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Terri Nix
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Overall star rating: 4.7
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Closed clients: 4.7
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Home seller in Arlington
Terri was extremely professional, helpful, and timely. Anything we asked or requested from her was provided in a timely manner. She has been a pleasure to work with. My wife and I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in the sale or purchase of a home.
Home buyer in Farmersville
I highly recommend Terri! I just bought the home of my dreams!! I was looking for a very particular rural property, and it took me a year to find it. Terri was wonderful and always willing to drive all over the the rural areas outside DFW to view properties with me. She is always very professional, informative and pleasant to work with. She was right on top of my deal the whole way. Thanks Terri!
Home buyer in Fort Worth
Terri is very profesional and eloquint , what I saw first saw was that she imediately replied after an online scheduling and she imediately asked us what we were looking for and right away she was out persuing leads and didnt tie us down with a contract like the others with exclusivity. She is very profesional and kind and knows her stuff! She was able to find us a home in a speedy mode in less than a month. We congratulate her for an excepcional job. She doesnt just get you a house she delivers a home. Thank you Terri.
Home buyer in Benbrook
Terri did a great job. She was very dependable and great at explaining every detail to me as I am a first time buyer. I would definitely use her again!
Home buyer in Fort Worth
Terri was a wonderful agent and adjusted her schedules to accommodate my whirlwind search for home in Ft Worth. I would highly recommend her to everyone I meet!
Home buyer in Fort Worth
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Home buyer in Fort Worth
Terri Nix, went beyond the call of during this roller coaster bid and loan process. We can???t thank her enough for her communication skills and prompt service
Home buyer in Fort Worth
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Home buyer in Weatherford
Thanks to Terri for all her help with purchasing our first home!!
Home buyer in Fort Worth
Terri really went the extra mile to make sure I found the place that was right for me. She also worked to fix some paperwork that was messed up at closing.
Home buyer in Benbrook
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Home buyer in Fort Worth
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Home buyer in Southlake
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Home buyer in Keller
Terri was prepared for us when we came into town. With very little time Terri arranged and showed us what we were looking for in a whole. She was quick to react as the contracts went back and forth. I also believe Terri went the extra mile in some of the negotiations. I will recommend Terri in the future.
Home buyer in Azle
Very hard working agent! Does great follow up and sees every transaction through to the end... even after the sale is complete! SUPER!!
Professional! Will do business again with her. She will go the extra mile even if you are just interested in a property and she knows you are not buying it...she still takes the time to show it to you and answer your questions. It took us a while but we finally purchased property through Terri Nix. She makes me want to become an agent!
Home buyer in Granbury
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Home buyer in Fort Worth
Terry was great. This is the customer services that all people should give when dealing in this field. I would highly recommend Terry to family and friends.
Home buyer in Red Oak
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Home buyer in Fort Worth
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Home buyer in Fort Worth
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Home buyer in Grandview
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Home buyer in Fort Worth
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Home buyer in Lantana
Terri was very generous with her time and helping with our rental and purchase.
Home buyer in ARLINGTON
our original agent got sick during the process. The replacment agent was not that up to date on our house and the closing process for the Jenson house was not good. We did not offer a policy on our house, but we had one at closing. We also had to pay part of a repair we were not fully advised that was needed.
Condo buyer in Burleson
Our agent represented us very well and if and when we decide to buy more realestate, we will call upon Terri to represent us.
Home buyer in Fort Worth
Terri was an outstanding agent! She had to work really hard to help us find the house of our dreams and her promise to work until we were happy was such a refreshing experience. We also hit some snags with the house we ultimately bought and without Terri I know that it wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did. We would recommend Terri to anyone in a heartbeat!
Home buyer in Fort Worth
Terri was great! She helped us find just the right home and stayed with us right to the end.
