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Cherilyn Jones
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Home buyer in San Diego
Just a wonderful easy experience. She gudiance allowed us to get our home even though we had a lower offer than other buyers. We werr always in the loop and she even gave us a nice gift once we closed. A+++ She was recommended to me and I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy.
Home seller in La Mesa
Going through a difficult personal time and Cherilyn did everything she could to respect that and proceed as quickly as she could to get the house sold. The property had fallen to dis-repair and she had explained that most likely the home would be sold to an investor and flipped. I was nervous that we would be low balled and not get what I thought the house was worth. We received offers right away and had a bunch of offers fall through. Cherilyn worked diligently to get new clients when the others fell through. I felt that she got us the best price possible and there are not enough words to express my gratitude! Thank you Cherilyn!
Home buyer in Santee
As a first-time homebuyer, we needed an agent who could help us to learn the ropes of buying a home. Cherilyn taught us so much! Everything from what to look out for, to tips and tricks when we finally got into our new home. She's super responsive and attentive. Just the perfect agent for our needs! Thank you Cherilyn!
Condo buyer in SAN DIEGO
Cherilyn made my first home buying experience as easy as possible. I was very impressed with the quality of service that I received throughout the entire purchasing process. Cherilyn responded quickly to all of my inquiries. I remember a few times that I had sent Cherilyn an Email late at night and, received a response well past twelve o’clock in the morning. She helped me get the place that I wanted from the very beginning. It was a difficult negotiation process, but I was able to get the place well under the listed price. I am grateful that she took the time to provide me with a high quality of service. I will definitely be utilizing her services for any future real estate transactions.
Very helpful and approachable in a short amount of time. Looking forward to building a good business relationship.
Condo seller in San Diego
We've been on both sides of experiencing Cherilyn's ability in real estate. We have been impressed by her knowledge, skills and most impressed by her integrity. Our desire to sell our condo within a small time frame was no easy task. Not once did we have to travel across the state to take care of all the preparation needs and paperwork of selling our condo. Cherilyn took great care in all the details. And there were many! If in the future, we decide to move to the San Diego area, we have no hesitation in having Cherilyn Jones be our agent! Rating her 5 stars is not taken lightly! She has our very highest recomendation!
Sometimes, it's all about location,location,location - however, for us, it was also about agent, agent, agent! We were blessed to find a top rate agent among the huge number of real estate agents in Southern California. Cherilyn was professional and prepared for all our needs and all our questions. We are from Northern California and we were on a mission to find a condo in one week. Amazingly, mission accomplished! Always the big question is, would we use Cherilyn again? Without hesitation, our answer is a resounding YES!
Townhome buyer in Chula Vista
Cherilyn was awesome! She helped us so much to find our dream house! She got our dream house the first day we met her, that's how good she is. I am glad we were referred to her. Thank you Cherilyn!! We are so happy!
Home seller in Campo
Just to sum it up: OUTSTANDING! in all aspects of our transaction. From start to finish and in minimal time.
Home seller in La Mesa
Cherilyn was great, she was patient in helping us fine our perfect home. She kept us up to date on new properties hitting the market and always available when we were ready day or night to see. Thank you Cherilyn we are 100% happy with your service and would definitely recommend you to others!!
Home buyer in Oceanside
We just moved to the San Diego area from New Mexico, and Cherilyn was wonderful, informing us throughout the process of how differently the buying process is in California. Much of the move had to be handled long distance and she was absolutely dedicated to making it as easy as possible. She showed us all the available properties in our price range and desired areas while we were on a one week visit in August. We made an offer on a property and completed the initial paperwork during that week. She was great about showing us the upside and the downside of each property, pointing out the issues that are unique to the area (such as tree branches rubbing the house making it more accessible for pests). She did not waste our time on trying to "sell" us on unacceptable properties. She always had our best interests at heart, even before her own, and was available for all our questions and concerns. When we ran into an unexpected glitch in the previous title, she and the lender she had suggested to us went to bat for us and negotiated a solution on our behalf. She is without a doubt the VERY BEST AGENT we've ever worked with, and we have had a couple of good ones in the past. We are very comfortable recommending her without hesitation.
Condo buyer in SAN DIEGO
I can not say enough good things about Cherilyn. Not only did she find me the perfect home on the beach but she got my offer approved despite multiple other offers. Definitely take her advice and attach a cover letter to your offer! It absolutely made the difference for me. She was my advocate every step of the way, helped me get financed ahead of schedule and even close 2 weeks early!
