with all her heart, and together with her experiences, she's the best!
Response from Emily
Kiet and Mai, you know I LOVE helping people to find and purchase their first home...and you two will always hold a special place in my heart. Sorry I haven't been by to see the new, remodeled home (I'll bet it's beautiful). My family and I talk about seeing you, often...we will MAKE time soon!
Townhome seller in Seattle
So lucky to have Emily as our agent! Getting our house sold quickly, and she's the best negotiator I've ever seen!
Home buyer in Seattle
Emily has been an excellent real estate agent and mentor. She has extensive knowledge of the market and what it takes to buy and sell property. She goes above and beyond a typical Real Estate agent. She has helped set up lawyer meetings, helped pay contractors, and stage a house for free. She has great ideas of ways to make a house more attractive to buyers. She will work crazy hours of the day in order to get a deal through and done for you. I have now worked with Emily to sell and buy a new home. I plan on using Emily for my future transactions and would highly recommend her to my friends and family.
Response from Emily
Thank you, Jean - I look forward to continuing to work with you and your family to increase your wealth through real estate.
Home buyer in Auburn
Emily has done a great job for us in both selling our previous home and buying a new home. She is very knowledgeable in almost everything related to home (not only various real estate transactions, but also things like building materials, ideas for improvement, etc.). And she is always willing to go an extra mile for her client. Whatever I would have a question or concern, she would take care of it in a professional way. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an agent who can be trusted.
Home seller in Auburn
It has been taken for years to sell my current home and buy a new home with Emily but she has been very patient and kind. She is very knowledgable and accurate so I could trust whatever she does for me. I met her as a real agent but now I feel like a good friend of me whom I could ask a help always. She is best agent and I could recommend her anybody with confident!! Thanks Emily &#128522;&#128518;
Home buyer in Renton
I met Emily at a job site where I was doing plumbing work and was very impressed with her knowledge and proficiency compared to other agents I had worked with. Some time later my wife and I were ready to buy a house and I looked her up from my job history. My wife and I have very different hobbies and needs, and she is very particular. I knew we would be a difficult couple to satisfy. Emily was never put out and always upbeat and helpful. She was knowledgable whether we were looking at foreclosures or land to build on. She was also able to recommend a financer that had far better customer service than a company that we had been using. I am so glad we met Emily. Years down the road when my wife and I are ready to expand she will be the first call we make! Emily's strengths - I considered the fact that If I were to check every box it would appear that I did not consider them thoroughly. After looking for a box that I could leave unchecked, I cannot honestly do so. I carefully considered all of these attributes found Emily to be more than proficient in all of them.
Home buyer in Seattle
Emily is absolutely amazing. She sat us down and just listened to all of our needs and wants. She took the time to give us a crash course on the housing market and what to expect. She then took all of the information we gave her and started showing us homes that fit our needs. Finally, we found that perfect home amd she began the paperwork as soon as we put an offer in. This amazinf woman literally got in the car amd was already calling and leaving emails to the seller letting them know that they needed to take the offer. She had an amswer to us within a couple hours. It was increditble!!! Even when things got rough amd the appraisal didn't come for the full amount, she used her tremendous negotiating skills to get the seller to lower his price. Overall, I could not be happier. I absolutely recommend anyone that is interested in buyinga home to go through her. What a painless and wonderful experience. Thanks to her my brother and I are homeowners!!!!!!
Home buyer in Bonney Lake
Emily is some one you can trust. And when she says she can do something, she means it. I don't believe I could have asked for more from a realtor. Thanks Emily
Home seller in Bonney Lake
Emily has worked on this sale under some difficult situations. She's kept me informed and worked with my schedule. I would recommend Emily to any potential sellers/buyers.
Home buyer in Tacoma
I had a great experience with emily she always would call back as soon as she can she was very onest and trusty. A person that was always getting on track of things like scheduling viewing as soon as possible and at our best convinience and always with our best interest. Really loved the time spent
Response from Emily
Thank you, Rosie and Libe, for trusting me. I'm so very happy for your family since we made such a great deal on your new home with literally ALL your wants and needs. That property will grow with you and your business for years to come. Thanks for all the referrals to your friends and family, KNOW I'll take great care of them!
