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Richard Greene
Richard Greene CalBRE #01503495
(70 reviews)
Overall star rating: 4.8
Past 3 months: 5.0
Closed clients: 4.8
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Townhome buyer in Sherman Oaks
Richard was prompt and attentive throughout our entire buying process. He definitely went the extra mile to help us get our offer to stand out among others in a competitive market. Richard was very patient and flexible with scheduling according to our needs. I was glad to be working with Richard on my purchase.
Home buyer in Lake Balboa
Richard would run the extra mile for you. He makes sure to provide a quality service.
Richard wiuld run the extra mile for you. He makes sure to provide a quality service.
Home buyer in Northridge
I love Richard! He's so patient to us during house hunting and very knowledgeable of his profession. He tells us everything we need to know - good or bad. He helped us since day 1 up to days after closing of escrow. We spent vacation out of the country but he managed to close the deal!!! We love our new house and wouldn't gotten this without Richard. He's really our angel every step of this journey. Thanks Richard!!!
Townhome buyer in Van Nuys
Richard was referred to us by my parents and he helped us find the dream townhouse. I highly recommend him to any new family looking for a first time home. He takes his time and explains whatever I needed to know. Thanks Richard! ~Wayne
Home seller in Northridge
Richard is an outstanding professional. He informed me of what was going on in the marketplace and what should be done to get my home sold. He immediately had open houses that resulted in the sale of my home in record time. He kept me informed on a daily basis and answered my many questions immediately. He was great to work with. I felt extremely confident in choosing Richard as my Realtor.
Prospective buyer
Richard was easy to work with, and is by far the best realtor who has ever helped me. He would be a valuable person on anyone's team. If you want a helpful realtor who WILL be the best, go with Richard.
Prospective buyer
Richard is a dedicated agent, whom we met in 2008, when my husband and I decided to start on the lookout for our first home. Unfortunately, this was right at the time that our economy took a hard crash - things became difficult and we had to put our search on hold. Richard was diligent and always made sure to check in on us from time to time, but not in pushy sort a way, so as soon as we were back our feet, we definitely decided to call Richard. He always informs us of new properties, as soon as he gets new listings to make sure we get first dibís. Richard is definitely an agent who is on your side and not just for a quick sale.
Condo buyer in Encino
Richard was a pleasure to work with. He is quick to respond and really fights for his client. He's a definite must-have when buying a home!
Home buyer in Winnetka
Richard provided efficient service on my recent home purchase.
Home buyer in Valley Village
Richard is a very knowledgeable, dedicated, friendly, and caring realtor. He was so patient with us throughout this process, and we are so grateful for everything he has done to help find our dream home. We were so ready to give up, but Richard helped keep us motivated and focused. We would strongly recommend Richard to anyone who needs a realtor in the San Fernado Valley. Thanks for everything!
Condo buyer in Norht Hollywood
Richard Greene is the reason we just became first time home owners and we are elated. He went above and beyond, day and night to make sure everything went smoothly. No matter our hectic work schedule, he was always available to us and always accomodated us. He literally did everything within his means, especially when dealing with the bank, which was quite a headache, to help us and really took care of us. We are not easy people to please sometimes, but some how, Richard managed to meet every one of our demands and needs. If you are looking someone to find you the perfect home, go the extra mile and even wait 3 hours for you when you are stuck in traffic! then Richard Greene cannot come more highly recommended. Thank you for everything! Andreas and Rachael
Townhome buyer in Northridge
Richard is a pleasure to do business with. For this short sale he made sure all the moving parts were clicking in the right order. His follow through is exceptional and he is well connected with the local talent which brought the different people together to make this possible.
Condo buyer in Encino
As a first time home buyer, I had no experience. Richard patiently worked with me for years, answered all my questions, and answered every phone call. There were times where I was close to giving up, but he encouraged me every time and didn't let me give up on my dream, and today because of him I am a proud home owner.
Condo buyer in Canoga Park
Richard was very helpful in the entire nerve racking process of purchasing my first home. He was a calming influence on my nerves and helped me get through the process with confidence and making it easy. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a home or even selling a home as he is also very knowledgeable in the local area and has a lot of experience. The condo I purchased was a short sale and not all realtors are equipped to do short sales and/ or like (or are willing) to do them. Richard was knowledgeable about the short sale process explaining everything in detail and was always one step ahead of me. Lastly, he is also very personable and an easy person to get along with as he has friendly attitude and is willing to repeat himself and explain something in a different way when someone like keeps asking the same question.
As the rating says... I am, "Completely satisfied". Richard Greene is a professional in every sense of the word. As a first time buyer, I would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in buying or selling real estate. If only there were more agents like Richard.
Response from Richard
Hi David, Thank you for the most kind words. Greatly appreciated. Richard
Condo seller in Tarzana
I professional who cares about his client's needs.
