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Rhoda Yoon
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Overall star rating: 4.6
Past 3 months: 5.0
Closed clients: 4.9
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Townhome buyer in Las Vegas
Our family cannot be any happier in the entire process of buying our first vacation home. Rhoda was dedicated, professional, very knowledgeable in every step of our home buying process, and had our complete trust in successful purchase of our dream home at a great price. We valued Rhoda's honest opinions and knowledge. Rhoda was always available for our questions without much delay, whether via phone, text or email. Thank you, Rhoda for being a trusted partner in our purchase!
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Rhoda has been with us right from the start of our purchase to the end.She make sure that everything that we need to know and help fulfill our dreams of buying a home is there for us..Her knowledge and professionalism was great. For us living in SF, and we communicate with Rhoda on emails,phone calls, and texts..Rhoda makes sure we received all forms that we need to get. Her dedication and attention to details helps us understand what we should do.She was quick to answer emails and phone calls to make our purchase move faster and smooth.We can not thank her enough for her dedication and trustworthiness. If you ever think of purchasing a home,, call or email Rhoda to help you with your purchase..She is everything to us,now we have a new friend to keep in touch with and talk to when we need assistant with future purchase..Keep up the good work my friend..we love you and your family. Vesi and Sonoma.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
When I decided to purchase a home on to my next Base (and hopefully my last), as a new homebuyer, I tried to feed my real estate knowledge by browsing the web mainly on forums. I went to a home buying class but the information was very generic; yes it was overwhelming and it even came to my mind to settle on renting again. Being in the military for 13 years, I really hate that housing benefits go into waste, that's when I decided to seek for some professional help. I've been inquiring with some agents and builder representatives, the average response time is a 2-3 days, I taught it was normal or maybe they assume we are not that serious purchasing a home. Then I e-mailed Rhoda.....and man she replied within the next 5 minutes. We talked on phone, it was a quick conversation but the questions were not "stupid" questions, on-point and no BS'ing around. It was one of the shortest-dynamic-effective conversation that I had. Moving forward, I asked a lot of inquiries and she responded all our concerns in a rapid but swift approach. We are out of State and had to visit the area. Rhoda adjusted her schedule to accommodate us to show the places that we liked.......on a VALENTINES DAY and a SUNDAY (we really feel bad). She showed us to different communities and multiple homes (pre-owned and newly built). She gave us her honest input per house and believe me, if she never pointed them out, we would never know, and they all made sense. Rhoda, it has been a great experience and we are enjoying and loving our new hi-tech! Thank you for your professionalism, honesty and representing us while we were out of State. You are our Real Estate Agent for Life! Rey, Akiko and Kenshin
Home buyer in North Las Vegas
I wish to add to my sister Joans' review. I Joy H. found Rhoda to be very helpful & Professional. Many times Rhoda was our advocate when working with the Bank mortgage agent. You can not do better than Rhoda when buying a home.
Rhoda inspired confidence and an invaluable knowledge of the Las Vegas real estate market. She walked me through the process of purchasing a home. Rhoda did an outstanding job and I would easily recommend her highly,
We are a first time home buyer and the home we wanted to purchase was a “for sale by owner” (FISBO) so we were not going through a realtor. In addition to that the home was also in something called a Land Trust so we were having problems trying to locate a title company that was willing to insure the home. We were at a loss, we had no idea what to do next. We were referred to Rhoda and she was a life saver. Since she loved what she does so much she was willing to help us through this process even though we were not truly using her as our realtor (she was doing all this work without the commission). She worked her magic, after contacting different title companies for us she was able to locate a title company that was willing to work with the property we wanted to buy.  She was in constant communications with us. I had questions while she was on a family vacation; she stopped what she was doing and helped. She helped us complete the Purchase Agreement and walked us through the next steps. She has been amazing to work with. Rhoda is very professional and very hard working. We are so blessed to have found her to work with. She worked so hard and has done so much for my family I will be recommending her to all of my friends. I know I have a realtor and a friend for life. Thanks again for everything!
Protects you ! very honest & direct
I am so glad that I was referred to Rhoda because she is great at what she does! She has plenty of experience and knows the game. She calls herself a shark & its true! You tell her what your looking for and she will find you something fast. She is great in communicating everything that's going on. No need to worry on not hearing from her. She is on the job! Rhoda is contently searching for properties and keeps you posted! I would highly recommend her!
