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Kati Oates
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Home buyer in Lexington
We are very lucky to have Kati helping us find our first home. We read a lot of reviews before we started, as many people do. I still remember seeing in her reviews that one of the reviewers said something like "we don't know if you can love your real estate agent, but we do". Honestly I was quite skeptical about that sort of compliment, but after working with Kati for about a year (we did see A LOT houses), we truly feel the same way as well. Kati is very professional and knowledgable, but she is also very patient and loving. We are actually a little sad that we don't see her regularly any more, now that we have moved to our new home. Feel free to drop by, Kati.
Home seller in Sudbury
We had used Kati previously to buy both our first and second houses, but this was the first time we had ever sold a house - and we were SO HAPPY that Kati was willing to hold our hand through the process. She already knew the house well (since she had helped us buy it five years earlier), so she was able to stage it herself, saving us thousands in the process. She handled EVERYTHING - from the staging to all of the little issues that came up along the way. Once we had our stuff out it was basically effortless for us... and we will absolutely use Kati again next time we're looking to buy or sell!
We simply love Kati. This is the second home we've bought with her help over the past 5 years and both times it's been an amazing experience. She is patient, helpful, knowledgeable, and just an all-around great and trustworthy person. We're now going to work with her on selling our new place and have no doubt we'll have another amazing experience!
Kati was, quite simply, amazing. We were first time homebuyers and she took us through every step of the process and was truly interested only in finding us the right house for US, not trying to squeeze us into something that fell short of what we wanted. We dragged her to what seemed like hundreds of houses and she was always in the best of spirits and only too happy to look at more. After we found the house she did a great job with the other real estate agent (who wasn't the nicest or most honest person) and still found a way to make the whole process painless. We are, without a doubt, going to recommend her to everyone we know.
Home seller in Medford
We were totally satisfied with Kati on our recent purchase. She lead us in the right direction at every turn on the winding road of a home purchase. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.
Home buyer in Chelmsford
Kati was great to work with. Patient and never tried to force us into a place. She truly enjoyed visiting the various houses with us and learning what our wants/needs were to make informed suggestions. My wife and I recommend her and would use her again.
Condo buyer in Waltham
It took me more than a year to find a place I could afford that I was satisfied with, but Kati stuck with me the whole way through it, guided me past my first-time buyer jitters, made sure I got all my questions answered down to the closing, and generally provided exemplary service. Would highly recommend.
Home buyer in Lowell
Kati is a great realtor and person to work with. Our first time home buying experience was really made easy by Kati with her professionalism, advice, and patience. My wife and I had to look at a lot of houses and finally make a decision. The house we ended up buying was great and for that we say, thank you Kati. I will not hesitate to recommend Kati to anyone looking to buy a house. She is the best.
Home seller in Bedford
In the course of selling and buying several homes over the years, we feel that we have never worked with an agent who showed as much dedication, professionalism, and skill as Kati, who represented us first in the purchase of our new home and then in the sale of our old one (we had not intended to use the same agent for both transactions, but once we became acquainted with Kati, it was clear we should trust her for both). She showed a thorough and sophisticated view of the market, and she obviously intended to help us in any way she could in dealing with the changes that any move brings about. Kati commanded all kinds of resources in the community that could be brought to bear to respond to our needs, and she made herself available to us, not only by phone and email, but personally, whenever a need presented itself. Throughout, she was warm and agreeable, and always sincere and aboveboard. Coldwell Banker's reputation must be first-rate if Kati is typical of its staff.
Home buyer in Framingham
Kati was recommended to us by couple of our very close friends who have worked with her before. We had a beautiful experience buying our first home with Kati. She guided us through the entire process (Oct 2014- Jan 2015). We have been extremely happy with her service, her communication style, her urgency when needed and her overall professional & personal approach to us. She never pushed us on any of the properties that we visited with her, but always provided a very balanced opinion when solicited. Since we hadn't narrowed down on a certain town for our house, we ended up house hunting in many towns and Kati was very patient with us. She always had the best interest in mind for us. She is very customer focused and knowledgeable about real estate. She took great care in all the paperwork and negotiation and was a great advocate for us. We would work with Kati again in a heartbeat. If you are trying to find a good agent, look no further.