Home buyer in Seattle
Emily was great! She really did a great job with the listing agents! I would use her again!
Home buyer in Kent
Emily was attentive and exceeded all our expectations in a realtor. She went above and beyond to find us a home with our wants/needs. She was always looking a step ahead in the process to make sure we had the best advantage and chance In purchasing a home. She was dedicated and took extra time to work with all parties involved to achieve a smooth/timely closing. We have no doubt that we now have our wonderful first home because of Emily and couldn't ask for a better realtor or buying experience.
Home seller in Kent
In the course of one year I have had the great pleasure to have Emily as my agent for the sale of two homes and the purchase of two homes. I have had many agents represent me over the years through many purchases and sales of homes, but none worked as hard for me as Emily did. Not only is Emily highly knowledgeable in her field, but she has always gone the extra mile and burned many candles into the wee hours of the morning to get the job done for me. I have been privileged to have the best agent in the Pacific Northwest work diligently for me, in my humble opinion. Working with her has been a pleasure and I've been blessed to have myself a wonderful new friend as well. If you are in the market for new agent, you will find none better than Emily !
Having recently bought a home with Emily as my agent, I knew without a doubt she was the agent to sell my condo. Her skills, knowledge, trustworthiness and dedication are impeccable. I listed my condo with her and it sold within a week. Once the offer came in I had complete confidence that Emily would take care of the sale through to the closing. Not only did I meet a great realtor but I made a wonderful new friend as well. I highly recommend Emily to anyone who is in the market for the best realtor they can find. Emily is your girl !
Response from Emily
Thanks, Jill, for your confidence in me. There are always ups and downs and you trusted me through it all...and we had GREAT outcomes.
Emily came to be our realtor by happenstance and we feel like we hit the jackpot of realtors! Her knowledge of the areas we were looking for a home was spot on. We found Emily to be professional, trustworthy and extremely thorough. Now that she found the perfect home for us, I am going to list my current home with her, knowing that she will work very hard to sell it for me. Over and above all of Emily's skills, she has a wonderful and fun personality. We LOVE Emily and highly recommend her !!
Response from Emily
Thanks, Jill for trusting me to help you sell your home, too. We're almost at escrow on that - and ahead of schedule!
Home buyer in Seattle
Emily was prompt, available, very knowledgeable and patient with us. She's someone we would refer others to. We lived working with her. Your business flourishes with her as an employee.
Home buyer in Seattle
As first time home-buyers, Emily was absolutely instrumental in enabling us to purchase a house in a desirable location during the height of a Seattle real-estate frenzy. Emily's dedication, instinct, and fast response time gave us the leg up we needed in a fiercely competitive market. After a few false starts with properties that weren't quite what we were looking for, we found our perfect home. At first glance, it appeared unlikely that we would be able to secure the property due to fairly stiff competition, but due to Emily's hard work and negotiation skills, we were under contract within a matter of days. Emily connected us with inspectors and financial institutions that she knew would enable us to move quickly through the closing process, giving us a further competitive edge. We were able to commit to a three-week closing period, and Emily worked closely with the seller's agent, our loan officer, and the appraiser to make sure that things moved along smoothly, resulting in an on-time closing. We are truly grateful to Emily for everything she's done for us, and would not hesitate to recommend her to future home-buyers.
Home buyer in Kent
It was a pleasure working with Emily. She is very professional and personable, and able to get the job done. When we found the house for us, Emily worked diligently to assure that our offer was accepted. If we had a question, she would get right back to us with an answer - no waiting hours or days for a response. Emily's experience instills confidence in her clients, and her ability to negotiate both the major and minor issues is exemplary. If you are searching for a realtor who will be there when you need it and go the extra mile for you, Emily is the one.
Home buyer in Seattle
Emily is an amazing real-estate agent. She is very professional and knowledgable and never tried to push us into a house like a few other previous a gens. She seems to know everyone and their reputation and will be quick to tell if they are less than professional. I hate to sound so cliche, but she really did get us our dream home.