Cherilyn is by far the most professional yet personable realtor I have ever worked with. We recently bought a very expensive beach front property on Mission Beach with a 15 day escrow. It not only closed on time due to her work with the seller's agent, but she was able to anticipate issues before they even arose so we were prepared to handle them. She also did not disappear after the sale was final. She has checked in regularly to make sure the agreements of things to be done by the seller have been happening according to plan. I was searching high and low for this property on line trying to find the perfect one for my mom as a 2nd house, being an investment buyer I was sure I would be able to locate it and have Cherilyn just take us on the views. After our resources were depleted she said based on what I see you are looking for let's take a look at a property I think you will like. I had seen it online and didn't think this would be a good fit. We saw it in person, fell in love and made an offer that evening! I would highly recommend Cherilyn for any buyer or seller for top quality service! Even after the sale was final she has not disappeared checking in to make sure that work to be done by the seller after close (because we had such a short escrow) was being completed! You just don't get better than Cherilyn Jones!
Townhome buyer in Chula Vista
Cherilyn was amazing. She came HIGHLY recommended from a friend and she lived up to everything. We would not have gotten our house if we were working with a different agent. First of all, she made sure we were educated and understood the process. Then, when we started looking at places she helped point out possible defects AND solutions for problems we saw. Finally, when it came time to purchase, she was very persistent working with the other realtor and paved the way for our success (we bought during a short supply/high demand period). Even after we bought the house, she is still helping us find resources for re-decorating and renovating the place (she is very connected). You will not be disappointed working with Cherilyn and she will help you find the place that is right for you.
Home buyer in La Mesa
Cherilyn always had our best interests in mind, and worked very hard to make sure we were well-represented and taken care of. We couldn't have asked for a more patient, knowledgeable, and persevering agent!
Home buyer in SAN DIEGO
She is very professional,knowledgable and quick responder. She is reachable whenever I needed to and she values time
Home buyer in SAN DIEGO
Cherilyn is AWESOME!!! I cannot speak highly enough about her dedication, knowledge, attention to detail, and great communication. When we first started our home search, we contacted 2 agents, Cherilyn and another. After finding a couple homes that interest us we contacted both agents to set up viewings. While the other agent had confirmed with us a viewing time, Cherilyn set a tentative time as she checked up to the minute status on the properties we wanted to view. A couple hours later she called to tell us both properties had accepted offers and would be going into "pending" and off the market within the hour. Cherilyn does not like to waste her clients time and that was all it took for us to know she was the one to go with... An hour later the other agent was calling to reconfirm our meet time! I had to tell HER the properties were off the market SMH. Cherilyn always went above and beyond for us. If we were scheduled to see a property, she made sure we saw that property. When viewing properties she did not miss an inch, paying close attention to all aspects of the property. (I thing she was a home inspector in her former life) If she saw something of concern, she made us aware of it. A missing dryer vent, condensation on a window, possible termite damage, if she saw it, she made sure we saw it too. I couldnt even tell you how many times she stooped down looking under a house or climbed up a hill or through some backyard brush LOL it was always a fun joke between us all. Cherilyn always kept in contact with us as to status' and was always accessible.... even when she was on vacation. We felt bad, she works so hard and definetly deserved the break :-) Plenty of times we wanted to give up on our house search but she didnt let us. We found a great home and with Cherilyns help, we were able to get in comfortably. It was easy to trust her because she was herself, didnt seem phoney, and always had a laugh with us and made us comfortable. I will and have recommended cherilyn to any and everyone who will listen and is in need of a real estate agent. You cant go wrong with her. Thanks again!
Home seller in Lemon Grove
Body : Cherilyn Jones took a positive, non judgemental approach in the selling of our house. Our house was battered and old, and the prospects of selling it didn;t look good. Cherilyn understood the market, and tailor made a selling strategy, that made it easy for us to follow her direction. Our house sold in three weeks. Something new to me was a timeline of significant events in the process of selling our home. The timeline let us know where we stood in the real estate process. We found Cherilyn Jones to be an excellent real estate agent. Her clear instructions, logical approach made our selling realitively easy. Thank you, so much! I would recommend Cherilyn Jones to any one in need of a great agent.
Condo buyer in OCEANSIDE
Cherilyn did a great job for us when we recently purchased a home in the San Diego area. She always responded to questions & action items promptly & had a lot of local knowledge about the neighborhoods we were interested in. Also, she was always willing to meet with home inspectors, appraisers, etc. when I couldn't make it. In other words, she did whatever was necessary to help facilitate our home purchase. When our original lender couldn't perform on our loan, Cherilyn provided us with a lender referral who was able to process and fund our loan application within 30 days. Cherilyn gets my highest recommendation as a realtor.
