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Christine Fisk
(70 reviews)
Overall star rating: 4.8
Past 3 months: N/A
Closed clients: 4.9
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Home buyer in Las Vegas
As usual, she is great. I trust her all the time.
As always, she is very helpful. She is our family agent all the time. We will definitely use her next time.
She is always our agent whenever we need buy a property.
We always trust her. She is the one to go whenever we need buy properties.
She is our agent to go everytime whenever we buy or sell for sure. We trust her all the time.
Same as before, Christine is very responsible and professional. Whenever we have need in the housing market, she is the only one we trust. I would certainly recommend her service.
Christine is an excellent agent and does great job always. She helped us bought a few investment houses in Las Vegas market. With decent response time and great patience, she guided us buying the affordable houses at appropriate time and appropriate price. I would recommend her service to all the people I know for sure.
Christine is really helpful, professional and responsible. She is always available by phone, email or personal any time including evening and weekend. I would recommend her to any buyers.
She is very helpful, responsible and professional.
She is really helpful, patient, and always gave us quick response no matter the time we called. A lot of times, it is weekend or evening time, she always answered us quick. Also she helped us on loan application????????????In a word, she is an excellent agent and we will use her if we need any future real estate services.
Townhome seller in Las Vegas
Christine did a great job. We signed the contract to sell on Tuesday, she had the photographer out on Thursday to take the different pictures of the property, posted the property on Friday, and before she had a chance to put a sign in front of the yard early the next week I had a contract to sell the property. She knew exactly what to do and did it so my property would sell quickly. She also walked me through the entire closing process and we closed in less than four weeks. She is great!
Because I was an out-of-town buyer Christine took the reins and took care of all that was necessary, including all the inspections and all the problems that came up with the title agency. She made it so easy to go through the process. She was organized from the beginning, took the time to explain every little aspect of Nevada living and carefully walked me through the entire process. She is a gem.
Home seller in Las Vegas
Very good she gets all the details and my house sold in 1 day
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christine is an excellent agent. She is professional, knowledgeable, helpful and responsive. We are an out of town investor and Christine cooperates with us perfectly to complete every transaction. We would highly recommend her services to anyone.
This is the 2nd house we purchased via Christine. We are investors from out of town and the house had tenant living in, these made the purchase a lot more difficult. Christine is very professional, she helped us to negotiate the price down, pushing the purchase to a success by actively coordinating all parties involved. We will definitely recommend her to all our friends and will buy via her next time.
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Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christine Fisk is very professional and dedicated. She was always there when and where she said she would be, we never waited. She also told us about all the local neighborhoods and provided a list of people to do work if we needed anything fixed or replaced. This is the second time we have been associated with Christine and each time we trusted her to do what was in our best interest.
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Home seller in Las Vegas
She is professional, knowledgeable, helpful and extremely responsive. Just cannot say enough great things about her. We are so grateful to her and would highly recommend her services to anyone.
Townhome buyer in Las Vegas
I was an out of state buyer and I don't know what I would have done without Christine! She is very professional, Knowlegeable and an all around "Terrific" person. If you are thinking about a Las Vegas home purchase, you owe it to yourself to contact Christine as your realtor.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christine is extremely helpful with my home search in Las Vegas especially I am an out-of-town buyer. She also has a lot of contacts for other services like home inspections, mold inspection that really save my time to order these services. She was responsible and went beyond her normally job duties to help customers. I really appreciate her expertise and effort helping me finding my dream home.
Christine is the most knowledgeable, professional, dedicated and down to earth Realtor that I have ever dealt with. I have purchased 12 homes in the past and with Christine's help, my most recent purchase was as stress free as I could have imagined. Christine was always available to answer any questions that my wife and I had and she guided us through the entire process from beginning to the end. I highly recommend Christine to anyone that is planning on purchasing a home in Southern Nevada. She has extensive knowledge of the local market and will make your home purchase as hassle free as possible. Thank you Christine for all your hard work; you have become our Realtor for life!!
Home buyer in Las Vegas
This is the third property Christine has helped me with. She is amazing! Nothing slips through the cracks and her many connections with lenders and inspectors is invaluable. This time I asked for the near impossible: a 21-day close. I should have known, Christine would make it happen with ease!
Christine always does a great job and never lets anything fall through the cracks! She's wonderful!
As out-of-town buyers, our situation was complex, but Christine was patient, knowledgeable, and extremely willing to be flexible in meeting our needs. Thanks to Christine's tireless efforts, we were able to find an ideal property, even from 3000 miles away! It is not an understatement to say that without Christine, none of it would have been possible!
Home seller in North Las Vegas
This is the second time we have worked with Christine. The first time was when we moved here from out of state for a new job. She was very knowledgeable about the areas we were interested in and helped us find the perfect home. This time, we were selling our home and we had great results.
Condo buyer in Las Vegas
She is the best agent I have ever met. She is knowledgable, patient, and detailed. She takes care what we need to pay attention to and make sure we are in the best position. This is the second time she helps us find a good unit. We appreciate for her help!!!!
Christine is a very responsive agent. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. In addition, she is very patient. No matter how many questions we have; she always answers and in details. She helped us a lot looking details on the contract. We are lucky to have her as our agent!!!
