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Lynne Hylton
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Closed clients: 4.5
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Home buyer in Hanson
Lynne was very honest and knowledgeable from the very beginning. This was our first time buying a house, so we needed someone we could trust. She guided us every step of the way, and answered ALL questions we had. Our experience was great.
Response from Lynne
It was a pleasure working with your wonderful family, I hope you enjoy your new digs.
Home seller in Berkley
We first purchased our house with Lynne and the buying process was pretty good. Life happened and about a year later I was recruited for a position that would relocate me to Northern Virginia and with it being a great opportunity for my family and my career, we decided to put the house up on the market and relocate. We were going through the process of working with different real estate agents to try and find the right one that would work for us. After dealing with probably the fourth agent, I received an email from Lynne about us selling our house and helping us with the process. Seeing how she helped us buy they house why not help us sell it. In hind sight, we should have paid someone more to get a better experience out of it. The whole process was pretty stressful as my wife and I kept asking ourselves, "what is going on?" There was a disconnect with communication between us and Lynne. We would always have to call her and find out what the status was and how things were going, seeing how we would be paying her to sell our house we kind of expected to be contacted about specific updates, at least on a weekly basis, rather than contact her about updates. When we would contact Lynne, we would get these long strings of emails between her and the agent that should have been forwarded to us way in advance to keep us informed. I'm not saying Lynne is a bad agent, Lynne is a very nice person to deal with in person, I just feel she dropped the ball on us and didn't stay on top of things and most of all keeping the lines of communication wide open to us, the clients that were paying her. It was almost like, as soon as we had our first offer she was counting on the fact that this was going to be the family to go through, rather than continue to keep the house on the market and show the house so we could have multiple offers (our house sold after the first open house by the way). I had to personally call her about putting the house back on the market. Wouldn't that have been painful to go through this long process and somewhere along the line the buyers fall through, now I’m out all that time my house should have been shown and open to other people, just saying. It felt like she had better things to do once we had a pretty solid offer and left us without a clue rather than let us know what was going on. Glad to be done with that process.
Response from Lynne
I apologize for causing the stress, I thought I was doing the opposite of that by not bothering you with details that I could take care of, I will definitely take your advice and make sure that I ask my clients how much communication they would like from me and what form works the best for them, text, email or phone calls. My goal is to make the process as stress free as possible for my clients, and also to get them the best deal as well. I will say that getting a solid offer on the first open house is a good thing, and we did get a selling price that was more than you were originally going to list the home at. I also gave you the lower commission because I had just sold you the house a year ago, it wasn't because I was planning on less quality of service to you. I appreciate your honesty in the review and I believe it will help me in the future to be a better agent. It was great working with you and Monica and I hope that Virginia is a great place for you.
I first started talking to Lynne a couple years ago when I returned back from Iraq, we were looking for a condo at the time but than life took over and things changed and I fell out of the market for the house search. About a year ago, or so it feels like, I reached out to Lynne again and told her that we were back in the market for a house and the search continued. There were multiple houses that we had seen online that we wanted to see and to our disbelief all the pictures of the house were very deceiving when you actually saw the property in person. But, Lynne stuck with us and would always meet with us on a house that we wanted to go check out without a complaint. She would come prepared with information and always give my wife and me time alone to walk around the house to decide how we felt about it, and not that car sales man type pressure. Questions were answered promptly and if she didn’t have the answer she would always find out and either send me an email or a text message to let me know. We had finally found a house that we both liked and we were going to make an offer on the house but we backed out as we started talking about a future child and we both decided that it was a little too small for the future of our family which would have been terrible having a two bedroom house when we really needed a three. My wife and I thought that this was going to break our relationship with Lynne as we had seen so many houses and had not pulled the trigger on any of them. Soon after, we found a nice three bedroom house in Berkley and we let Lynne know, she quickly and efficiently passed on all of the needed information while on vacation in Hawaii! The sellers’ agent said that this was the ultimate reason why we were in the runnings for this house as there were multiple offers. Lynne is a great person to deal with and wouldn’t hesitate to use her again to find a future house.
Response from Lynne
Thanks for the nice review, and remember to send me some pictures once you get settled, I can't wait to see the them. It was a pleasure working with both of you :)
Home buyer in Brockton
Lynne was great. As a first time home buyer she coached me through the whole process very helpful and patient. I am so happy with my home/
Home buyer in Rockland
Lynn has the patience of a saint! We put offers on properties then changed our minds numerous times. I would of killed me if i were her. Every house we looked at we always had two kids in tow. A four year old and a baby which always made a showing alittle longer than it should of been. Lynn never seemed to mind. Thankfully! Lynn was never pushy she would even say this house is nice but to small for you guys, which made me feel as though she wasn't trying to just sell us a house to make a buck. She truly wanted to find the perfect home for our family. It made the shopping experience a relaxing and enjoyable one! Lynn drove from town to town never flinching even with the price of gas as it is. We just love her and would refer her to anyone we know.