Cherilyn's a great resource when you're looking for a home. She's very responsive, patiently answers all your questions and knows the local market very well.
Home seller in San Diego
Cherilyn is top notch. She made the process of selling my house smooth and painless. She always listened, had patience with my questions whether big or small, supplied the information I needed in a thoughtful and timely way, and always went the extra mile to move the process along. I give her my highest rating.
Condo buyer in SAN DIEGO
Cherilyn Jones is an amazing person and an excellent realtor! She is a consummate professional and she makes buying a home almost painless! Cherilyn is definitely the person whom you can depend on when it comes to making one of the biggest and most expensive decisions in life, purchasing a home. She is straight forward, sincere, and goes out of her way for her clients. She sees the bigger picture of establishing long lasting relationships, instead of just closing the deal right away. She is conscientious of her clients' needs; on our first meeting she took the time to find out what I truly wanted in a home, the must haves, the wants, and would be nice to have if budget would allow--which shows a lot about her professionalism and character. She asked me questions and brought things to my attention that I had not even thought about but was very important part of my home buying decision. She is extremely easy to work with and very responsive when in need. She is diligent and pays attention to detail and she works extremely hard to get the best deal for her clients. During my home buying process, I had my emotional ups and downs each time an offer was put in and it was not accepted or we looked at a property and it was a disappointment. Cherilyn never gave up on me! She truly wants all of her clients to be happy and successful. Cherilyn you’re AWESOME and you ROCK! You’re a TRUE JEWEL in the field of REAL ESTATE! I highly recommend Cherilyn!
Condo buyer in OCEANSIDE
I highly recommend Cherilyn. Cherilyn helped us find the right home for our need. Her attention to details and responsiveness allow us to make the best decision at the right time. She went the extra mile to answer our real estate questions from the initial search and after closing.
Cherilyn gets 5 stars from me so far she has already gone much further than any agent I have spoke with. Nice. Professional and Informative. This helps prevent those nasty surprise's. I would add more strengths but I have not gone through those phases of the purchase yet. She responds to every email within 8hrs or less and has explained questions I had. So far I'm liking Cherilyn
Home buyer in San Diego
Cherilyn made the home buying experience easy and worry free. She was a joy to work with.
Home buyer in OCEANSIDE
Cherilyn was extremely helpful in helping us find the right home, in the right place, within our budget. While Cherilyn does posses all of the strengths listed below, we greatly appreciated her extensive knowledge in the Real Estate industry in San Diego as well as her Negotiating skill to secure the home we were interested in.
Townhome buyer in SAN DIEGO
Cherilyn is an amazing realtor. She is the most hard-working, dedicated, and caring agent you could meet. Being an indecisive person, I needed a lot of direction in finding a home that fit me. Cherilyn set up countless appointments for me to look at homes that interested me; each time prepared with pictures/home information printed out, viewing times coordinated with the most logical route to view everything I wanted to see. Her patience was endless! When we looked at homes there was never any pressure to buy, make a decision, or hurry up. We saw some places multiple times. She was always very supportive and helpful in multiple ways (for example, in addition to always having measuring tapes, flashlights, etc., she was also able to point out things that might be potentially more than cosmetic fixes to a seemingly good buy). When I finally found a place to purchase, she helped me find ways to make sure my offer was the most appealing. When I changed my mind and found a place I loved better, she did all the work withdrawing my other offer and smoothing things over with the seller. When at last my offer was accepted on my new home, Cherilyn walked me step by step through the process in manageable pieces and reminded me of things I needed to complete. The home I purchased was a short sale running up against foreclosure. I ran into my problems with my loan less than two weeks before closing; Cherilyn helped me select a new company that was able to get the job done in time. We managed to get loan docs drawn, signed, notarized, and filed with the county in one day (a first in the 25 years my escrow office has been open). Not to mention that in the same day she helped me to get a first time home buyer mortgage IRS tax credit (an additional good four-hour chunk of time that was above and beyond her job description!)--another amazing feat in itself! If you want someone with strong communication skills, who is knowledgeable, punctual, and always prepared, who cares about you being happy with your purchase, I'm telling you, Cherilyn is the one you need.
Home buyer in Huntington Beach
Cherilyn and Mike did a great job from start to finish. They were helpful and guided us along the way. They answered questions and were always available to help us and explain the process.
Condo buyer in San Diego
Cherilyn is highly professional and extremely motivated in finding her clients the right property. She is an excellent realtor and I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to buy property in San Diego.
