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Margot Simmons
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Overall star rating: 4.7
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Closed clients: 4.8
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Home buyer in Bremerton
Margot was great to work with. She was always giving us information needed on the property and communicating with the seller/agent whenever we had any questions. The day we closed, she was just as excited as we were to get the keys to us. She was a pleasure to work with.
Margot was great to work with. She was always very prompt with answering any questions we had, and made suggestions when needed. She went above and beyond compared to other agents I had previously worked with. I would highly recommend Margot to anyone looking for a personable, and knowledgable agent for your real estate needs. Thanks Margot!
Home buyer in Gig Harbor
Margot went out of her way to make sure she showed me everything in my criteria. Just when I was about to give up, she would tell me; "Hold on, the right house, at the right price is here for you". Sure enough, I found the house with everything I wanted. I consider Margot not only a great realtor but a great friend.
Margot went out of her way to make sure she showed me everything in my criteria. Just when I was about to give up, she would tell me; "Hold on, the right house, at the right price is here for you". Sure enough, I found the house with everything I wanted. I consider Margot not only a great realtor but a great friend.
Home buyer in Kingston
Margot has excellent skills to get the home procurment process on track . She has all the knowledge to resolve issues that arise find a solution compatible to all parties and bring the purchase to a close. Thanks to Margot she resolved a very difficult situation and even carried the prime agent thru the process. She is one of the most professional and ethical agents I have ever worked with.
Home buyer in Kingston
Margot is amazing. I first started looking in the area 3 years ago and told Margot I was just looking and not reay to buy yet. Despite that knowledge she has been available and attentive while never pushing. By the time I was ready to buy, she had helped me explore numerous areas in the region and knew just what kind of house I wanted. When we found the right one, we both knew it and the purchase was smooth as silk despite the fact that I was purchasing from out of state. She helped be my eyes and ears in the process when I was back in Los Angeles. She went above and beyond in every way. She's the best.
Home buyer in Bremerton
Margot was absolutely amazing!! I had the a disaster story from beginning to report snafus, financing, lenders... all went wrong somehow and Margot stayed with me and worked with me and helped me through every step of my home buying process. After two long years of looking, we became like family and it ended with my dream home. I can't express how much I love and appreciate everything she has done for me. Couldn't ask for a better, more on top of everything, real estate agent.
Home buyer in Seabeck
Wonderful, professional service. After looking in this area for 10 months (my home had to be sold first), she had the patience and new what type of home and property I desired. She found it and mine had sold. Margot is very knowledgable about the locality and negotiating.
Home buyer in Fox Island
When I first made contact with Margot she asked me a lot of questions about what we wanted in a home and where we wanted to live (and why!). She was very thoughtful and asked questions I didn't even know needed to be asked. Since we were first time home buyers, she sat down with us the first time we met and explained the types of sales (short, hud, foreclosure, etc) as well as the processes involved in buying a home. She showed us some homes we asked her to and was willing to even show us a home she didn't think was right (after her telling us why we agreed). We found a listing for what we thought was a good home and when we went to meet her there, before she even arrived we decided it was perfectly awful. I thought that we were wasting her time and felt kinda bad about it but instead she suggested we have coffee and we talked a bit more and with her tablet in hand she found two homes we were definitely interested in and arranged showings immediately. We needed to see only one and it is now our home! We are so happy with it! From the first time I spoke to Margot it was clear she wanted to help us find the home that was perfect for us and fit our needs rather than just wanting to sell a house. This is the lady to sell you the house that is perfect for you!
Margot was the ultimate professional. She set up the appointment to meet my busy schedule and provided me with full information on the house and the seller's background. She was able to give me the benefit of extensive local knowledge of the area and Washington State processes (I am out of State). Margot answered all my questions and laid out the process I would follow to make an offer and complete the process in a very clear and logical manner. This was an excellent experience and I would strongly advise others wishing to purchase to take advantage of this superb resource. Tony Abbey
Home buyer in Bremerton
Margot did an excellent job of helping with what proved to be an exhausting and difficult purchase. We will actually be living in our new home soon. Thank you Margot!
Home buyer in Tacoma
Personable, Knowledgeable, and on your Side!! She is the Buyer's Realtor!!
Home buyer in Auburn
Margot was amazing. She was so helpful thru all the stuff that had to happen and thru and thru she was great. 10 stars
I appreciated Margot's time in meeting us at the property.
