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Jeremy Fershleiser
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Home buyer in Corvallis
Jeremy was extremely knowledgable, pleasant, attentive and was there for us at every step of the way. We felt well taken care of and are so thankful and happy with the house he helped us purchase and with our experience with him as our realtor. We would work with him again in a heartbeat and definitely recommend him to other first-time home buyers and to anyone looking for an excellent realtor. Thank you, Jeremy!
Home buyer in Milwaukie
Jeremy is an amazing ally to have in this crazy real estate market! He is very responsive when it comes to voicemails, emails, or texts, and is happily flexible with his time to meet your schedule. His knowledge of the Portland real estate landscape is unmatched. I was new to buying a home, and he was very patient with me. Jeremy is very thorough; he invests his time in your overall experience - including the time it takes to explain some of the more byzantine aspects of the process. I never felt like I was left out of the loop. Jeremy kept me updated on a regular basis, and successfully advocated for me on several occasions during the various negotiations I encountered. I'm so happy with my new home! You will be too.
Condo buyer in Portland
You know that feeling when you find a trustworthy mechanic who wouldn't do ya' wrong? That's Jeremy in the real estate sector.
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy is a consummate professional. He incessantly looks out for his client to the best of his ability, and his communication ensures the most informed process for his client. He will always take the time to answer all questions promptly, and is incredibly reliable in doing exactly what he promises in a prompt fashion to ensure that you are never the party responsible for delays, a tactic which is very helpful in negotiating. Jeremy also has intimate knowledge of local businesses that can provide quick bids during a transaction. Finally, I felt a level of trust with Jeremy that I would consider on the level of family - he is someone who will not let you down, and that is a rare quality, especially in real estate. A lengthy home search (including a voluntary contract termination on my part) that frustrated me didn't faze Jeremy, and he was ready to keep pursuing the process as long as it took to find me the right home. If I could give him 6 stars out of 5, I would. I cannot recommend Jeremy's services enough, and if I ever sell the home I just purchased, Jeremy will be my first call.
Condo buyer in Portland
Having bought and sold 7 houses in our lives, Jeremy is hands down the easiest agent we have ever worked with. He's professional and gets right to the core of buying a new home without all of the usual unnecessary insanity that we have encountered with other agents in the past.
Home seller in Portland
Jeremy was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, practical and reassuring throughout the selling process. We had a difficult situation involving a family home that needed a lot of work, could not be financed in its current condition and we didn't have the capital to do the repairs, so a cash sale was critical. Jeremy guided us through the process and we are completely satisfied with outcome.
Home buyer in Portland
In this market being available and ready to take action is an absolute must. Jeremy took calls and was pro-active in researching or contacting seller agents to gather as much information as possible to help us make an informed choice. I learned a lot!
Townhome buyer in Portland
Jeremy is the best realtor I've ever had the pleasure of working with! He worked hard and late into one Thursday night to make sure I was the first bid on the property I wanted. He is a superior negotiator and really goes to bat for his clients. His vast knowledge about local neighborhoods is amazing and so critical for someone like me, who is new to Portland. Jeremy is a true professional and really cares about his clients. He's very responsive and always answered my texts and phone calls within an hour, usually within minutes. I would absolutely recommend Jeremy to anyone looking for a realtor in Portland!
Home buyer in Beaverton
So what can I say about Jeremy? Well he's a total Rock Star! I mean this guy took the time to meet up with me five years ago, before I even moved here, to give me advice on how to get into a position where I could buy a home in Oregon. Well I just closed on my new home last week, and I couldn't be happier! Jeremy really understands the market, and gave me sound advice throughout the purchasing process. His communication and negotiating skills are priceless, and I have no doubt I got the best deal I could. I'm extremely satisfied with Jeremy, and I’ll be sure to work with him again in the future. I can't say enough good things about him, and I highly recommend him.
Home seller in Lake Oswego
Jeremy is a great Realtor (although I am admittedly biased).
Condo buyer in Portland
What an exciting opportunity for us to purchase an investment property, and Jeremy's knowledge and expertise were such an indispensable aspect of the whole purchase experience! He helped to narrow down the options to the single property on the market that would work for what we are trying to accomplish, and made navigating all of the details involved effortless, due to all of the work and investigation he did on our behalf. I appreciate Jeremy immensely and would never make a future sale or purchase without him (and certainly recommend that others benefit from his attentiveness and expertise as well)!