Home buyer in Acton
Kati was a pleasure to work with. She is very knowledgeable about houses and helped us discover the best home for us. She made the entire process very stress free for us and always batted for us. I would work recommend her wholeheartedly.
Home buyer in Bedford
If it weren't for Kati, we wouldn't have bought the great house that we did. We truly appreciated Kati's patience, expertise, and advocacy. 1) She is a great listener and understood what we wanted in a home. 2) She knows the area well and toured our house before we expressed any interest in it. She knew it would be perfect for us, and suggested we check it out. 3) Although we didn't bid on the house initially, she asked the seller's agent to contact her if the offer they received fell through. Lo and behold -- it did! 4) Kati was not afraid to advocate for us in the inspection process and walkthrough prior to closing. We have worked with other agents in the past, and Kati was a breath of fresh air because she was truly interested in helping us find the perfect house for us, not the house she wanted us to buy.
Home buyer in Natick
Very kind and trustworthy realtor. Really cares about her clients and wants to help them find the right home. She has a network of people she recommends (mortgage, law, etc.), and in my experience they are also trustworthy and very good at their jobs. This is important because you want to give yourself the best chance of everything going smoothly right through to closing.
Condo seller in North Chelmsford
It was a pleasure to work with Kati. Thanks!
Home buyer in Medford
We couldn't be happier with our buying experience with Kati. For starters, we wouldn't have known to look in the neighborhood we purchased in without her! She's an artful listener and knows her stuff. Once we found our place, she was on top of everything and really went above and beyond in her willingness to make the transaction work - meeting us any hour of any day, making use of her extensive resource list. If you're looking for someone you can trust, who will give it to you straight, and who genuinely cares about getting to know you and finding the right home for you, you cannot go wrong with Kati.
We cannot say enough good things about working with Kati. From the very beginning of the process, we were impressed by her knowledge and ability to share information in ways that made sense for us as first time buyers. Kati introduced us to the neighborhood we eventually bought in due to her understanding of our wants, even though we had not included the town in our original search. She helped us craft an offer that was well received, negotiate after the inspection, and was able to recommend other vendors as the process moved along. We would not be moving into a house we love without Kati's expertise.
Condo buyer in Cambridge
Kati was great, very helpful, very friendly
Home buyer in Chlemsford
Kait was so personable and patient with us! We were first time home buyers looking for our forever home. We needed our hands held through the whole process and Kati was the perfect match for us! She was always so prompt to email, text or call us back and always willing to accommodate our schedule. We felt that she was really on our side and had a good sense of what we needed! We highly recommend Kati Oates!
Home buyer in Chelmsford
The Best! We interacted with quite a few agents before we met Kati and none of them come close to her. She was helpful, honest and made us feel like we had a friend in the process. I can not recommend her enough.
Home buyer in Westford
Kati was very helpful during our house buying experience. She was particularly helpful during the negotiation process and made sure that all requirements were met by the seller. Kati did an excellent job!
Home buyer in Groveland
Wow! What can I say about Kati Oates in 4000 characters.....not enough! Kati helped my wife, son and I find after 50 or so houses and a full calender year of searching our HOME! She was absolutely amazing there aren't enough adjectives to begin to describe Kati. We consider Kati a friend for life, she is just the best PERIOD! I will be passing on her name to anyone who is looking for a home and if my family and I go through the house buying process again Kati will be my first call!!