Home buyer in Fort Worth
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Home buyer in Watagua
She was not watching out for our best interests. At times I felt as though she was looking out for the seller instead of me, the buyer. She was absent at the closing. At any given time during the whole bidding and closing process she would not keep me posted at to what the next step was, basically not answerig the who, what, when, where, why and how. As an agent she was supposed to an adviser but I often had to consult with friends and family members to get any information regarding the whole home buying process. Often times I would make suggestions and she would be like, "Oh yeah, you can do that" I felt she should have been the one telling us our options and not the other way around. The transaction required a mini lease due to the fact that the seller needed 14 days post closing to vacate the property and Terri again failed to assist. As a renter for several years I know first hand what rights the landlord and renter have and our landlord rights were not met. I could go on forever...in the end because all of this mostly happened after closing on 8/16 we felt like we had no leg to stand on and Terri made sure to remind us that the seller had rights but kept neglecting that we had rights too. At the present Terri just replied to our email about various compliants with regards to the walk through and basically her reply was she was through with this whole transaction and completely washed her hands of this matter. I don't see the point of a walk through if we found severe problems and Terri's telling me it's too late and legally we own the property so now this is our problem. So what's the point of a walk through? We are going to talk to the manager of Terri's Zip Realty office and see if she/he can assit and if that person will not help then we are going to serve Terri, Zip Realty Mgr, the seller and her agent the paper work to appear in court to have our case tried. This whole mess would never have happened if Terri was watching out our us as she led us through this whole process and gave the false impression that everything that was going on was legit when it was not.
Home buyer in Weatherford
Terri was very accomodating as I am moving from out of state, and she kept the appointments we made for when I visited and took the time to help me out.
Home buyer in Saginaw
Terri was very helpful. Our situation became really complicating towards the end and she was there every step of the way. We couldn't have done it without her! I would have lost my mind :)
Home buyer in Colleyville
Here is my note sent to Nancy Stephens, Regional Manager last week. We just closed on our "Dream" home today. I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with our Zip agent Terri Nix who has worked with us for the past 6 months while we were in the process of relocating from Portland, Oregon. She helped us choose a High School by patiently taking us on home tours within half a dozen school boundaries across the entire Metroplex. When we narrowed things to 4 High Schools, she took us around to have a closer look at neighborhoods within thes e boundaries, not just for a day, but she spent several days with us. When our price range and tastes went from one end of the spectrum to another, she never let us know if she was inconvenienced. When we finally chose a home, she successfully negotiated on our behalf favorable terms and all of our inspection items, including one major one that came up outside of the contingency period. We signed up with Zip Realty first because we liked the search tools on the website. We are not real big fans of Real Estate agents who seem to just want to quickly close a sale to collect their commission. We also believed the way to get the best deal was to find a home ourselves through the web, and approach the Sellers agent directly. We would have never been able to work through the buying process for this particular home had we taken this approach. Terri helped us through this process in many small ways that add up to a lot. Just wanted to share our experience and show our appreciation.
Condo buyer in Fort Worth
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Home buyer in Fort Worth
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Home buyer in Fort Worth
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Home buyer in Fort Worth
Terri was great, she was available when we needed her and gave great input along the way. We would reccomend her to anyone!
Home buyer in Fort Worth
Terri was very helpful to me buying a home for the first time. She explained the whole process and gave me a lot of information on how to buy a home. She is very patient and really seams to know her stuff, while all along enjoying what she is doing. I just love her for all she has done for me.
Home buyer in Fort Worth
Terri is a wonderful person to work with and an asset to the company. She went above and beyond to make sure that we were happy with our selection and that the closing went well, even calling from vacation. My experience with Terri redeemed my opinion of agents that resulted from a bad experience with my Tucson agent. Thank you Terri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Home buyer in Haslet
Terri needs to invest in a GPS system for her car. Many times while looking for houses she turned the wrong direction and we had to turn around many times. In fact, there were several times we knew she was turning the wrong way and waited for her to realize she was going the wrong direction, and we are from out of state.
Home buyer in Rhome
I had worked with a couple of agents a while ago but noone gave me the attention I deserved. All of the other agents said I was to young to be buying a house but Terri Nix was different, she totaly supported me and my plans, held my hand every step of the way and was patient with me to make sure things were done right. I will definetly use Teri again and I have given her information to all of my friends. She is awsome!
Home buyer in Fort Worth
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