Jeremy is an amazing agent who very obviously cares deeply for each of his clients and strives to learn and to meet their individual needs above expectations and above any need or convenience of his own. As his wife, I may be biased in my opinion of him, though my assessment certainly extends beyond the recent purchase of our own home and into the many other clients I observe him working with on a day-to-day basis. He is truly wonderful at his chosen profession, and his advocating skills on a client's behalf, as well as the honesty and selflessness that he continually exhibits, are unparalleled. Any client would be lucky to have him on their side, regardless of their particular circumstances and needs. He will often spend considerable time talking to or emailing with potential clients who will not or cannot buy or sell a house for many years to come, simply because they have questions he may be able to help with and, even if this approach may not ever lead to business down the road with that individual, it is "just the right thing to do".
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy Fershleiser was recommended to me by a friend who had used him and I will be recommending him to friends of mine. Some people like house hunting and some not so much. I'm definitely in the latter group. Jeremy helped take some of that annoyance away and helped me feel a little more in control. You never feel rushed with Jeremy but he does inform you of the urgency of making a decision, after that he helps with questions, thought processes, etc, but never makes you feel pressured to make a decision. My work schedule is pretty hectic and Jeremy helped work around that to go and see properties, make time for discussions, etc. Jeremy also understands that different forms of communications work better for different people and different times. Great communication through text message, email, phone and in person. Jeremy has extensive local knowledge and also is fully aware of the practices and strategies in real estate and takes the time to explain them to you. A great never rushed experience.
Home buyer in Portland
From start to finish, Jeremy provided a level of service and attention to detail that surpassed all expectations. He took the time to really listen to our needs, priorities, and preferences. Then he put together a list of houses, set up viewings, and chauffeured us around. We really appreciated how he did his homework and showed us very appropriate houses. The third one was a winner! The entire process went smoothly, thanks to Jeremy's keen negotiation skills, knowledge of the market and procedures, attention to detail, and strong interpersonal skills. He was a real pleasure to work with. He always called the moment there was a pertinent update and gave fantastic advice when decisions had to be made. We ended up getting into a bidding war for the house and we were so impressed and thankful for how professionally assertive he was in negotiating. He clearly explained things along the way and was very available to answer questions and give more information. He seemed so genuinely invested in us that we felt like we were old buddies. Seriously, he was awesome and we are so grateful!
Home buyer in Portland
This is my third time buying with Jeremy and he was as on top of it as ever. I will not repeat my prior reviews, but he is a hard worker, always in good humor and utterly pleasant to deal with. He is very knowledgeable about the process and constantly ready with updates.
Jeremy is very knowledgeable and resourceful. He is patient and has a good understanding of all the angles and options. One fees very well-served.
Jeremy is very generous with his time and knowledge. He takes the time to explain things fully so all of the vagaries of the process are made crystal clear. He's also great about providing regular updates during the buying process, so one is never left wondering where things are at. He's also dynamite about responding to emails and calls immediately!
Condo buyer in Portland
So this is my second purchase with Jeremy, our first purchase was in 2012 and nothing I have stated in my first review has changed. What was most impressive about Jeremy on this purchase was that this was the FOURTH (yes FOURTH) time we tried to purchase a condo since January of this year. I will not bore you with details on the three failed attempts, but Jeremy's level of service, hard work, great communication and commitment was just as amazing for this transaction as it was for the first three. We had very specific requirements and Jeremy never tired of assisting us with our search and writing offers until we found the property we needed. Finally and as always, I was again impressed by Jeremy's negotiating skills and strategies. We saw the house online on Thursday, could not see it until Sunday, however, by Friday afternoon there was an offer on the Property, with another offer coming Friday night and offers reviewed on Saturday. I am convinced it was Jeremy's skill with the listing agent that delayed the review of offers until Sunday which allowed us to view the property and then have our offer be accepted.
Jeremy is the absolute best, we could not be happier! Jeremy is an amazing agent who treated our purchase as if he were purchasing the home for himself. As an out of state buyer, I was especially impressed with Jeremy's ability to turn around documents at the speed of light and his ability to work around the clock! Jeremy was always available when we needed him and super knowledgable about the area. We had an opportunity to make an abrupt change in the middle of the process to a different property and Jeremy seemed to have everything done before we had even finalized our thoughts. Likewise the amount of data he had at his fingertips to help us quickly understand the market and the value of every home we assessed was better than any of the prior 5 home purchases I have completed. Finally, Jeremy was instrumental in lining up the resources I needed to complete the transaction. With Jeremy on your side you cannot go wrong!