Home buyer in Dracut
Kati really understands houses and will not hesitate to tell you their pitfalls as was as their good points. She is very understanding of the family needs and is trustworthy and patient. It took us over a year of looking to find our house and we never felt any pressure or frustration from her, only support. She made the experience of house buying a lot less stressful. Kati was a pleasure to work with and we'd recommend her to all our friends.
Townhome buyer in Ashland
As first time homeowners,we will like to thank Katie for her much valuable help. Katie helped us to make the choice that was best for us . She has steered us in the right direction and gave us valuable information so that we could make an informed decision.Her negotiating skills and responsiveness took care off the whole buying process smoothly . With extremely professional and superior communication skills Katie Oates has been an excellent agent.
Home buyer in Bedford
Kati was very patient and supportive as we worked our way through the process of discovering where and what type of home we wanted to live in. If you need recommendations on various services along the way (mortgage lender, home inspection), she has a list of trustworthy folks that were also great to work with. All in all, aside from uncontrollable issues with the sellers of various homes, the home buying process with Kati was smooth.
Home buyer in Andover
Kati is an awesome realtor who has the best interest of her clients to find their right home. She understands the needs of the buyer in detail and really is patient in finding the right property for you. We have been working with Kati for almost 2 years until we found our perfect fit and at no time Kati pressured us or tried to make us settle to close the deal. She also has good local knowledge and where she doesn't have it she finds it out for you. Its been an excellent experience with Kati, now I miss talking to her daily :). I don't think any buyer can ask for more. I will refer anybody who is buying a house to Kati.
Home buyer in Dracut
Is it possible to genuinely love your realtor? Well, we do. We had an incredible experience with Kati, and we're not easy to please. We saw around 40 houses. Kati was extremely patient with us, and as first-time buyers, we really relied on her expertise and experience. We knew she wanted to find the perfect house for us and that we had not found it until we purchased our home. She didn't want us to settle, even if that meant waiting and looking at 100 houses. We could not have had a better experience than we did with Kati, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor who will support your decisions and fight for you 100% of the way.
Home seller in Dracut
Kati was great, very dedicated, patient and supportive. I look forward to working with her again.
Home buyer in Wayland
Kati was wonderful. She went above and beyond at all times and we truly felt she was looking out for our best interests. She has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the process and is really dedicated to finding us the right home. In particular, she really helped us understand the details of inspections, older homes, heating systems in houses, and some technical aspects we were not comfortable with ourselves. Thanks Kati - we are so happy with everything.
Home buyer in Ayer
My wife and I were not only first time buyers, but when we started up our home search process we were under 2 months to go to our wedding. Needless to say, life was hectic. After reading the reviews of Kati it seemed that first time home buyers were a speciality of hers. From the get go, Kati made us both feel completely at ease with the home buying process. Her no pressure attitude and making sure we understood every part of the home buying process really made us feel at ease. It was clear from the get go that Kati was not in for a quick commission or going to try to pressure us to buy something we weren't excited about. When we finally decided on a house that we loved, without getting into the who and the what, the seller of the property and his agent were extremely difficult to deal with throughout the process. Kati's persistence and tenacity, along with a calming word from time to time, helped us get through the process and to our end goal of owning our dream home. We would whole heartedly recommend Kait to anybody looking to buy or sell and especially if you are a new home buyer. Thank you Kati for all of your help and you not only have gained a client, but also two friends. Kristen & Chris Knowles
Home buyer in Billerica
Kati was a Joy to work with. She was very knowledgeable about the market, the process and the rules and laws involved with aspect of the home buying process. She quickly developed a solid idea of what I was interested in for my first home and cared a great deal about finding the right place for me. She made me feel like I was working with a good friend and not like I was another commission. It's obvious she cares about her work, her customers, and finding the best deal for them. Once I decided on a property and started the process of the purchase she was available almost 24/7 in case I had a question or just needed a reassurance that everything was going according to plan. She worked very hard to keep me posted on any changes, updates or news about my purchase and made sure that all the sellers and their agents did their part on a timely basis and kept us posted on how everything was proceeding. I would recommend Kati to any friend in the market for a new home. It was a pleasure to work with her.
