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Michaela Kusner
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Overall star rating: 4.9
Past 3 months: 5.0
Closed clients: 4.9
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Condo seller in San Jose
Michaela made the sale of my condo very easy. She was always available and quick to respond to questions, and kept me informed and updated throughout the process. She had excellent advice in regard to preparing my home for sale and she managed my expectations so i would properly understand the market and other important factors. I would definitely use Michaela again in the sale of my next home.
Home buyer in Campbell
Michaela is the best! I wanted to buy a 4 plex, but at the same time I was very busy. Michaela made the process very easy. She emailed me properties we should consider the same day they came on the market, she evaluated the rents, expenses and inspection reports and we were able to quickly narrow our focus to one or two properties. Michaela even discouraged me from making an offer on one property. We were accepted on our second offer we wrote. This was excellent, considering the market we are in. After closing Michaela negotiated better price on repairs by sending our report to few different companies for a bid. (This was AFTER closing!) I would definitely recommend Michaela to anyone without any reservations. Thank you!
Home seller in Redwood City
So happy to have worked with Michaela a second time in selling our home. She went above and beyond to help us prepare the house for sale, doing everything she could to make our lives easy. She has great attention to detail and ensured that the house looked its best. Her knowledge of the local market and good contractors was extremely helpful. I highly recommend Michaela.
Michaela was instrumental at every stage of the purchase of my home. The property was listed as a short sale and also came with every other impediment to a smooth transaction; including, less-than-cooperative sellers, a poor sellers agent, a bank that was impossible to do business with, a second loan on the property with a debt agency and lien (or two) against the property. Michaela was able to address and work around all these obstacles. I have great respect for her perseverance, determination and negotiation skills. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.
Condo seller in Mountain View
Michaela was our agent for buying our condo in Mountain View in 2009, and we are so happy we had her handle the sale of the condo this past year. She had the answers to all of our questions, and knew exactly what to do and who to call to get ready for the sale. The condo was absolutely beautiful after the restaging she recommended, and we received a higher price than expected. Michaela is a superb agent, and we highly recommend her to anyone who is buying or selling in the Bay Area.
Michaela is very patient and helpful, and always responded immediately whenever we needed her. We would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home.
Home buyer in Danville
Before my wife and I teamed up with Michaela we had a few other realtors that were unable to move our home search forward. This was more of a reflection on us. We were first time buyers, not sure if we were looking for a condo or a home in the Bay Area, East Bay, along the coast, etc. With this lack of focus, I am sure we were frustrating clients for a realtor to work with. Not surprisingly, the other realtors were unable to show us anything that made sense. Once we teamed up with Michaela, things moved very fast. She was able to help us narrow down our search. I was very impressed with her knowledge of the pros and cons of different areas on the peninsula and in the East Bay. She helped us narrow our search based on schools, the local real estate markets, distance from work and family, etc. She had several different homes and condos ready for us to see each weekend. We did not have to call her, she called us and in part forced us to get out there each weekend and look at realistic and good options. She found us the perfect home in Danville. She helped us form our offer, and subsequent counter offers. We ended up getting the home at under asking. This was the first offer we put on a home. I found Michaela to be very responsive throughout the entire process. She responded to emails and phone calls in the evenings and on the weekends. She would come to our home in the evenings to help with paperwork, etc. She was great during our search and just as great during the closing process. She was able to answer questions about mortgage rates and closing costs just as well as she had answered questions about schools. I can confidently say that my family would not have become homeowners if it was for Michaela. I would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a home anywhere in or around the Bay Area.
Home buyer in San Jose
We don't have anything but great words for Michaela. She is through and through very professional and she is on top of everything. If we ever have to buy or sell a property in the future, we would have her as our agent in a heart beat. Oh btw, each and every great reviews she has here on the website, she thoroughly deserves them and then some more :)
Home seller in Mountain View
I have bought 4 homes and sold 3 in my lifetime and Michaela is the best Realtor I have ever had. She did not miss a beat and was on top of everything from the start of the sale to the finish. Every step of the way she showed professionalism and caring through the whole process. Any concerns I had she was on top of it immediately which I think is rare these days. She is a credit to her profession. I wish more people in our work force were more like her and this world would be a much better place. She is dedicated, trustworthy, knowledgeable and I could go on and on. To sum it all up she is a KEEPER. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. Nancy Joos
Condo seller in San Jose
Impressive. Proactive. Never missed a thing! After Michaela helped us purchase a home for our growing family, we knew she was the only person we trusted to sell our condo. We knew, without a doubt, that Michaela would take care of everything and we wouldn't have to worry about a thing. Because of Michaela the sale of our condo was simple, efficient and more profitable than we imagined. Michaela will be our first choice for our next real estate transaction.