Home buyer in Seattle
I'm a very picky client and Emily was extremely helpful. What I appreciated most about her is how well she adapted to the style of home shopping I needed, I knew that our working styles were different and was impressed at how well she met my needs. I wanted to be very hands on, but had a hectic schedule and limited time. Emily was great at weeding through the homes I chose to view (through the website) and removing those that didnt fit my need. She kept me in mind while she viewed homes and ultimately the home I chose was one she found. Emily has a great network, and was able to easily get contractors, roofers, electricians at the homes to assess issues and give estimates.
Home buyer in Spanaway
Nothing ever happens by chance, I had been looking for house for almost a decade. We were destined to meet as I don't believe that anyone could have pulled off what she did. She helped me purchased a home I can place next to my dream one. She walked to walked and talked to talked. She made my first home buying experience a breeze!!!!
Home buyer in Renton
I used Emily to buy my first home. She made the process very easy. She was looking out for my interested through the entire ordeal. In the end, I got what I wanted, at a competitive price, in a great area. She pulled strings, did research, set everything up, made everything work so that I could stay focused. I totally recommend her.
Home seller in Tacoma
Emily is an amazing woman who takes the time to manage the fine details of her real estate transactions. She is good at balancing eork behind the scenes while making everything look easy.
Home buyer in Tukwila
Emily went over and beyond everything we were hoping for in a real estate agent. I have bought and sold many houses over the past 40 years, and Emily was the best I ever worked with. She was especially helpful with negotiating the required repairs with the seller's agent before closing. We were completely pleased with the final results of our house purchase.
Home buyer in Covington
Except where I thought we had lost her, ( she was sick ), Emily performed above and beyond, even for what I assume to be a low return for her on our HUD home. She was tireless in her efforts, she kept me informed on everything, answered every question I had, and believe me, I can question :) I am happy that our family had her help. And were not talking about just the house stuff. She supplied me names and numbers for help in finding lenders and for people to do any work needed. I am a highly critical person, and rarely praise people, but I honestly cant praise her enough for thoroughness, attention to details, and just making the process so understandable. And with it being a HUD home, the other 1000 steps you have to do to get that deal done. I told Emily from the get go, lets shoot this straight, no bull, no hidden stuff, and that's what she did. Thank you Emily. Keith and Keri
Home buyer in Auburn
With the wonderful help of Emily, our short sale purchase went very smoothly. Emily is personable and had our best interest at heart. She kept in constant communication with us either by e-mail or telephone. Her knowledge of the real estate profession was evident throughout this ordeal. We will recommend Emily to our family and friends !!
Response from Emily
Aww...thanks and thank you, too, for always trusting me and keeping such great attitudes. Your family rocks and I can't wait to say, "I love what you've done with the place."
Home buyer in Kent
Emily was fantastic! We just purchased our first home and we are thrilled! My husband and I both had our own dream/wish lists of what we wanted in a house. (We had been looking for a home for 4 months.) Emily skillfully and expertly blended our 2 dream/wish lists together and found us the perfect home! We were impressed with her ability to drill-down into what we really wanted in a home and she was able to meet our expectations 100%! Going through the process of a home loan can be very taxing but Emily has a ability to explain each financial step clearly and calmly. Bottom Line: She walks through the process of finding out your likes and dislikes, tours you through homes, dots the "i's" and crosses the "t's" when she makes the offer, is in constant communication with you during the loan process and happily hands you the keys when the process is complete! She is amazing and our home buying experience was excellent because of Emily! We highly recommend her! The Happy Johnson Family!
Emily (fondly known as Em): Ethical, Honest, and Caring. She has the knowledge to confidently negotiate on behalf of her clients and is right on the money! Emily always remains poised in times of volitility and always stays optimistic. She is by far the best agent that I have ever worked with and I have worked with hundreds in my career. Pick her!! She will fight for you and help your dream of homeownership come true!
Response from Emily
Thanks, Traci...coming from you, that means a lot! I remember first working with you, years ago, on that "ugly" sale, both of us frankly a bit skeptical of each other...but by the end of that sale, we grew to mutually respect each other, 100%! The rest, as they say, "is history." I look forward to working with you for a very, very long time.