Home buyer in Chelmsford
She is a very good agent
she is great person very expert and couprative .help me allots and make easy all process for me.i apprieciated,
Home buyer in Norwood
Kati was absolutely the best! As a first time homebuyer I had no idea what I was doing - Kati was extremely helpful and beyond patient. I can't imagine having worked with anyone else!!
Nice person, friendly.
Home buyer in Lowell
Kati I gotta say is one of the most caring person I have ever met. She knew what she was doing, always gave her 100%, and was always there when we needed her. She was one of those realtors that was very honest and never once did we feel forced to buy just any home. She listened and understood what we needed in a home and helped us picked out a home that was just right for our family. After working with Kati, my family and I can proudly say that she has become more than just our realtor. She became a good friend to our family. She was one of those people that always made you feel comfortable. I gotta say we had a lot of good laughs with her. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy a home. We learned alot from her and got a lot of great tips. Give Kati a call and you will not regret it. You will get a realtor who is honest, patient, commited, and best of all you will gain a great friend.
Home buyer in Chelmsford
Kati is a wonderful realtor and person. She helped us pick a good neighborhood and property. She guided us during the buying process and helped us avoid the common pitfalls. She took care of all the legalities and ensured that everything lined up for the closing. We would recommend Kati to anyone looking to buy their next or new home.
Home seller in Lowell
Kati was my buyer and seller's agent. She helped my family bought the house in Chelmsford, Ma 3 months ago. Yes, she was honest and patient. Now she did it again, within two weeks she sold my house in Lowell, Ma. Thanks again Kati ! Tran Family.
Kati -- You are the best, you are the one who my wife and I can trust, you make us feel more comfortable to dealing things. Thank you very much for helping us bought the house we love a lot. Thin Tran
Prospective seller
This is one of the rudest person, I have ever met. Wow. My husband and I are looking to sell our single family, our condo and purchase a new home in a better school district for our children. After reading all the wonderful reviews, I though it would be great to contact her to start the process of sales and purchase. She said if we didn't have a pre-approval letter she didn't have time to show us a bunch of homes as she is a very busy agent. Big mistake Kati! Sorry to be a bother to such a busy agent such as yourself! You just lost the potential of 3 deals with a 5 minute conversation. You are aweful and I will make sure to tell all of my friends who are looking for agents about that. I have been in the hospitality industry for 15 years as well as in sales. You have no clue, lady! You uncover your client needs without insulting them first and then see if your services are a good fit...sales 101! Good luck to you and all the people who decide to use your services! I will be looking for a professional to assist with 3 sales. Simona Mansbridge
Response from Kati
I am sorry that this registrant was upset by my advice for her to seek financing approval. My pride in my service record (see other reviews) will always lead me to give a potential client the best possible advice. In this case I advised that the potential client make sure her financing was in order, with a pre-approval, because we would need it for some showings, but most important if we saw the right property to be able to move efficiently forward. This review seems to be based on a brief phone call and I think with a bit more time I could have tried different ways of explaining to the registrant the importance of finance approval. Because we never met, I was unable to do so.
Home buyer in Framingham
Kati was a buyer's agent for me for a home purchase for my parents. I picked her after reading her bio, knowing I would not be able to accompany my parents because of my hectic work schedule. What a winning pick! The value of her services is incredible. She pointed out pros AND cons on each property/neighborhood, coordinated the necessary docs for financing to avoid delays, and pushed for our offer to be accepted over a few others. In addition, she never hesitated to agree with our decision to back out of an earlier offer or ever lost her enthusiasm. She is the ultimate professional and we speak of her often with warm regards.
No review submitted
Kati is amazing! So lucky to have her as my agent,so patient and so honest.