Home buyer in Las Vegas
RHODA,RHODA,RHODA how do i thank you as my Real Estate agent and STEVE LONE of LONE MORTGAGE 5275 so durango dr 702 -277-1500 ,one way is to give out info on STEVE LONE BROKER/ OWNER your friend and now my. thank you both for not giving up on me, i know my file was a tuff one and needed lots of work & time to put it all together so i could have a dream come true by owning my first home. i dont know how you guys deal with people that dont know anything about real estate .. we ask stupit questions,call you day & night as if you guys dont have a life,we dont do what you what us to do to make the buying of the house easyer.. and still with your case load of other big money client you and steve give a smaller client the same attention. i thank you both for your high-energy & professionalism also bing effecient and having high expectations that everything was going to be ok .you two are a great team and both very knowledgable .thanks for your patience,honesty,conviction,& integrity !!! I thank GOD for sending you both my way. may GOD BLESS RHODA and STEVE & there familys alway
Home buyer in LAS VEGAS
Rhoda is an extremely hard worker who made me feel "special" throughout the process. Her professionalism and knowledge of the industry definitely ranks her above other realtors I've encountered. She's always on top of every aspect of my purchase and keeps constant communication with me. If you're looking to "buy" or "sell" and want a workaholic; I would definitely recommend Rhoda &#127880;&#127880;
Home buyer in HENDERSON
We contacted Rhoda for a second time on this purchase. We were so pleased with the previous service we wanted to go with someone we knew. She is knowledgeable, responsive and pays attention to detail. We relied on Rhoda as we are from out of state We are so excited about this second purchase as well. We are so glad we contacted Rhoda when we needed assistance again. we closed in about 6 weeks and are now in a wonderful area, close to our daughter & family and our precious granddaughter! what else could we ask for. thank you Rhoda for getting us here and making this happen!
Rhoda was responsive and attentive to our needs. We are out of state and she worked with us primarily thorugh email and telephone. She made every effort to answer all of or questions or obtain answers from the loan/escrow officers. Exceptional service!
Home seller in N Las Vegas
We felt extremely blessed to have Rhoda represent us for a second time in a real estate transaction. At the time, we had a very tough short sale looming over our heads due to the conditions of the market. When most other real estate agents would have given up, Rhoda just became more determined to make the sale happen. Rhoda is short sale certified, and she proved that she is an expert in this area with the sale of our last home. Her attention to detail, responsiveness, and dedication to her profession are outstanding. If and when we decide to purchase another home, we hope that Rhoda will be available to once again represent us. (Rhoda, If you ever read this, we just want to say, THANK YOU) John & Traci W.
Condo buyer in LAS VEGAS
Rhoda has an excellent knowledge of residential properties in the Las Vegas area. Her knowledge of market pricing is also up to date. She has thorough understanding on the fine details of a sales contract and other formalities associated with the purchase of a real-estate property. I have purchased and sold many properties. I can vouch to the fact that her professionalism, dedication, and business skills are excellent.
I WOULD describe Rhoda with very few words, she's very kind & very professional, it's was my pleasure to meet her. Thanks Rhoda for you time.
Home buyer in LAS VEGAS
Rhoda does a great job. She knows the area and can find what you are looking for. Is very helpful in walking you through the process and explaining what is going on. A definite person to use again.
Prospective seller
Amazingly Helpful ! She specializes in helping new homeowners get accustomed to the area and help find their dream home .
Rhoda is very professional. She knows the market. She tries to ascertain what is the most important for her clients. She does her best to get the information before the clients even request for them. She is a gogetter, of course, in the nicest way.
Home buyer in HENDERSON
Rhoda is amazing and very professional, our home buying experience was stress free and very smooth due to Rhoda's work ethic. She was on top of everything and always looking for our best interest! She not only contact us after another realtor negligent us but took us under her wing she took care of us even after the purchase of our home by checking on us and going out of her way to make sure that all the little details in the house were fix some even by her! Thank you Rhoda for everything that you did for us i will strongly recommend you to anybody! Sincerely Frank and Laura
Home buyer in Las Vegas - East Las Vegas
Rhoda Is a great Realtor and I love her accuracy and kindness. She worked for us and made sure we were happy. I would use her again in the future.
Rhoda was An Acceptional Agent,She was consistant,respectful,Very Kind and she was always on the ball on everything making sure that every thing was being taken care of.I would recommend Rhoda to any one that is looking to buy a home.VERY ACCEPTIONAL!!!!