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy is a phenomenal real estate agent. I was assigned to him randomly through Zip Realty, which I only used because it was the top of google search. I saw that he had a very high customer rating, which I figured must be bogus, since really nobody gets consistently high ratings on this type of thing. This time, I was totally wrong. Jeremy is worth five stars. Even though he is a family man, he works like his client is the number one priority. Day or night, he was quick to respond, did his research, and knew what he was talking about. He let us make our decisions, interjected when it was necessary, gave knowledgeable advice, and followed through with every thing that he said he would. I am in a relationship where one of us is an experienced home buyer, and the other is a first timer. After about three months of relentless home visits, questions, offers, he was there for us, and at the level of service that we need him to be at. He never appeared exasperated (even though I totally was, not his doing), and it was obvious he had patience to show us every house necessary until we found the one that met our needs. The guy is talkative. Sometimes he gets off topic, but as long as you let him know in advance of your time schedule, he's very respectful. I will absolutely use him in the future. He is passionate, considerate, and a good partner to have in the real estate world. I highly recommend him.
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy was very knowledgeable, equally plesant and professional throughout my home buying experience. I have highly recommended Jeremy to family and close friends. He is a great listener and was dedicated to finding the right house for me at the right price.
Home buyer in Portland
Being the first time buyer, we needed a realtor who could guide us through the process, caution against pitfalls and someone who can help take a right decision. And we found all that in Jeremy. He is a true professional and trustworthy. We would recommend him to anyone.
Condo buyer in Portland
Jeremy was very helpful and explained everything in detail.
Home buyer in Portland
Words can't describe what a fantastic partner Jeremy is in the home-buying process. But I'll try. In what was one of the most complex home purchases I've ever done (and I've done many), I was repeatedly impressed by all the skills Jeremy was able to bring to ensure a successful outcome. Whether it was the specific skills such as local market knowledge or navigating unusual lender requirements, or the soft skills of negotiation and helping my fickle self reach decisions, I know that having Jeremy in my corner saved me serious money and greatly influenced my ability to find the right home for my family. Jeremy has somehow found the way to be incredibly hard-working yet always mellow, and is a truly special person. He has my wholehearted endorsement and I'm so very glad we chose him as our realtor.
Home buyer in Troutdale
Being a first time, we needed someone to teach us about the whole process and help us every step of the way. Jeremy did exactly that. On the first day he met us he thoroughly explained everything giving us pros and cons of different things such as shart sale and forclosures. He was very patient with us while we searched for our home and fine tuned our finances. When we finally found the home we really wanted, he worked hard with the listing agent to make this go as smooth as possible. He gave excellent advice and would answer our questions (we had many throughout the process) promptly. Even after the close he still continues to work with us. In short, Jeremy is awesome and we will recommend him to others.
My wife and came to Portland looking for a home and had very little knowledge of the local neighborhoods. Jeremy was tremendous in working with us to understand what we were looking for in not just a home, but a lifestyle. He was kind, intelligent and fun to hang out with. I strongly recommend Jeremy without hesitiation.
Home seller in Lake Oswego
Jeremy has assisted me in buying and selling the same home. In both cases I have been very pleased with the service received. Jeremy gave my good suggestions on selling tips and he was always responsive on every questions. He is also very friendly and easy to deal with, he never pushed and he always has listened. I would defenetly recommend Jeremy to all my friends. Giacomo
No review submitted
Home buyer in Lake Oswego
Jeremy was absolutely great to work with. He is super responsive via voice, email and text; he stayed in close touch throughout the process. It is clear that Jeremy loves his work and is very committed to his clients. As a first time home buyer, I needed lots of guidance and Jeremy was supportive, detail-oriented and thorough. I highly recommend him.
Home buyer in Beaverton
If my husband and I could give Jeremy 15 stars, we would...he was that wonderful of an agent! He was patient with our 'first time home buying' lack of knowledge, and all of our questions/concerns. Whenever we would call and or email, Jeremy was extremely prompt in getting back to us. I could go on and on with can tell he enjoys his job, therefore making the whole first time home buying experience that much more enjoyable for us.