My wife and I searched online for almost a year for a new home for our growing family. We didn't make much progress until we met Michaela - less than three months later we were in our new home! The online searches that she set up using our criteria continued to find desirable homes the moment they were put on the market. Michaela always jumped at the opportunity to show us the houses and was always able to accommodate our schedules. Her support and guidance was invaluable throughout the escrow process and she was readily available even as we entered the holiday season (closed on December 12). We had our second baby the morning after we closed on the house. Michaela actually came to the hospital on the day of closing to bring us the keys to our new home and a house warming gift for our son! That was just one of many times that she went above and beyond to meet and exceed our expectations! We highly recommend working with Michaela and look forward to working with her again soon to sell our previous home.
Home buyer in San Jose
I highly recommend Michaela if you are looking to purchase a home. She is simply awesome. We are grateful for her help, patience and expertise guiding us through the entire process. She was very responsive and knowledgeable, willing to assist and follow up on our questions and requests as well as offer helpful advice and referrals to remodeling and repair resources. We feel very lucky to have worked with Michaela and so happy we found a house thanks to her. Thank you Michaela!
Condo seller in San Jose
Michaela is the epitomy of being proactive and having attention to detail. These qualities are extremely important in a realtor. We will totally use her the next time we are buying or selling a house.
Home seller in Sunnyvale
Michaela is the best. From the beginning she made suggestion on how to get the most from our sale,.From updating the property thru staging, open house, reviewing bids and closing, Michaela communicated with us almost daily. She took care of everything!! On every step of the way she went above and beyond. I would highly recommend Michaela to anyone if they want a truly exceptional agent. You will love her energy!
If you are looking for an agent who is so on top of her job, Michaela is for you. We hired Michaela to sell Dads house after he passes. She energically took on the task, She seamlessly guided us through the entire process from setting up escrow thru closing. She made many suggestions to update we should do to the house prior to listing and suggested people to complete the updates. We live out of town but got daily updates and pictures to keep us informed as to the update progress. She set up staging, held open house and sold the house just 7days after listing for far greater than we ever expected. Her knowledge and professionalism made us very comfortable with her suggestions. Michaela's attention to detail and negotiating skills are unsurpassable. She took an offer at 10pm the night before we were coming to review all offers. This dedication to making sure we got the best to choose from allowed us to see and accept the best offer submitted. She is the absolute best and I would, without any reservation, use her again. And we are now in selling Dads second home. Michaela, THANK-YOU
Condo seller in San Jose
We met Michaela after she helped my brother buy a home in San Jose. We were looking to sell our condo in San Jose and then purchase the house we are currently renting. She was extremely helpful throughout the process and was constantly updating us with information. We tried to sell our condo two years ago with no luck. So entering this process again was stressful, but from the beginning Michaela put us at ease and guided us through the process. She worked very hard to sell at a great price and we couldn't be happier. We would highly recommend her!
Home buyer in Santa Clara
Michaela was great. She was determined to get me into a home that not only fit my financing but one in a desirable location. She was my motivation when I was distracted or found my energy low. She's got infectious enthusiasm. It can be a challenging market in the Bay Area; Michaela would not let me fail. She's the head of her class and you can't go wrong!
Home buyer in San Jose
It’s my pleasure to recommend Michaela as one of the very best among the best! Michaela helped me to purchase my first home in 2008 and of course I asked her to be my agent when I decided to purchase my second home earlier this year. Her professionalism, knowledge of the real estate market and customer focus are truly inspiring and exceptional. Michaela worked very hard for us and went above and beyond to close the deal. She walked us through the whole process step-by-step, from start to finish. She is always quick to return calls, answer any questions, prepare and present market analysis ahead of time. She understood exactly what we were looking for and when we finally found a home, she was able to quickly negotiate the deal giving us excellent advices throughout the process. We are very appreciative to Michaela for such a smooth transaction!
I purchased my first home in March 2008. Michaela was right there with me through every step. Her coaching was invaluable, without a doubt, and I must honestly say that, if it wasn't for her being there right with me through the entire process, I would have backed out of my home purchase, without a doubt.