Townhome buyer in Tewksbury
We wouldn't find any better agent then Kati! Kati is The Best. We were first time home buyer and Kati helped us in all the way possible in finding our dream home. She never ever forced us on any house. She is very professional as well as friendly. From day one we meet Kati, she seemed to be like one of the family member. She is really very trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable and always available to help you when you need. We ended up buying a new built house and Kati even helped us in selecting the interior upgrades for our house. Then there were so many problems with our builder and Kati helped us in all ways possible to tackle with that builder and his agent. All the other people recommended by Kati for financing, lawyer and home inspector were also really very awesome. All the folks finding their dream home, I would recommend Kati Oates to help you find one. Our Home buying experience was really very pleasant and all credits goes to Kati. Kati we are really very thankful to you for all your hard work, help and support in finding our dream home. Thanks a ton.
Home buyer in Chelmsford
It is simply a pleasure to come across true professionals like Kati Oates. Relocating from the Midwest to New England and leaving behind my family while looking for a suitable place was a challenge in itself. Our needs were specific and pretty much out of the ordinary requiring coordination and understanding. Kati worked very hard within those constraints and provided my wife and myself the best of service that one could have ever expected. She went beyond the call of duty to patiently and professionally provide us with options that would work for us. She was always accessible with a smile. Her ethics, trustworthiness coupled with business acumen helped us through a difficult negotiation process due to the seller being a difficult individual. She provided us proper guidance to overcome the obstacles and finally get us into our new house. Rain, sunshine, weekend and odd hours, Kati was always available. Zip Realty, you have a gem of an agent in your midst!!
Townhome buyer in Methuen
My husband and I had been considering downsizing for about two years but were unable to find the type of townhouse/condo we desired, i.e., master BR on first floor, laundry on first floor, and extra bedroom(s) upstairs to accommodate grandchildren sleepovers (!), a standalone unit, at a price we could afford (both retired). Two separate real estate agents had been searching for about 18 months, and then Kati happened on the scene. Within two months, she had located the perfect place for us. In one month, we sold our home in Billerica and purchased the perfect townhouse in Methuen, and we are now moved in. Kati handled both transactions seamlessly and efficiently, taking a great burden off our shoulders. But.....what one needs to understand about Kati is that she is not the usual stereotype of a real estate agent. I must admit that when I first met her, I was a bit skeptical that she did NOT follow the "bull" mentality one associates with agents. Instead, she was the antithesis and this is precisely what makes her so good! She is smart, knows the market and is understated and compassionate, truly taking an interest in her customers personally. She is unflappable and calm, yet kept me on track (not an easy thing to do) to ensure that we were able to effect this serious life change in five (5) weeks' time!! Other real estate agents could learn a great deal by seeing how she operates. Not only did she deal beautifully with us, it is evident through her wide network of associates (ranging from lawyers, craftsmen, bankers, etc.) that she is well-respected by them also. As soon as we are settled in our beautiful townhouse, I am going to have Kati over for dinner! I just know we will remain friends.
Home buyer in Dracut
From the first time that we spoke with Kati, she was extremely professional, friendly and knowledgable. She made us feel like finding us a home was her first priority. She was available whenever we needed to speak on the phone or meet in person. Kati is the reason we had such a pleasant experience! We couldn't ask for a better agent. Thank you so much Kati for everything!
Home buyer in Tewksbury
Warm, supportive, genuine and extremely trustworthy. Looks out for our interests not her own. Would recommend ANYONE to have her as their realtor. Hoping to keep her as one of our friends!
Home buyer in Boxborough
No review submitted
Home buyer in Dracut
No review submitted
Townhome buyer in Dracut
No review submitted
Home buyer in Tewksbury
Kati was friendly, responsive, and knowledgeable. Being a first time home buyer is was great to have such an amazing resource to turn to. It made a ling process go so much smoother.