Condo buyer in Lake Oswego
Jeremy stayed in constant touch by phone and email and helped bring off a 10 day closing. Wouldn't have happened without him.
Townhome buyer in Portland
Jeremy was really helpful and responsive though out the process making it very easy to understand as a first time buyer.
Home buyer in Lake Oswego
Jeremy was great to work with - he was fast to set up appointments - always on time - knowledgeable and courteous - he knew the areas I was interested in looking at - he is extremely detail oriented - and in the end he got the job done at the price I wanted to pay -Not to mention patient, because it took me a while to find the perfect place. I highly recommend him and would certainly use him again
He really did a lot to help me understand the process and language for making an offer. Always available when I needed to contact him. Friendly and respectful of the distance I have wanted in the search process. Did it all in a weekend, taking a lot of time away from his family and new baby.
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy Fershleiser is a very knowledgeable realtor. who is always responsive to your needs. when ever i called or e-mailed jeremy he always responded in reasonably quick fashion.
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy is the absolute best, we could not be happier! Jeremy is an amazing agent who treated our purchase as if he were purchasing the home for himself. As an out of state buyer, I was especially impressed with Jeremy's ability to turn around documents at the speed of light and his ability to work around the clock! Jeremy was always available when we needed him and super knowledgable about the area. We had an opportunity to make an abrupt change in the middle of the process to a different property and Jeremy seemed to have everything done before we had even finalized our thoughts. Likewise the amount of data he had at his fingertips to help us quickly understand the market and the value of every home we assessed was better than any of the prior 5 home purchases I have completed. Finally, Jeremy was instrumental in lining up the resources I needed to complete the transaction. With Jeremy on your side you cannot go wrong!
Home buyer in West Linn
Very Good
Home buyer in Milwaukie
I have in fact checked all of the strengths on the list EXCEPT "Negotiating Skills" as those were unnecessary and unused in my recent home purchase. (I bought a foreclosed home and went in at more than the asking price right out of the gate because I really really wanted the house.) But I'm guessing, based on my experience with all of Jeremy's other strengths, that he's probably great at negotiating as well. I felt good about Jeremy the moment I met him. He was always professional and I felt completely at ease with him. I would recommend him to anyone as an agent - and as a good human being. Thank you Jeremy! I am very happy with my purchase and my experience.
Home buyer in West Linn
Jeremy was just the type of agent we needed on our first home purchase. He was easy to get ahold of when we needed to contact him; he answered all of our questions with geat patience and detail so we could make the most informed decisions; and he he was very personable and has a good sense of humor. We are very glad he was able to represent us with our first home purchase.
Condo seller in Portland
No review submitted
Home buyer in Portland
My home purchase was kind of rocky with an out-of-state seller. Jeremy was relentless in his efforts to maintain contact with the seller and his agent. He was extremely knowledgeable at every point in the process, and made sure I understood my options along the way. There was never a time when I had a question that went unanswered, and Jeremy was always available and extremely responsive.
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy was an excellent agent form the start. I did NOT meet him through a referral, yet he treated me like a friend from the start. We looked at many properties over the course of 6 months and he continued to show professionalism and great insight throughout the entire process. I meet with 3 other real estate agents before I came across Jeremy through Zip, and I picked Jeremy because he was extremely knowledgeable and hard working. Over the course of several months, his dedication and perseverance was unmistakable. He helped my fiance and I understand more about realty then we imagined possible. He read into our needs and devised appropriate strategies for finding the right house for us. He went above and beyond to make sure every part of the process was clear to us and he immediately made space for several uncertainties that popped up along the way. He also gave us invaluable advice through an arduous negotiating process that we would have otherwise crumbled under. Because of Jeremy, we now have the perfect house. Jeremy is not only a great Realtor, but an amazing person. I will gladly recommend Jeremy Fershleiser to family and friends. Furthermore, when we aim to sell our house, I trust Jeremy to help us.
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy is the model advocate. His knowledge, attention to detail, and exceptional interpersonal skills allow him to provide great situational analysis and subsequent recommendations. He is timely and understanding. Thanks to Jeremy, my transaction progressed like clockwork. I could not have asked for more.