Home buyer in Cupertino
As a first time home buyer we had absolutely no experience about the bay area market and how to go about what will be the best deal for us. Having Michaela work with us was a boon. In a competitive market like bay area's, it requires some patience to be a buyer's agent and Michaela proved she has a lot of it. She has great amount of knowledge about south bay area. She guided us through the market patiently and advised when and on what to make an offer. We have heard horror stories from our friends on how their agents literally forced them to make an offer of a certain amount on several houses but Michaela always let us be within our comfort range and of course, our budget. She even advised us "not to buy" certain houses that we were planning to make an offer out of frustration with the market. We are glad that we didn't make an offer on those and ended up buying something that we really love in the best location possible. She has even been kind enough to help us with finding contractors, exterminators, etc... to help us move in ASAP. Thanks a ton, Michaela.
Condo seller in San Jose
I used Michaela to sell my home. I was very satisfied with her services, especially her local market knowledge and her professionalism. I would definitely recommend her if you are thinking about selling your home.
Michaela is an exceptional realtor. We had been looking at houses on the internet for a while but couldn’t find anything that met our requirements. Then we contacted Michaela through ZIP and after discussing what we were looking for and the parameters we had to work within, Michaela set up searches that resulted in pertinent home data sheets being sent to us by email as properties came onto the market. After we identified homes that we wanted to see, Michaela rapidly set up viewing appointments that accommodated our somewhat erratic schedules. She was very prepared when we arrived to look at properties. During the walkthroughs, Michaela was forthright in responding to our questions and gave honest feedback about the properties. Michaela was very helpful to us, displayed strong knowledge of the various neighborhoods in which we were interested, and exercised enormous patience with us. She is also a great communicator answering her phone all the time, every time. With her help we found the home of our dreams and following her guidance we were negotiating an offer with the seller when I was unexpectedly informed by my employer that I was being transferred to the company’s Houston headquarters. When we told Michaela the news and apologized to her for all the work we had put her through she just shrugged it off and let us know that she would be more than happy to work with us again should the opportunity arise. Based on our experience with, there is no question but that we would recommend Michaela to anyone seeking real estate assistance. In fact, we both agree she is an outstanding professional and the best realtor with whom we have ever worked.
Home buyer in Sunnyvale
As a first time home buyer, we needed time to get warmed up to the market trend. Michaela gave us what we needed by letting us drive the process and being patient with us yet giving her advice.She was letting us bid according to our comfort level without pushing us to meet the market demand. This enabled us to find the right house by taking our own sweet time. We recommend Michaela for first time home buyers.
Home buyer in Santa Clara
Michaela Kusner helped me bought a single family house recently. She contacted the selling realtor before the house is put on open house. She negotiated the offering price ( I added $20k more than asking price with no contingency) with the selling party. Within 2 days the seller accepted my full cash offer. The Docsign process is very efficient. My husband and I sign the papers on-line. It is easy and quick. There are a lot of repairs need to be done after we bought the house. Michaela found all the repair parties to have bids in order to save me money. I deeply appreciated all of her help. During the whole process, Michaela always promptly to reply my email or phone calls, standed on my side, and handled things very professionally. I am very impressed with her service.
Home buyer in Los Gatos
Again it was a pleasure working with Michaela.
Again, it's a pleasure working with Michaela. I really appreciate her work as a realtor for her professionalism, her attention to detail, her thoroughness, her responsiveness, and above all, her steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction. I look forward to continuing working with Michaela on future investment real estate purchases.
As a first time rental properties investor, Michaela has been very helpful in providing me with the necessary education regarding the pros and cons of the various types of rental properties, and led me to focus on 4-plexes that best suited my objectives. Her keen knowledge of the market and dedication helped us to zero in on a couple of properties quickly, and her negotiating skills and attention to detail allowed us to close the purchases smoothly. She gives you all the necessary information and allows you to make your own decision at your own pace. It's been a great experience working with Michaela. I highly recommend her.
Home buyer in Saratoga
We are buying a home for the first time. Michaela was with us the whole way.She was with me at every open house pointing the pros and cons of the home, advising me on what I should be looking for, what I should bid.., which homes I should discard. She did every paper work diligently and also made us aware of what is coming before it came. She was with us at the closing in the Escrow office. After the closing she is till helping us with move etc. What I really like about Michaela is that she is very knowledgeable and she is techno savy and that has helped me save a lot of time. Michaela set up an auto-update system that emailed us about every new house in our price range and area of interest that came in the market.