Home buyer in Puyallup
We were first time home buyers, and I was set on living in Auburn close to work. Margot was always professional, available and super helpful with questions and concerns. She recommended a great mortgage lending company to help us clean up some credit issues and they were very helpful. Without their teamwork, this would not have been possible. Margot saved me several times when I was on the verge of nervous breakdowns after looking at homes and wondering if that "perfect house" was really out there. When we first started searching, Margot really wanted to show us some homes from DR Horton in Puyallup because she thought we would really like them and had a good experience with them. I said no at first, and we searched all over in Bonney Lake, Lake Tapps, Sumner and Auburn for months. And can you imagine the house the we ended up choosing and LOVING was a perfect and beatiful DR Horton home in Puyallup!?!? She definitely knows her area, and has great intuition when it comes to her clients. I think she knew all along we would end up in Puyallup! Buying a home is a fun, stressful, amazing, happy, emotional process. At times, I wanted to give up -- emotions can be overwhelming. I don't think we could have had a better experience, looking back. I have nothing but praise for Margot and all the hard work she did. We will love our new home for many many years to come! I can't wait to see my daughter grow up in the perfect house for our family, and we have Margot to thank for that!
Home buyer in Fircrest
As a first time home buyer i felt i didn't always have someone looking out for my best interest. It would have been nice to have someone that i felt was in my corner and looking to get me the best deal possible. I felt this process was more about the sale in the fastest way possible and the lease amount of work. I feel the seller should have been held responsible for the lack of up keep on the house and yard not the buyer. We had to thoroughly clean this house before moving in. The seller left the house covered in dog pee and left all the junk she didn't want to move behind for us to deal with. I hope i never have to buy another house as long as i live after this whole experience.
Response from Margot
Teia, let me first say how much I have enjoyed working with you and Michelle over the last 4 months to find your perfect first home! Don’t forget that we looked at over 30 homes in North Tacoma, University Place, Bonney Lake and Lake Tapps. I introduced you to the very best professionals that I have ever worked with and you found your property inspector and your mortgage lender. Together as your trusted team we were in your corner the whole time looking out for you as I submitted 4 offers on your behalf for 4 different homes and helped you decided not to purchase the first 3 homes but found no reason not to purchase the 4th. Purchasing a vintage home is almost always going to have it’s own set of challenges and I think because that was the type of home you wanted to purchase those challenges are what lead to your home purchase frustrations. Think about it this way,… sit back and remember all of the unusual things that you learned that people did back in the day when building homes….come on….an old “vintage” coffee can cut in half as the light bulb cover for kitchen under cabinet lighting….see, I made you laugh again!!! Okay, next time we will look at newer houses! Regarding the dirty house and carpets, in the future we will require that the house and carpets be professionally cleaned by the seller prior to your moving in! I know you don't want to, but we will do this again and you will enjoy it!! Enjoy Your New Home!!!! -------Margot
Home buyer in Poulsbo
Margot was always there when we needed her and she helped us fine the right lot to build our house.
Home buyer in Seattle
We were first time home buyers and Margot helped us find "the house." it wasn't one that we had saved in our search and glad she added it when we went to look for the first time. She was willing to come up to Seattle whenever we needed her to and worked with our busy schedule, which we really appreciate.
Home buyer in Bremerton
Loved her service attitude. She really cared about my wife's and i needs.
Home buyer in Poulsbo
Due to family obligations my husband and I were faced with the difficult decision of having to relocate to Washington from our home state of Alaska after 50+ years.  We didn't mind the thought of living near a large city but we are definitely Alaskan country mice and this process was new to us.  Also since we are both nearing retirement age and are caregivers for my grandmother we had a very long laundry list of requirements for a Washington residence.  Specifically we needed: a ranch style, handicap accessible, located near my father's nursing home, already landscaped, LARGE garage, RV parking, out buildings for my gardening and craft projects, at least 3-bedrooms, 2-bathrms, open concept floor plan, and plenty of land around us. Margot came through spectacularly on all counts.  Needless to say we did not find such a place over night. Margot worked with us for two years via emails and phone calls most of the time. When we were able to fly to Washington it was then always a marathon of property viewings. Margot answered all our questions, showed us many potential properties and never gave up on finding us that one place that would fit most if not all our needs. She was also always available to assist us when working with the loan agency and realtor to iron out any issues. Thank you Margot for the diligent, kind and professional service you provided. G
She is not my agent. The searches she sends me are inaccurate at best. It took 3-5 days to respond to my viewing inquiry. Margot is definately not my agent. We did not view the property. I am not sure what her strengths are. I didn't see any of them.