Rhoda made this journey very easy and enjoyable! She is amazing! Always in touch with us and very professional always looking for what was the best option for us for our needs. Thank you Rhoda for all your help we appreciate you so much! :)
Rhoda made this journey very easy and enjoyable! She is amazing! Always in touch with us and very professional always looking for what was the best option for us for our needs. Thank you Rhoda for all your help we appreciate you so much! :)
Home buyer in LAS VEGAS
Rhoda was the first person to respond to me through a popular real-estate website and her fast response was a foreshadowing of my entire transaction with her. I immediately connected with Rhoda's "get-it-done" attitude and knew about 1 minute into my conversation with her that my Las Vegas realtor search had ended. I am incredibly thankful to have met her and refuse to do business with anyone else. She had immediate answers to *all* my questions. Her knowledge of Vegas is instant and encyclopedic. It is obvious she has the best interests of her client in mind ALL THE TIME. There were several occasions when she suggested something I had not considered or guided me in an area where I needed help. I've already closed one deal, another one is soon to close, and I plan to purchase more homes throughout 2014. If I can't buy Vegas through Rhoda I won't buy at all! She is pure gold.
RUDE, MEAN, CRAZY AND LIES. A year ago ask me to make offer from out of state before she will make an appointment to show me any property. I can only stay away from Ziprealty agents since she made herself my agent. Come back the market but forgot what happened before and contacted her again. This time she asked $495 before showing and complained she showed us many property but no buy. Base on her theory, I must have made offers to many properties. Very funny. Find someone who really care about what you are looking for and how much your buying power. All she care is how much can go to her pocket before she will spend any effort.
Response from Rhoda
I'm sorry you feel this way. 1. all my clients know I enjoy showing properties. What a "customer" may not understand is sometimes the seller doesn't allow showings . There may be tenants. Your situation was there were multiple offers & the seller was in a highest & best , which you didn't understand due to some of our language barriers. 2. I spoke with several agents you worked with ...keep in mind you had been doing this since 2010 not just in Vegas but in other states so in 2014 I had to come to charging you. Which we explained would be concessioned back to you if you successfully closed escrow. 3. Your decline of payment and then to write this review explains your intentions. "What we see in others is what we see in ourselves "
Home buyer in LAS VEGAS
Rhoda's professionalism and expertise made the entire home buying process completely painless. Rhoda was always available if I had a question or concern and responded immediately. I would highly recommend Rhoda to anyone looking to buy a home.
Home buyer in N.LAS VEGAS
Home buyer in LAS VEGAS
We are truly grateful to have found Rhoda. She was always extremely helpful and exceeded our expectations in finding a new home. Rhoda is very well organized and stayed in constant communication with us to keep us up to date on any changes that were happening in the market. We always felt that Rhoda had our best interest at heart. She is a dedicated and trustworthy Realtor that we would not hesitate to work with again. We are going to recommend her to everyone we know that is looking to buy a house. Thanks again, Rhoda.
Response from Rhoda
Evelyn , did you ever think that maybe , just maybe that it was you ?.....When we wrote the offer for the property and put a deadline for response , we are suppose to honor that time . YOu called me so many times asking ...did we get a response yet ....I said " Evelyn its not Tuesday yet ( which was the response day ) . And again you called before Tuesday . Then when your offer got rejected I called and we discussed and during the conversation you said " Realtors don't do anything these days . What do you do . ....Now keep in mind , I was sending you listings , writing offers for you and even scheduled showing appts. so imagine my surprise when I didn't feel you appreciated me or anything for that matter. Just a real negative person Evelyn . I hope you find happiness sweetie ~
Condo buyer in LAS VEGAS
Rhoda has developed our trust as long distance buyers. As we are unable to see every unit, we rely on her expertise and judgement to assist us in our buying decision. She also went the extra mile on a number of issues and without those extras we likley would not have purchased. Very direct and responsive, we get only the info we need. Clearly an expert on the market and in her field, we won't hesitate to buy with Rhoda again!!
she doesn't care about kids. she is the most rude person for kids.
Response from Rhoda
I never even met your kids .
Condo buyer in Las Vegas
Rhoda made the buying process really really really easy and as stress free as possible for me. I can always count on her to respond to any questions I have in a a timely manner. One of the best I came across!