Home buyer in San Jose
We have used Michaela for several transactions and have never been disappointed in her services. In fact, she has never made a misstep of any kind and has always been very prompt and accurate with all her information. She is very knowledgeable about the area. She also is very good with communicating with a listing agent to find out the real deal behind the sale. Michaela is very responsive, helpful, courteous, knowledgeable and smart. I highly recommend her services.
Home buyer in San Jose
We met Michaela in June and worked with her and her partner Herb for many months before we found the perfect house. Michaela was very professional, attentive to details, honest and supportive. We never felt rushed in any way and they made sure to steer us clear of bad decisions. She was understanding of our low (10%) downpayment and price range and never pressured us outside of our comfort zone. Between her and Herb we looked at close to 100 homes and put in 5 offers before finding the right one. She was patient, responsive and helpful every step of the way, and always had our best interests at the highest priority. Once on contract she even referred us to other termite and contractors to find lower costs of the needed repairs. She has definitely earned our recommendation!
Condo seller in Fremont
It was great working such a professional ZipRealty staff. You all did an awesome job selling my condo. I will definitely contact you when I am ready to purchase a new house. Thank you Regards Allen Alahari
Condo buyer in Fremont
We met Michaela when we had already tried a few Realtors in the past. Our past experience with Realtors have not been very good. To say the least, we saw $$$ signs in their eyes as soon as they saw us. Such was not the case with her. We liked her a lot in terms of her professional commitment to her clients, her knowledge, as a person and the amount of "honest" effort that she puts in into helping you out. I mean, there are other realtors that, at best, creates an automated search for your needs and that its. Michaela was not like that. Also, she has a lot of patience. Quite often we would be late but she never complained. At then end, we had to give credit to her when we found our dream house. I strongly feel that I can rely on her advice to be not biased by anything but the facts. I highly recommend her coz you will be in good hands for your house search. Take my word for it! And yes, she saved us $20k in negotiating with the seller. That's the cherry on the cake ;-)
Condo buyer in Fremont
Michaela is probably the best realtor to work with. As a first time home buyer I could not ask for more from my realtor and her patience and excellent professionalism found us a home within a month. The whole process went as smooth as it could get and all credit goes to Michaela. Her knowledge of the market and dedication helped us find our home within no time. She was very information and responsive any hour of the day. She was always a call away and I could get any information regarding any property. She is very well informed and explained the pros and cons of each property we viewed which helped a lot in zeroing in on a property of our choice. It's been a great experience working wiht Michaela and I would recommend her to anyone and everone.
Home buyer in San Jose
Michaela is a great realtor to work with. Our experience was excellent. She was extremely responsive to our questions, timely and very informative. She always gave us very good recommendations and advice. I highly recommend her.
Michaela is an extremely knowledgeable agent. She was extremely responsive to all our questions and went above and beyond what I would expect from an agent. We took a long to time to find the right property and at times changed our minds at the last minute. Michaela was extremely understanding and very helpful during our decisionmaking process. She broke down the financials on the investment opportunity were making. She also interacted with our mortgage broker -- streamlining the process. I am very happy with Michaela's services.
Michaela was very knowledgable, responsive and helpful. She provided advice and information when sought. She even took the time to meet me to pick up documents when my scanner was broken! :)
Condo buyer in Santa Clara
Michaela was wonderful in explaining each step of the home buying process and was not interested in selling us any particular home, but helped figure out what we could afford and how to best get a place we wanted. She was always helped us with any question and responded quickly. She is honest, geniune and very good at what she does. We would recommend her to anyone.
Home seller in Sunnyvale
Michaela went above and beyond what we expected. Thank you Michaela for all your hard work and assistance in getting the property ready for sell and keeping us up-to-date on what was happening thoughout the whole transaction.
Home buyer in Menlo Park
Reviewer has chosen to keep review private
Townhome buyer in San Jose
Michaela has utmost patience and will cooperate until you find your dream home.
Condo buyer in Campbell
Michaela is doing great work. She tried her best to get things going. During the process however it felt that her communication with other party (Escrow/bank/seller's agent) was not clear to me. The buying process also is very sku'd towards the seller it seems.
Home buyer in Santa Clara
Michaela provides the highest level of professionalism and service. I would never consider using any other agent.
Home buyer in Santa Clara
Despite the finanacial limitations i had she was not only patient but was excited to work with me.