Response from Lynne
Thanks Amy it was a pleasure working with you and all your boys, I am so happy that we were able to find a house that I think is going to be so perfect for you, location, size and price. I look forward to seeing it after you add your personal touch.
Home buyer in East Bridgewater
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Home buyer in Brockton
She is very responsible, professional, smart and would show my any house that i want to see. I will recommend all my friend and family to buy a house with her.
Home buyer in Bridgewater
I honestly can't say enough good things about Lynn Hylton. She found me an incredible home at an unbelievable price which is exactly what I asked for and she had worked tirelessly to get me. Thanks So So Much Lynn you're the best!!! If you're looking for an agent trust me and go with Lynn.
Home buyer in Holbrook
Lynne was a tremendous Realtor who was very helpful on finding the perfect house for me. Although it took me almost 2 and half years to finally buy a house, she stuck with me the whole way. I went with a VA Loan which is a lot of paper work and time consuming process. Lynne was very patient and helped me every step of the way. Words cannot describe how pleased I am with her hard work. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! I would definitely recommend Lynne to anyone.
Home buyer in Brockton
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Home buyer in millis
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Home seller in east bridgewater
Like the web site, LOVE my Agent...that says it all
This is my second of many more transactions that I will use Lynne for, she goes over and above the requirements of a real estate agent, her communication as well as her calming personality make the transaction seem smooth.
Lynne worked diligently and responded to any questions in a timely manner. She was always a pleasure to work with, I would recommend her services to anyone looking to sell or purchase Real Estate, and I will use her again with future transactions.
Home buyer in E. Bridgewater
I found ZipRealty online. It is the best real estate website that I have ever used -- very user-friendly. Through the website I was randomly connected with Lynne Hylton serving Eastern Massachusetts. From the first house we visited, I totally enjoyed Lynne's demeanor. It was as if I had a friend with me. She asked questions with me in mind -- questions I never would have thought to ask myself. Whenever we met, she left her personal problems behind and was always upbeat. She always answered my emails and phone calls promptly, reassuring me every step of the way. I felt like she really cared about me! Lynne proved to be an extremely capable realtor with excellent people skills. I hope you are all lucky enough to have Lynne for your realtor!!
Home seller in Avon
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Home buyer in Brockton
Lynne was excellent,she always resonded promptly to my calls and always followed up quickly and thoughroughly wth my requests.
Home buyer in North Easton
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Condo buyer in middleboro
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Home buyer in Taunton
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Home buyer in brockton
Lynne was great.She helped me in every step of the process from finding homes to look at in my dismally low price range, to helping me look at them since i am disabled, to negotiations to closing. She also helped with some problems i had after the closing with old owners. I only wish i had found zip earlier in my search !I like that the agents worked together to find a better agent for my area, most others i dealt with were so insular they would never help another agent get a client,losing a potential commission for themselves. I was so dejected and was losing hope of ever finding a hoime till i found zip..This was a great experience for me.. Thank you Lynne!! ~~
Home buyer in East Bridgewater
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Home buyer in Rockland
Lynne was wonderful to work woith. She was extremely helpful, responded immediately to all our questions and was very on top of finding us a house as soon as new homes were listed. She certainly went above and beyond. Also, her calm nature kept us relaxesd and reassured. She was a pleasure and we highly recommend her to anyone!
Home buyer in bridgewater
No review submitted
Home buyer in Brockton
Would highly recommend Lynne for first time home buyers, she is very patient and made the process as stress free as possible.
Condo buyer in Stoughton
Lynne was very personable and professional. She maintained continuous contact with me making the process of buying my first home easier.
Home buyer in Plymouth
No review submitted
Home buyer in Dedham
Poor Lynne worked hard to get us first time homebuyers the perfect place! She traveled all over to help us get into homes and finally we found the perfect one! Lynne was great!
Home buyer in Plymouth
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Home buyer in Rehoboth
Lynne was very helpful to my husband and I when we were searching for our first home. She brought us to approximately 8 houses the first time we met on her day off. Since then, she's been a tremendous help and informative about the home buying process. Lynne was a pleasure to work with.
Condo buyer in Brockton
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Home buyer in Attleboro
Didn't seem like we were a priority. Often couldn't answer questions. Seemed annoyed by questions, when any first time home buyer in this market will have many questions.
Condo buyer in Rockland
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Home buyer in New Bedford
Lynne was awesome, she helped me so much. I would recommend Zip Realty to anyone who is looking for a home. Also when Lynne was away on vacation Michelle Hanson was also a tremendous help.
Home buyer in Holbrook
She was awesome and made this very easy for me thank you
Home buyer in Brockton
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Condo buyer in Brockton
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