Home buyer in Portland
No review submitted
Home seller in Tigard
Jeremy is professional, insightful, experienced and has terrific people skills. His work ethic and his integrity are exemplary. This was our third real estate transaction with Jeremy, and we highly recommend him.
Home buyer in Oregon City
Jeremy is an excellent person to have at your side while searching for a home. He is knowledgeable, reliable, responsible, proactive and courteous. I recommend him to anyone in the market for a new home.
Home buyer in Portland
No review submitted
Home buyer in Portland
No review submitted
Home buyer in Oregon City
No review submitted
Condo buyer in Milwaukie
Jeremy knew that I was quite anxious about how long it was taking the other parties to progress through the different stages, and he was great about contacting me every couple of days, even if it was to say that there was nothing new going on. I felt like he understood my concerns.
Home buyer in Portland
No review submitted
Home buyer in Milwaukie
Jeremy was great! He was very proactive and helped us every step of the way.
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy has avery calm sense about him that I appreciate. He is not a high pressure guy, but knows when to pull the leverage stick when it is appropriate and necessary.
Home buyer in Aloha
Jeremy was so helpful. He saved my family and I a tremendous amount of time and money. He made me more aware of the home buying process at every turn. I will definitely return to him in the future and will also refer him to others.
Home buyer in Portland
No review submitted
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy was very helpful with all the transactions related to closing and very helpful with arranging for repairs and inspections.
Home buyer in Gresham
Reviewer has chosen to keep review private
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy was knowledgeable about the process, quickly responded to my emails, and worked with my schedule to tour houses and answer questions
Home buyer in Beaverton
No review submitted
Home buyer in Portland
No review submitted
Home buyer in Lake Oswego
Jeremy did an excellent job representing me and looking out for my best interest.
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy did a great job to find for us the house based on our request.
Home buyer in Vancouver
Jeremy helped us out 3 years and we kept his card to contact him when we were ready to buy again. He talked with me numerous times on the phone and set appts for us in Portland, OR. We were very satisfied and would recommend him to our friends.
Condo buyer in Portland
Jeremy was amazing! I had a particulary difficult purchasing situation due to the selling agent's lack of effective communication and follow through. Jeremy was able to help me negotiate all of the hindrances we encountered due to the selling agent's negligence and help me achieve my purchase. He was honest, forthcoming, diplomatic, and professional in every way. I sincerely appreciate all of his help in helping me with my purchase.
Home buyer in Gresham
As a first time home buyer, I was unsure of what to expect. Jeremy did an outstanding job. He walked me through things very clearly, and he answered all of my questions - some before I even asked . Jeremy has an amazing eye for detail and finds exactly what his buyer is looking for in their perfect home. The same day that I got his card as a highly recommended realtor, he set up an account for me through the Zip website. It was extremely easy to use, and he had flagged numerous house he thought I might want to look at before I even had to search. Jeremy goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are taken care of and get what they are looking for. Without a doubt, he made my first home-buying experience a great one.
Home buyer in West Linn
Jeremy is the epitomy of Professionalism. He is honest, straightforward, knowledgable, patient and sympathetic to his clients wants and needs. He was always available and responsive to our questions and guided us through each step in the process of our home purchase. We would highly recommend him.
Home buyer in Portland
No review submitted
Home buyer in Portland
Jeremy was excellent to work with and I would highly recommend him to anyone for buying or selling a home! Jeremy was always easy to reach, was friendly, and was very thorough when explaining the process and issues during our transactions! I appreciated how up front Jeremy was with all of the steps of the sale. He was an absolute pleasure to work with!
Land buyer in Portland
Jeremy always went over and beyond what we expected from him as our Realtor. He provided us in-depth and detailed answers to our questions and was always prompt in returning our calls and answering our questions either through email, voice mail, or text. We also appreciated Jeremy's honesty and integrity when discussing property and we never felt pressured or rushed to make a deal .
Condo buyer in Portland
Jeremy is an exceptional young man. He is obviously dedicated to his work and his clients. He goes the extra mile to insure good communication and makes each client feel like his favorite client. He comes across as genuine, interested, unhurried, and a good friend.
Condo buyer in Lake Oswego
Jeremy was very patient, informative, and not pushy for us as first time home buyers. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends, family and whoever else may be looking to purchase a house. It was a very pleasant experience despite our bumps in the process.
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