An outstanding professional!
Home buyer in Burbank
Well, we finally have a home!!! ALL thanks to Richard Greene and his professionalism. His knowledge and expertise was incredibly useful in this long process. He was with us every step of the way! THANKS Richard!!!
Buying your first home is incredibly nerve wracking however Richard Greene has made the entire process easier for us. He is extremely professional ,reliable and patient. I love that he responds to emails, texts and phone calls immediately. There are so many challenges and demands from both the Sellar and the Lender, having Richard with us every step of the way was been an asset! I feel fortunate to have an Agent that goes way beyond the call of duty. Thanks Richard, Leticia Vasquez
Prospective buyer
XLNT Communication, knowledgeable...
Home buyer in Reseda
No review submitted
Prospective buyer
Richard has been diligently working with me for quite a while and I highly recommend him. He is excellent.
Home buyer in West Hills
Richard is The Agent for your dream home search. He worked with us patiently on every step of the short sale process and he is very cooperative. I would recommend Richard to anyone looking for a new home.
Condo buyer in Woodland Hills
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Home buyer in Northridge
No review submitted
Home buyer in Reseda
Richard Greene is a very good agent! i've learned alot of things from Richard. We found what we were looking for and he stood by me every step of the way and he is still calling me to make sure if everything is ok =) Thank you Richard.
Condo buyer in Burbank
Richard Green is an excellent Agent, he knows what I was looking for and did a very good job finding our unit. He was with us from A to Z. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for any type of real estate. He was very patient and professional with us. Thank you Richard.
Condo buyer in Valley Village
No review submitted
Home buyer in Newbury Park
We had been browsing real estate on ZipRealty's website for some time, but when we saw a house that looked to good to be true, we requested a showing and Richard responded promptly. He showed us the house and many others in the Thousand Oaks area. Richard gave us a lot of great advice and helped us identify a mortgage broker as well. He was always prompt in responding to all of our questions (as we were first-time buyers) and really helped to facilitate close of escrow. He is a pleasure to work with and we would highly recommend Richard to others.
Condo buyer in Van Nuys
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Condo buyer in Sherman Oaks
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No review submitted
No review submitted
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Home buyer in Burbank
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Home buyer in Sylmar
No review submitted
Home buyer in Van Nuys East
Richard worked very hard and was the Best ever
Home buyer in Sun Valley
No review submitted
Home buyer in Van Nuys
Richard is very knowledgeable and courteous but, most importantly, he communicates promptly and effectively with his clients which distinguishes him from other agents. I would recommend Richard to anyone without any hesitation whatsoever.
Home buyer in Mission Hills
He is completely honest and keeping me updated - the that i bought was beyond my expectation and because of his dedication to his work towards his client, we accomplish one of the biggest success in my life and my family.
Condo buyer in Pasadena
No review submitted
Townhome buyer in Canoga Park
Rcihard Greene was very supportive, cooperative and very nice to work with. He guided us very good all through the process of our home purchase
Townhome buyer in Sylmar
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Home buyer in Burbank
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Home buyer in Van Nuys
I felt underminded and talked down to by richard. I felt like the house i was trying to buy wasn't expensive enough to have richards attention. I was an after thought. Also he kept pressuring my to use his mortgage and service people when it came down to getting things done for the house. He must have been getting kick backs to do this but after I say NO for the 14th time that should be enough. It felt cheap and just wrong. There was alot of double talk through the experience. At one point I requested a check list so I was on top of what i needed to do. Richard said I was fine and then all these last minute things kept coming up that were hard to get done. STRESSFULL! If I just had a check list, Richard had done this before, I hadn't. I just felt like he was not a team player and I couldn't trust what he said. That was a bad feeling. I would never wish this realitor on anyone.
Home seller in Burbank
Richard was a wonderful agent. He made the sale of our home go very smoothly, saving us from much stress. We would highly recommend him as an agent.
Condo buyer in Calabasas
Richard was very helpful and responsive to my needs throughout the escrow process. He provided help and connections when needed without hesitation.
Home buyer in San Fernando
Richard was very helpful
Home buyer in Northridge
Richard is really superb all in all, he was very proffesional, and Pleasant to deal with, he would go out of his way to help a client I would highly recommend ziprealty and Richard Greene to my Co-workers who are looking for a new home. Thank you Richard !!
Home buyer in Encino
Richard was very responsive and caring. I felt that he really cared about finding me the right home.
Home buyer in North Hills
Mr. Richard Green was alaways there for me from the begining to the end of the process. He is a fine agent, very helpfull, and easy to work with. I was lucky to have an agent like him.