Home buyer in Federal Way
Emily is amazingly efficient, knowledgable, determined, cute, sweet, and funny! She helped us greatly, even when I couldn't make up my mind (Andrea). She is very helpful - we enjoyed meeting her and having her for our agent. Ed and Andrea Haskins
Response from Emily
Thanks, Ed and Andrea. I know we had some challenges through FIVE offers, but it was worth the wait! I truly consider it a privilege to help you and your family...and I will NEVER forget the Mariner's game...good times ;)
Home buyer in Federal Way
Emily worked extremely hard for us. She was very knowledgeable and paid great attention to detail. We were originally working with another realty company who paid absolutely no attention to what we wanted. My wife found Emily and now we own the most incredible house of our lives. I was on two international assignments during the purchase of the house and without her we would still be homeless! Em, thank you we owe you big time!!!
Home buyer in Covington
Emily is a Very well Informed and Knowlegdeable Professional. She proved that to us time and time again throughout this Process. She proved that her credentials both Licensed and Certified listed in her email Signature are well deserved and she knows how to use them to her clients benefit. We will refer her Very Highly to our Family and Friends, and already have done so. Thank You Emily Pena Howell!!!
Home buyer in Auburn
Emily went way beyond the call of duty to make this sale happen. She was involved in every part of this transaction. I would not recommend a short sale to anyone after my experiance but I would highly recommend Emily. I would have lost my mind without her working with me and the sellers agent. I can not give enough praise to Emily. I am glad she was on my team!
As a first time homebuyer having Emily was a blessing. She is understanding, patient, and put your best interest first. Emily works hard on your behalf and based on what she has been able to accomplish for us shows that she is very respected and well versed in the industry. Emily guided us through the process and was present during our inspection. She kept in touch with the seller's agent to make sure that the work needed was completed. She even kept our broker up to date on things. It was refreshing working with someone that is in the profession not for the money but honestly is passionate about helping you attain your dream of being a homeowner. Emily was even able to get our down payment funds released. If you are looking for a good experience in the buying or selling process please get Emily on your team. Thank you Emily for being the person you are and know that the impression you have left on us will never be forgotten. Thanks and May God Bless You and Your Family Always.
Condo buyer in Everett
Emily understands what your needs are and focuses on your needs and likes in her searches for what fits you. She does great job of bringing facts regarding the property and the market so to make your decision based on objectivity and hard number. We have had amzing experience with her and I have recommended her to anyone who has asked me about finding a great realtor.
Condo buyer in Puyallup
No review submitted
Condo buyer in Milton
Emily was the first person that asked me what I wanted. She found it right away. I am out of town and she worked around my schedule. I kept telling her being with her is like Wal-Mart, a one stop shop. Emily took care of eveything for me. I HIGHLY recommend her to everyone. She stayed up on top of everything, never let anything slip.
Home buyer in Tacoma
Emily really worked hard for us, from start to finish, on finding the perfect home. Even when she went on vacation, she always kept in touch to make sure everything was going according to schedule. She is a very knowledgeable realtor and was a godsend to us.
Home buyer in Kent
Emily went above and beyond to help us find the PERFECT home for our family. We were moving from out of state and had a pretty large want list for our family of 6. She willingly took me all over the Seattle area to look at 44 houses in 4 days! Her energy, knowledge and professionalism is to be applauded! It was a very positive experience.
Home buyer in Kent
Emily was great! She really cared about us and worked hard to find us just the right place. I'm very grateful for her expertise!
Response from Emily
Hi Sarah, Jack & Jack-Jack...I read the article about you as 1st-time homebuyers in the Seattle Times - how exciting (and great pictures, too). Even though I already knew your "story," I learned a lot! Great job conveying your dreams of owning a home and making it come true. I was and am proud to be a part of that.
Home buyer in Auburn
No review submitted
Home buyer in Seatac
No review submitted
Home buyer in Maple Valley
Emily worked very hard helping us to find the house we bought. She showed us many houses and worked with our schedule so my wife and I could see them together.
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