Home buyer in La Mesa
No review submitted
Condo buyer in SAN DIEGO
Cherilyn was professional throughout the lengthy process, was responsive and returned calls promptly.
Home buyer in San Diego
She was so nice, and very patient with me. I was very picky when choosing my home and she was totally fine with that, she even pointed out what she saw wrong in some homes and she learned my tastes and prefrences and was able to help me find the perfect home for myself. We looked at so many homes, and sometimes when i walked into a house she knew right away that it wasnt for me, i didnt even have to tell her. I was so happy to have worked with cherylin, it was a rewarding experience every step of the way.
Home buyer in EL CAJON
Cherilyn made our first home buying experience painless. I would highly recommend Cherilyn to everyone!! I truly believe that if Cherilyn was not our agent we might have given up. We can not thank her enough. Cherilyn always answered our questions no matter how many times we would email, call or text her. Thank you again Cherilyn for all of you hard work!!
Home buyer in San Diego
No review submitted
Home buyer in Escondido
Cherilyn went above and beyond from the very beginning until we closed and even beyond. We do not have enough good things to say about Cherilyn.
Home buyer in Rancho Sante Fe
Cherilyn was incredible! She was professional, couteous, extremely helpful thru out the process. We were so impressed with her that we are already referring her to our friends. Cherilyn was a delight to work with, she is a great representative for Zip Realty.
Home buyer in Santee
Cherilyn was great to work with. I was very impressed with her professionalism from the very first meeting. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with her looking for my house. She was patient, very informative and organized when we went around looking at properties. She is the best! I would recommend her to anybody.
Townhome seller in Chatsworth
Entering into a short sale is a very scary thing. Cherilyn put us completely at ease and made the short sale process a breeze on our end. As far as I'm concerned, she's a miracle worker, and I'm so happy we went through this process with her. It couldn't have gone more smoothly, and we have Cherilyn to thank for that.
Home buyer in Santee
Cherilyn is very professional, pays attention to detail and follows through with every detail large or small. She is courteous and is always available to answer questions when needed. She is an agressive go getter and I would recommend that anyone use her as an agent.
Home seller in SAN DIEGO
No review submitted
Condo buyer in Chula Vista
No review submitted
Home buyer in SANTEE
If it wouldn't have been for all of her hard work and determination i do believe we would have give up on finding a home.
Home buyer in Newbury Park
Our experience with Cherilyn was superb! She was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful, and having her represent us was a pleasant undertaking during a stressful time. My initial lender was not able to get us the loan in the given amount of time. Having given up the possibility to own my dream home???Cherilyn really came through! She was able to get us an extension, referred a new lender, and was able to get my family and I in our dream home in a week! I would highly recommend her to others.
Condo buyer in Camarillo
Cherilyn Jones was excellent! he went beyond what one would from a agent.
Home buyer in Santa Paula
No review submitted
Home buyer in Oxnard
Cherilyn was absolutely first class throughout the process! As first-time buyers, my wife and I were confused enough. However, Cherilyn answered all of our newbie questions, in a clear, concise and timely manner. She was available 7 days a week, and no question or issue was too small for her to provide guidance on. From the efficient manner in which Cherilyn showed us 15+ homes, to her use of innovative services such as online document delivery and signatures, it really made the whole process fast, streamlined and dare I say it simple :) Towards the end of the escrow process we had several last minute issues with the lender and title company. It was during this time that Cherilyn really highlighted her skills as a true advocate for her clients. Additionally, I would like to state that after the close of escrow Cherilyn has still made herself available for other questions that we have had. It is clear that she approaches her clients with a long term outlook! Without question, we shall be contacting her when we need decide to buy again. First class customer service, reliable, responsible, honest, and quick. We would highly recommend Cherilyn to anybody who wants to actually enjoy the home buying experience. What more can I say? Andy & Agnes, Oxnard CA
Condo buyer in Thousand Oaks
I want to let you know Cherilyn Jones is the best realtor I???ve ever met. Back in June 2009, I noticed the price of real estate had gone down to a level where I can afford. So I talked to my dad and asked him about it, and he suggested I contact his realtor with ReMax. He was good and he showed me a few properties in Ventura County. We made a few offers that never went through. He was professional but he lacked what I was looking for in a realtor. In my opinion, things I expected would take 1-2 days ended up taking 2-4 days. I wanted to use my father???s realtor but I knew I wasn???t a top priority for him and it turned me off. Then my co-worker recommended a few websites, including CatalistHomes, Zip Realty, Keller Williams, and Realtor.com. He mentioned there would probably be someone who would follow up with me within a day or two to see what my needs were. I filled out a profile with ZipRealty because I knew I wanted to view available