Response from Rhoda
Thank You
Super awesome! Purchased my second home. She was able to help me find a property in Vegas. Super helpful, reliable, and easy to communicate. By far the best realtor I've came across.
Home seller in LAS VEGAS
Rhoda was a great agent in selling my home. Her dedication to the sale was amazing! She has a wealth of knowledge and gets things done.
Condo buyer in North Las Vegas
Rhoda has been absolutely amazing! She goes above and beyond for her clients before and after the purchase, at least for us she did. We were cash buyers and the process should've been fairly easy however the seller was very difficult to work with but Rhoda was able to negotiate for our best interest. It turned out to be a long process that required a lot of patience but thankfully Rhoda was there to help us thru every step offering advice on what to do next. She was great at following up with us and keeping us on the loop with the whole process. She knows her job very well and I loved that about her. We are very grateful for all that she has done for us! Highly recommend Rhoda!
Condo buyer in HENDERSON
Rhoda helped us with our first property purchase in the States and explained the whole process as we went along. She was always available, very quick to get back if we left messages and a thoroughly nice lady to deal with. We're looking forward to maybe using her services again in the near future.
Response from Rhoda
Rhoda is the only realtor we can depend on to get back to us and keep us in touch with proceedings. We have been tired of waiting for others. She is helping us search for the perfect place and we look forward to working with her in 2013. Annette and Stephen
Home buyer in LAS VEGAS
first i whant to say that when i found Rhada yoon i had had a previous agent that had me seeng houses all aver the city and in sad conditions , so when i saw that she found a home to my friend sister i was excited to work with her she is fast and listends to what the client whant she move mountains so that i could get the first pitting in and whent i did not get the first home she encourage me to move and keep on loking if it was not for her i would have given up the serge and i would have not found my home .i will allways be grateful to her and her team of people that may thes posible that i im a home hower . thank u thank .
Response from Rhoda
Claudia , you were such a big part of making things go smoothly. Every task we had for you , you were relentless in getting it accomplished. Selling and buying real estate is what I do but when a client is so diligent , it makes me look like I did it well . :O) Going with Humility here :) Again , much appreciation & love to you and I wish you all the best in your new home. Enjoy riding your Harley girl !
For having no knowledge on what to look for in a home and having a realtor who made you feel comfortable and explain every little detail in what to look for. Rhoda was very helpful with helping me and my husband in areas where we were not too sure about. She answered a lot of our questions/concerns. Coming from California, Rhoda always made time to show me houses and also knew what type of character I was that the houses she suggested were 90% of the ones I liked/loved to view when i drove back to Las Vegas. She also is very attentive and contacts us to see how we are doing. I love that in her. I would recommend her to all my friends/family if they ever plan in moving to Las Vegas.
Response from Rhoda
Appreciated Maritess & Jason ! Congrats on the new addition !!!!
Home buyer in LAS VEGAS
I am a first time buyer and I have say Rhoda made my purchase smooth and a good experience. Around July last year I started woriking with another realtor and he put in about 20 offers on other properties in October I found Rhoda and she started looking for properties for me it has been almos six months and my previous real state agen is finally calling me to tell me that the bank accepted the offer we submited in July. Sorry buddy because of Rhoda's dedication, execelent capacity and knowledge of her business I am a proud owner of a beautiful home in a nice area to race my family. If later on I want to buy another property in Las Vegas Rhoda defenitly you are my realtor. She is dedicated and has excellent commitment skills. I have everything good to say about you Rhoda Yoon. Thank you for helping my family find a nice home with a nice and safe neighboorhood for my children. I will always thank you for this
Response from Rhoda
Touched ~ I only mirrored your behavior so " Thank You Maggie " You and your families happiness means a lot to me . BTW : WELCOME TO FABULOUS LAS VEGAS !
I have deal with three different agents and Rhoda is the only person who is very efficient and answers all my concerns promply. she explains everything to me with detail and looks for better options for my needs.
Response from Rhoda
This is so kind Maggie ! I love my career and for me this market excites me. The power of helping dreams come true for homeowners is my goal. 'THANK YOU "
I have always had a good connection with Ms. Rhoda Yoon. She is very knowledgable about what you are looking for and has a great personality she is a wonderful professional realtor. She takes your needs into consideration. I would recommend anyone who is looking to buy or sell to consider Ms. Rhoda Yoon @ Zip Realty thank you Margaret Ackerman
Rhoda is about the only person that I have come across on the internet that actually comes back with answers, she has been great in trying to help me find an investment property and its not easy being thousands of miles away and having to go on somebodys else opinion, but I feel that I can trust her judgement.