Home buyer in Pleasanton
Michaela is very dedicated to her clients and she makes sure to exceed the expectations of her clients. She worked very hard for us and got us a dream home. She had the knowledge and expertise that we needed from our real estate agent. She helped us with lot of important decisions throughout the process of buying our home. She is very resourceful and will reach beyond her professional limits to help her clients. I definitely think buying a home of our choice would have been a daunting task without Michaela on our side. She is very patient and has extremely good communications skills which ended up benefiting us more than we ever imagined. She understands her clients very well and caters to their needs as best as possible. I highly recommend her.
Condo buyer in San Jose
Michaela was such wonderful agent to work with while searching for a home. She continued to be supportive throughout the entire process after we found a place. After working with maybe 4 or 5 different agents for more than a year, I knew right away that when I started working with Michaela that I had found someone honest, knowledgeable, intelligent and trustworthy. It was a pleasure working with her and she made the entire buying process much more clear and understandable. Her level of knowledge and experience definitely shows compared to other agents and she was always looking out for my best interest! I will definitely refer other people to her in the future and if or when I plan on buying another property, I will definitely work with her again.
Home buyer in San Jose
Reviewer has chosen to keep review private
Home buyer in San Jose
We are very impressed with Michaela's diligence and work ethics. She is always positive and helps her clients to find their forever home with care, kindness and patiance. She also went out of her way to answer our questions and work around our time schedules. We would happily recommend her to any new clients wanting to buyor sell a house. Micheala is a pleasure to work with.
Home buyer in Cupertino
I've worked with half a dozen real estate agents over the last 10 years from various companies. Michaela tops all of them. She is the best agent I've had the pleasure of working with. She fully understood my requirements and represented me very well over the entire home buying process (from scheduling visits to negotiating a fair purchase price to flawlessly completing the transaction). Michaela is extremely thorough in her dealings. She does her home work and knows what she is talking about. She also went the extra mile to schedule quotes for repairs from multiple companies to get me the best deal. I whole heartedly recommend Michaela to anyone looking to buy or sell a property.
Home buyer in San Jose
Respond promptly and explain patiently.
Home buyer in San Jose
Michaela worked with me for more than a year until I found the satisfying property. She is truly customer-focused. Michaela has exceptional communication skills and she interfaces with different parties very well. She knows my needs and wants, and where the market is heading. She teaches me, a first time buyer, how to look beyond the surface of the property to appreciate its potential. I run into some unpleasant sellers and other problems along the way, Michaela always worries about what i worry and acts proactively. I enjoyed working with Michaela and value her insight. Definitely someone I'd love to recommend.
Townhome buyer in San Jose
Michaela was always responsive and a pleasure to do business with. She was extremely flexible with her time and knowledgeable within her field. She was never pushy, and her patience was very much appreciated! Thank you, Michaela!
Home buyer in Fremont
Michaela made the whole process look simple, the whole buying process went without any issues.
Home buyer in San Jose
As first time home buyers, we had to learn a lot of things really fast and Michaela provided us with all of the information we needed to make informed decisions. But above that, Michaela is a sincere person. She doesn't try to push you into anything and she knows the market very well. She will be tenacious for you with the vendors you must deal with and yet will give you the space and time you need to shop and decide. It's great working with someone who knows and performs her job EXTREMELY well and truly is a professional. I have already started telling other potential homebuyers to work with her if possible. The bottom line is, my wife and I just kept saying throughout the process, "yep, Michaela rules".
Condo buyer in Mountain View
Michaela was very helpful and was available at any hour we needer her. Without Michaela's advice we would most likely not have completed the purchase. Thanks! marc and ginah owen
Home buyer in San Jose
Michaela was very professional. She noted the type of home we wanted and found three right away! I could not have asked for a better agent.
Condo buyer in East Palo Alto
Michaela Kusner was amazingly understanding, worked long at all hours and dealt smoothly with all three of us including my daughter, who can be very demanding. In addition she helped coordinate with the HOA manager, mortgage broker, and title company in such a way that we were always informed. She was instrumental in expediting the whole process, a process which under these current economic conditions is very difficult being fraught with a multitude of requests for detailed information which under normal conditions would be unnecessary. In short she was always polite, patient and friendly when some other parties were not. If we ever find ourselves looking for any other property or if any of our friends are looking to buy or sell I will be looking for Michaela Kusner. Sincerely, MacKenzie Patterson Architect
Condo buyer in San Jose
Being first time homebuyers, we really did not know anything about the real estate process. Michaela was extremely informative, helpful, and patient. We had complete trust in her abilities as our agent. We would definitely recommend her to our family and friends.
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