Home buyer in Dracut
No review submitted
Home buyer in Dracut
No review submitted
Townhome buyer in Lowell
No review submitted
Home buyer in Chelmsford
No review submitted
Home buyer in North Billerica
Kati did a great job, she was out there with us every weekend looking at houses with us. She suggested several houses along the way.
Home seller in Bedford
No review submitted
Condo buyer in Lowell
this was me and my wifes first time home, and kati took the the time to point out problem areas with places we looked at. she worked very hard to find listings within our price range. this was no was no easy task. but in the end she found us a nice place and we couldn't be happier. she was always available to answer our questions( mostly dumb ones). we couldn't have asked for a better realtor. when we are ready to upgrade she is getting the call from us. THANK YOU KATI!!!!!
Townhome buyer in Tyngsboro
Kati is the best! I am the first time home buyer so i was very confused and had zero knowledge about home buying but Kati made it looked very simple and easy, i am very happy that i was assigned Kati by Zip reality. She explained me every process in detail and always responded patiently & professionally even for my silly questions. Kati, i thank you for all your help and being at my side.
Home buyer in Chelmsford
No review submitted
Home buyer in Townsend
No review submitted
Home seller in Lowell
No review submitted
katie was a wonderful and smart realtor. She was very knowledgable. We have been recommending katie to anyone who is thinking about selling their home. She makes the buying process easy and takes the time to explain everything.
Home buyer in Wilmington
Worked incredibly hard for us. Made sure that our interests were protected at all times. Became a friend!
Home buyer in Pepperell
Kati Oates was outstanding, she went above and beyond any expectations I would have ever hoped for with a real estate agent. She was available almost around the clock and if I could not reach her, she returned my calls in a very timely manner. We experienced some trouble aquiring a mortgage and she was very helpful in the process. Kati helped out in ways that I don't think were her responsability with no hesitation. I would highly recomend her to anyone I knew looking for a real estate agent.
Home buyer in Tyngsboro
No review submitted
Home buyer in Norton
Kati was professional, honest, and very easy to get along with. She listened to our needs/wants and spent quite a bit of time showing us properties with minimal notice. I'm convinced that we were able to purchase our beautifil home due to Kati's quick response time. We will use Kati for any of our real estate needs in the future and will recommend her services to our family and friends.
Home buyer in Newton
No review submitted
Townhome buyer in Peabody
Kati was on the top of her game and really really.... really worked hard to make sure that she protected our interests with a very difficult sellers agent and difficult journey through the buying process. She really went above and beyond and deserves a lot of credit for dealing with a frustrating situation with much patience. She was wonderful to work with and we can't wait to give her a call for the next time we move (hopefully in the distant future)!
Home buyer in Framingham
She is remarkable. Patient, listened, got to know me as a person so she knew what I wanted in a house.
Home buyer in Newton
No review submitted
Home buyer in Andover
Kati worked very hard for us. We spent many weekends looking at houses, and she was always happy to show us more untill we found The House Kati went the extra mile to negotiate the deal, and put up with a lot of grief from the sellers. She was first class all the way I would recomend Kati Oates to anyone whos in the market. I look forward to working with her again someday. Thanks Kati ! Phil Bicknell, Tara O'Connor
Home buyer in West Roxbury
Kati was great to work with. She has obviously done this before and had an eagle eye for all the little details we would have missed. This was our first purchase and she was very patient as we worked through the process. While she was a very useful sounding board for us, we never felt that she was trying to push any agenda of her own.
Home buyer in Uxbridge
We were looking for houses way outside of Katies area and she was more than willing to travel even 60+ miles. Katie gained our trust from the very begining and made us feel very comfortable. She was so helpful and made us feel so comfortable asking the silliest of questions. She is our new found friend although she feels like family. We will recommend Kati to anyone that is looking for a safe and reliab le house buing experience.
Home buyer in North Chelmsford
Kati was helpful in so many ways. She guided me through the process in a way that gave me confidence as a first time home buyer.
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