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Mark Rudolph
Overall star rating: 4.7
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Closed clients: 4.7
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Townhome buyer in ENGLEWOOD
I have bought and sold sold real estate in 7 states in the past 30 years, and Mark is without doubt the most professional, honest and knowledgeable of the many real estate agents I have worked with. Vanessa M.
Home buyer in Aurora
I'm now a retired police detective. When I used to interview my suspects, I would always audio tape the converstations. I should have done the same with Mark, as he would later either 'deny' having said something to us, or changed what he did say by adding, "I said hopefully..' when that was completely UNTRUE. From the beginning, he told us to sell one of our cars and get a two car garage, when we had wanted a three car. When we finally got an offer on our house, he made promises that pertained to the Contingency Contract on our house that he later denied having made to us...and when we brought that to his attention, his only reply was, "YOU signed the contract!" The buyers had wanted all of my appliances, leaving me with nothing...especially my chest freezer that was full of 500 lbs of buffalo meat from my husband's recent hunt. I told Mark that I really wanted to keep my freezer so that all that meat would not spoil..and his reply, "You're going to loose this sale, they are going to walk....are you going to loose the sale of the house over a freezer?" We kept getting his '20 years of exerience' repeated to us and thrown in our face. Every time we wanted to have him do some type of Counter Offer, he would tell us, "Of course, I'll do whatever you tell me to do, but you're going to be responsible for loosing this sale!" The intimidation on his part to close this sale and give the buyers EVERYTHING that they had wanted, was more than we could contend with under the circumstances...basically threating that we'd loose the sale and it would be ALL OUR FAULT if we did any kind of Counter Proposal. We felt that the buyers had TWO realtors, theirs and ours...and we had NO ONE on our side at all. I later met the buyers when they did their final walk-thru before closing. I specifically asked the new buyers if they would have walked away from the sale, if I were allowed to keep my they had already asked to buy any of our furniture that we were willing to sell...and they said, "No, it would not have ruined the sale of the house, we would have gladly let you have your freezer and purchased our own, it was a convenience request only." Upon our first contact with Mark, he had told us that once our house went under contract, that we would have 10 days to find another house so that the two closings could be coincided....for some unknown reason, we only had ONE DAY to find a house, and it had to be vacant too...or we'd be looking for an apartment to stay in until we found a house. When Mark was questioned about 'what happened to our 10 days?'... his reply, "It's in the contract, and you signed the contract." He threw up to us the 'you signed the contract' to both of us, and the way in which it was done, made this whole situation OUR fault, not his. When he first read the long legal sounding contact to us on the phone, not in person, he rapidly skiped through the many pages of the document, reading only certain numbered lines...where in that contract it gave us only one day to find another house, we're still confused about. He called attention to the date of 3/8/13 several times as being when the buyer had to have THEIR house sold...but that was referenced as their time limit, not ours. Mark did NOTHING to help find us a house. The one that we purchased here is a direct result of MY Internet searches..and not on the Zip site either. Mark never wanted to 'show' us a house until our house had a contract, if we did ask him to show us a house, he'd walk through on his own and not stay with when we had a question, we'd have to find him, sometimes waiting in front and ready to leave. We were outright lied to, he used threats of a 'non-sale' and intimidation tactics to push through the sale of our home, with ALL benefits going to the buyers, and he certainly did NOT deserve any commission on the Ireland Way address, other than the basic contract signatures, he did NOTHING. We will NEVER use or reccommend Zip Realty nor Mark.
Home buyer in Golden
Mark was a pleasure to work with, he was very knowledgable and patient. We are extremely pleased with our new home and are also using Mark to list our old home.
Land buyer in Blackhawk
Mark is an excellent agent. Very knowledgable about the area and very prepared for each home and property that he showed us. Would recomend him highly.
Home buyer in Evergreen
Very professional and experienced.
Home buyer in Lakewood
No review submitted
Home buyer in Morrison
Mark is an amazing individual who exceeded our expectations from the start. He clearly had our best interests in mind at all times, was patient in working with us as first-time home buyers, and was committed to ensuring that we bought a quality home. My fiance and I could not have asked for a better realtor and would highly recommend him to anyone -- especially people new to the area who need someone they can trust!
Condo buyer in Denver
He was very friendly & easy to talk to. He was very helpful thur the entire process
Home buyer in Evergreen
Extremely personable. Always available. Very cooperative, professional and knowledgeable.
Home buyer in Littleton
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Home buyer in Superior
No review submitted
Townhome buyer in Commerce City
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Home buyer in Littleton
One of the things I appreciated most about Mark was that he wasn't too pushy. The last thing I wanted to do was to work with a car salesman type. Mark was very responsive but only provided his 2 cents when asked. As a naturally analytic type person, I wanted to do a lot of my own research and make all of my own decisions. Mark was a great fit for me.
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