Home buyer in Hansville
My husband was out of state working, we had been talking about a bigger, newer home so we started looking online, together we picked the one's we wanted to see and I emailed to have an agent show me them. Margot called the next day to set up a time to go see them. I let her know the addresses I had, she put them in order in which we should see them. As we were looking through the homes she encouraged me to let her know what I liked and didn't like about them so she could narrow things down so I didn't waste my time seeing homes she knew wouldn't work. There was something about each that made me feel I couldn't commit without my husband seeing it first and I let her know that. As we were leaving the last house Margot said she had a home she knew of and wanted to take me to see it. When we pulled up, the house from the outside looked like it was gonna be small. I walked through the front door and literally it took my breath away!! It was EXACTLY what my husband and I had been talking about wanting. A newer home, high ceilings, jetted tube, it was all and more for us! I couldn't believe based on my little comments through all the other houses Margot knew exactly what I was looking for. It was definitly a decision I could make without my husband and I knew he would be very happy when he finally got home to see it. We went through all the first steps without my husband here, Margot was in close contact with both of us through email, she made it possible for him to electronically sign papers where needed. She kept us informed the whole step of the way. She explained each step so we knew what to expect, everything moved along just as she said it would. She put together a little packet that showed us the history of the house, the neighborhood, and all the details we needed to know, it was really interesting and just another way to show how much time she puts into her job and how much she wanted us to be comfortable with our decision. Margot is not only professional but very personable, she txt'd here and there throughout to see how I was and if I was getting excited. She gave me ideas on where to find area rugs and other things I need for the house. She always answered our calls as soon as she got the message, if she didn't know an answer to something she contacted who she needed to to find out for us. It's obvious she loves what she does and we were her first concern and her dedication was to my husband and I throughtout the whole process. My husband arranged to be home for 10 days and Margot made sure everything fell into place so we could close and have keys at least a couple nights before he had to head back. I never thought that day we went house hunting I would find our dream home but because of Margots intuitive nature, she knew exactly where to take me to find it. I can't wait to get all unpacked so I can have her over to see how we decorated! We're renting our old home and Margot put us in contact with a management company to help us do it. We also are going to keep in touch with Margot so when it comes time to sell our old house we want her to help us do it. Both my husband and I appreciate so much all she's done for us. I can't say it enough, she made it so easy and non stressful and so enjoyable and exciting, with the anticipation of my husband getting home and seeing it for the first time I really felt like she was sincerely excited for us and did everything she could to make it all happen and she did!!!!!!!!!! We couldn't be happier!
Home buyer in Tenino
There are many words that could describe Margot... AWESOME, CARING, PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGABLE are just a few!!! She went above and beyond her job description to help us with the purchase of our home, negotiations, home inspection, mortgage loan process, and a lot more. She listened to us regarding the type of home we were looking for and help us find our DREAM HOME!!!! We would highly recommend Margot to be their real estate agent whether your are buying or selling.
Home seller in University Place
Margot worked diligently on this sometimes very annoying sale. She was always available when I called and calmed my worries. I would highly recommend her.
Margot was great! She answered every text and phone call immediately. If she didn't have answers, she found out and got back to me right away. She went out of her way to give me access to the property whenever I wanted to review something. I would highly recommend her.
Margot worked through all of the difficulties with buying this home in Tacoma ~ there were plenty of issues and Margot REALLY CAME THROUGH FOR US! She really earns her commission from negotiation with the sellers to pulling together what it takes to get the deal done. We highly recommend her!
Home buyer in Port Orchard
Margot is an excellent Realtor. She had a lot of patience with me when we were looking at different homes. She gave me some great benefits for the home I purchased (i.e. location, view).
Home buyer in Gig Harbor
No review submitted
Home buyer in Puyallup
She was very accommodating especially with the time frame we were working with. She kept in touch all throughout the process even if her office is a ways away from me and the home I was purchasing.
Home buyer in Gig Harbor
Margot was on top of everything. She saved me a bunch of money. Top, top real estate agent.
Home buyer in Bremerton
No review submitted
Home buyer in Bremerton
Margot spent a generous amount of time searching for a place that fit us. We were very pleasantly surprised when we first met her, she had a packet of houses, directions, and information that was very useful. She was very persistant in finding us a financial institution that would work with us. We would definitely refer or friends and family to her.
Home buyer in Poulsbo
No review submitted
Home buyer in Gig Harbor
Margot was amazing! She replied to my email's and phone calls very quickly (sometimes within minutes). I have refered her to people that I work with. I will be more than happy to work with her on my next home purchase for sure!!
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