properties online. But, at the time, I was still ready to deal exclusively with my father???s agent. Then I received contact from Cherilyn. I ignored her. Then again. Again I ignored her. Then again. Ignored. She wasn???t getting it. I just wanted to see the properties online, tell my realtor about them and then we could look at the properties ourselves. Then my realtor kept showing me disgusting properties that were exclusive to ReMax (grant it I???m only approved for 200K), and he kept reiterating to me that these are ready to close. I thought, ???Yeah, but guess what, that???s not what I want.??? And the final straw came when my dad???s realtor passed me off to another woman to show the properties. And it was another atrocious property. I said thanks but I didn???t like the property, and then I made a decision to see what Cherilyn, Catalist, and Realtor.com could offer. Keller just barely missed out and there is a woman named Monique that does an outstanding job too. But Cherilyn had contacted me so soon after I had filled out a profile that I had an inkling she would follow through even after I told her no 25 times (just kidding it was probably about 3). She did. We looked at a property on my lunch break the morning I called her. She had the paperwork ready to go in 24 hours. We submitted an offer but turned out FHA???s with this complex wouldn???t work, and it was a surprise because only months earlier the complex was FHA approved. Then we kept looking???and looking???and looking, and I started to realize that Cherilyn had the same passion for hard work and efficiency that I do. Combine that with her talent and you have in my opinion the best real estate agent I???ve ever met. I have met a few others since and they are good. But none compare to Cherilyn Jones. Turns out she stuck with me for a property that is about to close this month, a 10 month Bank of America short sale nightmare, and the amount of work she put in supporting me deserves at least a 10K commission. But since I could only afford 200K (it will close at 155), it probably won???t be. But???if I get a big house one day down the line, guess who I will call first??? ???Cherilyn Jones If you ever need to use this to tell people how damn good of a realtor Cherilyn is, please do. In fact have them call me and I???ll tell them myself. Sincerely, John Fisher
Condo buyer in Camarillo
Cherilyn was very professional and easy to work with. I liked how she kept in touch with me through out the closing process. She is an asset to your company.
Home buyer in Camarillo
No review submitted
Home buyer in Fillmore
Cherilyn, is very professional. She always responded promptly to my phone calls and/or e-mails of every inquiry I had of a property. I couldn't have had a better person assisting us in the purchase of our home. We are very grateful for all her help.
Home buyer in Oxnard
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Home buyer in Port Hueneme
Cherilyn Jones is our Hero. My wife and I are were first time homebuyers with a lot of questions. Cherilyn completely answered all of them and kept our spirits high while looking for a house and the whole transaction while purchasing a house. I felt I could call Cherilyn all the time when needed and I wasn't bothering her. She is a true salesperson and an honest one at that. We loved her.
Condo buyer in Ventura
Cherilyn Jones Was excellent !!! As a first time buyer i really put her to the test. I knew absolutely nothing about buying my first home. She answered about a million qustions and was very patient in doing so. I had several agents eager to work with me but she was the only one who listened to my needs and sent me info via the internet tailored to first time buyers. She went the extra mile and made sure i understood each step and every little detail. I picked a great realitor. She will be getting referals from me for sure. Doug Ray
Home buyer in Oxnard
No review submitted
Condo buyer in Oxnard
Cherilyn really worked hard to make sure that we got the house that we wanted. She was always avaliable to explain things, was responsive, and always had a positive outlook. During our home search, it was easy to schedule time with her to see properties and she was always prepared with information about each house. Buying our first home was a little stressful and we were happy to be working with someone as knowledgeable and competent as Cherilyn!
Home buyer in Oxnard
cherlyln was more than i could have wished for. she was great in all ways,and always very cool and pleasant.your lucky to have her representing zip realty thanks for a very positive experence. janice duron
Home buyer in Oxnard
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Condo buyer in Ventura
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Condo buyer in Oxnard
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Condo buyer in Port Hueneme
I found Cherilyn to be enthusiastic and highly professional despite the varios complications and delays throughout the closing process. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home.
Home buyer in Port Hueneme
It was a comfort and a joy to work with Cherilynn. Since I bought my house almost exclusively from Massachusetts, she had to work especially hard on my behalf. She guided me through the whole process with a competence I found surprising in someone of her age. She was always available despite the time difference, and proactive in keeping me up to speed. By the close I felt like she was family. This is the 13th house I have bought or sold in my life, and was by far the most pleasant experience yet. I would, (and actually have) recommend her to friends and family.
Home buyer in Oxnard
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