Home buyer in N. Las Vegas
Rhoda is not only a great realtor but also a great person!! She helped us buy our house and helped me sell my dads house!! She was there anytime I needed her and was very helpful! I will be using her again in the near future and highly recommend anyone and everyone to use her!!!
No review submitted
Where shall I begin. She was so rude to me over the phone, so short with me, so bossy with me, so belittling to me, so not wanting to hear what I wanted and told me that she was there to sell the high end Real Estate property and that I should find a nother realitor period. She said that I was 2 years too late for short sales even though I am in escrow with 2 other agencies in short sales right now. Take my advice, find a nicer person to work with. Either she has been drinking too much Starbucks or Ginsing but such a hiper person to be in the Real Estate business if just a black eye for the profession. Never gave me a chance to answer and didn't understand me when I said I would like information on a specific property. Appeared to have little knowledge on buyers rights and sellers obligations but refused to answer my written query by saying what do these questions mean. Please, if you all read this and should Ronda read this, tell here to learn to listen or you will loose a lot more buyers then my investment group.
Response from Rhoda
Stuart " Thank You so much for this testimonial . Usually people only do good ones and I don't want to be perfect. The toughest thing to do is get along with every customer. & we all need to listen more. But it's hard when someone on the other end is raising his voice. The truth is very simple so here it is. You emailed me first and asked about a mobile park community. I responded by calling twice and by the time you called me back were very aggressive in speaking so I was very reluctant to work with you. Then you asked me how they construct the manufactured performance home . I said " I beleive they use rebars and many other things but Stuart you should ask a contractor" because as all Realtors know , we don't want the liability and I'm not a Builder. I don't know everything :O) I do enjoy selliing high end homes , who wouldn't want to make more money however what buyers forget is , "you can be the nicest buyer who is buying a lower priced home compared to a rude client buying a higher priced home....every Realtor would say Hands Down the " Nice " client . It's often not about price for us and it's about treatment. Just because we are the Realtor doesn't mean we don't want the same treatment as you . We are people too. I do admit I have HIGH energy and that's what is needed in this market so what's not good for you may be good for others. What I don't get is already have 2 other agencies and you could be using 1 Realtor but you're using many ??? You changed your remarks so not sure what is true and .... Writing something that is part of a story is expected for us . In regards to the emails and me not knowing the answer " You never made a full sentences. You would write " give me details " and with our site being so informative ...didnt know what you knew or didn't, what address it , etc. Every questions that you did ask with a full sentence , I did answer and it was if you were disappointed that I didn't answer the way you wanted . At the end of our convo I said I didn't feel that we were fit to work together and I feel this is why you wrote this. WIshing you a wonderful Healthy 2013 . Take Care ~
Home buyer in N LAS VEGAS
We are more than pleased with first time buyers she guided us step by step.we love her additude, way to work and professionalism.shes very good at answering your questions, phone calls and e-mails. she worked very hard to get the perfect house for us, and as i told her when i saw one of the houses "if you get us this house i will love you forrever" and i do:) . THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH RHODA. WE KNOW WHO TO GO IM THE FUTURE."AND I STRONGLY RECOMMEND HER" I CAN GUARANTEE YOU SHE WILL WORK HARD FOR YOU. ONCE AGAIN THANK YOU RHODA
Condo buyer in Las Vegas
Rhoda Ability to get into the smallest detail her been on time regard replying to my request and my inquiries and the maner she handle the transection made the whole experiance smooth and easy hassle free thank you Rhoda
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Rhoda is a go-getter. She is extremely informed and knows her business. I would not trust any other agent with my home purchase. If Rhoda is involved, things will get done correct and on-time.
Rhoda is the most professional and informed agent I have ever known! I would recommend her to anyone. I will definitely use her on my next purchase.
Home buyer in Henderson
Rhoda was very prompt to help us in getting our house. We appreciate all her hard work and time that she put into working for us. We are so excited of our purchase! Thank you again to Rhoda!!
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Rhoda is very enthusiastic, excitable and straght forward We Loved It!! And we loved her. We will be reccommending her and Zip Realty to all our friends. This has all been a great experience.