Home buyer in North Hills
Richard is a great guy and terrific agent. We highly recommend him. The whole transaction was very smooth. He went out of his way to get paperwork to us and explained everything clearly. His recommendations of a mortgage broker and inspector were great. Thanks Richard! We love our new house!
Home buyer in Northridge
No review submitted
Home buyer in Tarzana
Richard is a great agent! He showed houses that were right inline with what we were looking for. Always available for us to schedule an appointment. Will be looking for Richard on our next house and have recommended him to people we know looking to purchase a home.
Condo buyer in Burbank
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Home buyer in No. Hollywood
Richard was a true blessing. He went the extra mile at every end. He always answered all my questions or directed me to the person who could. He was always ready to change, tailor or cancel our plans at my request. He knew what I wanted in a house and he embarked on a quest to find the house for our family in the time I had requested and still manage to exceed my expectations.
Home buyer in West Hills
richard was great.
Home buyer in Northridge
No review submitted
Condo buyer in Tarzana
Richard is a good agent, most of the time answers calls and when he doesn't, he returns calls promptly
Home buyer in Granada Hills
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Condo buyer in Sherman Oaks
No review submitted
Home buyer in Burbank
Richard Greene was very helpful and patient. He was always a phone call away. He was flexible and worked around my busy schedule. His friendly and laid back nature made our home buying experience a breeze. Their was never any pressure or uneasiness throughout the process.
Condo buyer in Van Nuys
Richard was prompt in answering my questions. I guess one area it could improve is having somethng in writing after the deal is close. What I mean is a list of providers; like: Utility bills, mail box lock's key, where to get gate opener, etc.
Home buyer in North Hills
Richard was a very good agent and assisted me through the entire process. He was willing to go out of his way to assist me throughout the entire process.
Condo buyer in Burbank
Unfortunately, we were met with multiple challenges. A lot that were possibly out of the control of Richard, however, our complaint is around his follow up. We felt that we always had to inform Richard of a situation and then he would attempt to take care of it. We wish he would have been more pro-active on keeping an eye on the situation when he discovered it was a challenging project. Richard did take action but each time it was after we alerted him of a situation that we discovered by following up on progress ourselves. When Richard did come back with us to tell us the status, we found the conversation was always focused on what he could not achieve and who he blammed for this not happening. We felt he did a lot of finger pointing around why things could not be done versus solving of issue or just staying on top of the issue. Again, we felt we had to consistently follow up and alert Richard to things. We wish this would have been the reverse. At one point we even had to contact the district Manager to confirm our project was being watched at a crutial time. Richard had gone out of town and did not have anyone watching our project that needed a daily follow up. We also feel Richards advice was not always in the best interest of us as the client but at times was more around encouraging us to do things that seemed more towards his benefit or the benefit of completing the sale. The issue that come to mind around this was the constant offers to switch to his mortgage broker versus "playing well" with our mortgage broker. We did find Richard was always available when we called and he did respond to us in a timely fashion.
Condo buyer in Toluca Lake
All I can say is "WOW!" Richard was with us every step of the way. He helped keep things moving and coordinated. He was a quick study on our needs and preferences. Richard is both fully professional and completely personal. I have worked with two agents in San Diego dealings since working with Richard, and they pale in comparison. He set the standard for us and we will absolutely use him again whenever we can. He will be the first person we recommend to our friends. Thanks so much! Val & Cameron Ruiz
Home buyer in Santa Monica
No review submitted
Home buyer in Northridge
Richard plain and simple went above and beyond for us. He explained things to us not matter how many times I may have asked previously. He really sealed the deal when we had an issue with eloan and really put his foot forward to seal the deal. Richard is amazing and I can honestly say that I can now consider him a friend.
Home buyer in Burbank
Richard was very helpful and understanding
Home buyer in Van Nuys
Richard Greene was not only wonderful to work with but was extremely patient through the whole process. I think anyone would consider themselves lucky to recieve such professionalism with their realestate broker. Sincerely, Mariana Rossano
Home buyer in West Hills
Richard is one of the most professional agents I have ever worked with. He is patiant, Honest and resorcfull. He spent a lot of time showing us properties and always with our best interest in mind. I will recommend Richard to anybody I know who is looking to buy a property.
Condo buyer in Encino
Richard was always on time for our appointments. His attentiveness and forethought has impressed us greatly. When and if I am ready to get a bigger place I will surely call Richard Greene of ZipRealty. Thank you very much for all you have done. Jean and Elana Bykov
Home buyer in Granada Hills
Richard was the perfect realtor - he was patient, attentive, friendly, helpful. He made the process very easy and stress-free for us. We would recommend him highly. You have my permission to use this testimonial.
Home buyer in Glendale
Richard was cool, professional, patient and understanding of our needs. A great guy and great agent.
Home buyer in Los Angeles
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Home buyer in Tarzana
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