Townhome buyer in N Las Vegas
I'm very satisfied with Rhoda Yoon as my agen. She was very profesional and agressive and detailed in meeting our expectations; managed time very well and very patient.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Rhoda is an excellent realty agent. She is very knowledgeable and warm-heartedness. and I will like to recommend her to anyone who would like to buy a house in Vegas.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
She's not a professional and please never deal with her. I don't recommend her, very agressive and pushy to make you sign the documents, just be careful about that. She lies and change her words like no other, part of her scam is:other buyers are waiting, looking and offering to the same property (don't believe it). Her main concern is to close the deal with more money then the asking price. You can't depend on her to protect you in front of the seller or the bank, she works for the bank/seller not the buyer. She has a group that she works with include the financial, insurance, escrow etc. She promise and never deliver, like repairs to be done by the seller, and after you signed she tries to convince you that you signed to buy it as is. Learned my lesson with a very costly price. Now it's my time to buy more properties however I'll never use her.
Response from Rhoda
Joe, at the time you purchased it was 2008 and most people remember the demand for homes , especially one that is on the lake / w a pool and in Desert Shores. ( Summerlin ) so there were many offers on the home and I even CC you with the emails that the listing agent provided. The reason I appeared to be pushing you to sign documents was because in real estate we have something called a due diligence period and yours was 7 days just because YOU didn't have access to a fax or scanner doesnt allow you to get more time from the seller without an addendum and you wouldnt even sign that. Even the ordering of the CC& Rs was a headache because you did not want to pay for them . I do have a great team of lenders / escorw officer/ home insp/ warranty companies and every great Realtor does have this type of team . However I always allow the choice to be yours.
Home buyer in N. Las Vegas
Customer service in these times has not been noticed until working with Rhoda . She kept the process seamless and even made me laugh . In business , laughter is the gate to peoples heart and that is what Rhoda did. She has heart for her clients and her profession. She is truly an asset to your company.
Townhome buyer in N Las Vegas
An outstanding agent who didn't stop until I got my property!
Home buyer in North Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
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Land buyer in Las Vegas
No review submitted
Condo buyer in Las Vegas
Rhoda Yoon has been great help to me in finding a condo in Las Vegas. She had used up the limited time I had in Vegas very efficiently and show me a large number of condos. Also, I found Rhoda to be very organized when it comes to her paperwork. In addition, Rhoda always returned my emails and phone calls on time.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Rhoda went above and beyond to get us the house we really wanted..super person..A++++++++++++++
Home buyer in Las Vegas
my experience with Rhoda yoon was superb! Rhoda is very professional, knowledgeable, patient and helpful. It was great to have her help me search and purchase my home. I would highly recommend her to others. thanks Fred T.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
I already did. But here it goes again. Rhoda was excellent. She was/is very knowledgable and new actually what to do and when to do it. If I was going to buy another house I would be happy to use her again.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Rhoda met all my expectations. She is very dedicated to her profession and to her clients. When I had questions she was very knowledgeable in answering them. Although professional in the business, she can be fun to be with. We were very confident with Rhoda as our agent and she is highly recommended.
Condo buyer in Las Vegas
rhoda was very effecient and word hard for us. We felt well represented buy her.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Rhoda did a great job and was very helpful throughout the process. She was always available and did several things which I thought went above and beyond her job description!
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Rhoda did a outstanding job for Waren and myself. I will tell others about Rhoda and Zip Realty.
Home buyer in N. Las Vegas
Rhoda is deligent and steadfast. She will do a lot of leg work to make sure you find not just any house, but a great home. She was always friendly, professional, and straight forward. The first house we put a bid in on failed home inspection. Rhoda was out there the next day running MLS searches to our preferences and showing us new homes. We found a better home and now own a dream in Aliante. You want a home, you want Rhoda as your agent! Thank you Rhoda, Amie & Terry Lenz
Home buyer in Henderson
No review submitted
Home buyer in N. Las Vegas
Rhoda Yoon is a true professional. I lost the first home I entered a bid on, and she immediately went to work for me scrubbing the MLS and found me a home literal on the same street. I was able to get my offer in first and am now the proud owner of the home in Las Vegas. From day one, while I was deployed to Afghanistan Rhoda provided me the customer support you would expect to have as an in person client. She went above and beyond to help me narrow down my list of potential homes. Her professionalism and unwavering dedication to the customer and their needs is un-paralleled. TSgt Keith Gedick US Air Force
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