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christine was there for us every step of the way during our home buying experience. We couldn't have asked for a better agent. Thank you Christine!
Christine has been extremely helpful to myself and my husband in trying to find a home. She always gets back to us promptly, is very knowledgeable and very professional. It's obvious Christine tries to do the very best she can for her clients which we appreciate.
Home buyer in North Las Vegas
She has been my angel--highly recommended to all my family and friends. She helped us with our first house , also with my Marina's sister and again with us.
Home seller in Las Vegas
Very nice and very professional sales Lady.
Very nice and very professional sales Lady.
Condo seller in Las Vegas
She is very helpful, responsible, professional .
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Home buyer in Las Vegas
She is the best agent I have ever known. She is knowledgeable and very resourceful. I recommend her to anyone.
Prospective seller
WOW!!! Christine Fisk recently represented my wife and I in the purchase of a second home and she is absolutely outstanding!!! She is extremely professional, knowledgeable, courteous and attentive. During the offer process, Christine gave us good strategic advice on how to price and time our offers. She is very patient, straight forward and was unrelentingly dedicated during every step of the process. She is upfront and honest, sharing the pros and cons of each potential home. She is always accessible even late at night, during holidays and always responsive. Christine is a consummate professional who really pours her heart into what she does, and gets the results for her clients to show for it. We appreciate Christine as a person and a real estate professional. She cares about her client's success and performs her job with the utmost integrity. We wholeheartedly recommend Christine as a Realtor.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
fast response efficient friendly responsible
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Good communication and effective in closing a short sales in a quick moving mkt, which is not easy at all.
Townhome buyer in Henderson
We had a wonderful experience with Christine! She was always looking out for our best interest. I recommend her to all of my friends. THANK YOU CHRISTINE!! :)
Home buyer in Henderson
It's the 2nd home we purchased through her. She is very knowledgeable and responsable. I will defitely ask her for the next time or recommend her to a friend.
She helped me find an ideal place in very short period of time.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
she is a good agent.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
She found the perfect house for with every needs met with the perfect location!! She is patient and listens to your needs and is proactive with any obstacles that we faced. Thank you Christine!!!
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christine has been extremely helpful and patient with my second home searching. She constantly reminded me on the pros and cons on properties that I was interested. I am an out-of-town home buyer and relied a lot on her professional advice. She did her best on price/contract negotiation with the seller ( a tough one). She took care of all required home inspections, appraisal for me so I didn't need to fly back and forth between KS and Vegas. I am very pleased at the outcome and am grateful for all she had done for me. I definitely will recommend her to all my friends who are also interested in retiring in Vegas.
Home buyer in North Las Vegas
Christine Fisk was very good at showing us many, many homes from the start. She was punctual and accomodating to our needs and wants. She was on top of every move with the house we chose even though it was a short sale. Ms. Fisk was very enlightened in every aspect of the sale and kept us abreast of all the required moves to smoothly accomplish our purchase.
Home buyer in Henderson
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christin is my guide and is there to support me through the process by interpreting and advising you on situations that are unclear or unfamiliar. She always promptly respond to my calls or emails and I don't have to worry whether they???ll get back to me.
Home buyer in North Las Vegas - Aliante
Christine worked very hard ...we tried to buy four properties before we finally got this one. She worked very hard until we got what we wanted.
Home buyer in Henderson
We are very happy we selected Christine as our realtor. She clearly looked after our intersts in a rather complicated short sale and kept us well informed throughout the process. Should the need arise, we will use her again.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christine specializes in the area in which I am interested is preferable. She is able to advise me as to home prices and how quickly I'll need to act based on the demand in that area. Her knowledgeable assistant is invaluable, and I can connect with her whenever I need to.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
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Home buyer in Las Vegas
We are living in California with two little kids, and we cannot go to check the property in the whole purchase process. Christine helped us to check the house and do the home inspection, we are really appreciated her help!
Home buyer in Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in Henderson
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Short sales are not easy to close. Without Christine's responsiveness and persistence, the deal would have fallen through. We are fortunate to have Christine as our agent.
Condo buyer in Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in N. Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
It was our first time to buy a house and I was very careful to find a realtor that would be helping us throughout the buying process, I never had any regrets that I have Christine as a realtor because the help that we get is more than what we expected. She is also very persistent and honest. I Strongly recommend her for all homebuyers.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
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Home buyer in Henderson
Reviewer has chosen to keep review private
Condo buyer in Henderson
Christine went above and beyond her duties as an agent. She made sure we were protected, had our interest at heard, and made great recommendations. We are truly glad we met her and are happy in our new home!
Home buyer in Las Vegas
We were no time visiting the house, she helped us photograph and told correct detail. Strongly recommend...
Home buyer in N. Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in N. Las Vegas
Christine was the best ! , she is very proffesional and knowledgeable and most importantly, honest. My wife and I wouldn't have asked for another person . She was always on time and always on top of everything. I would highly recommend her to any person who is ready to purchase a home.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Reviewer has chosen to keep review private
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Hard working, pay attention to details Easy to contact
Home buyer in Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christine did a great job following up anf getting information from all parties involved. She made the process simple for me and I'd definitely use her again.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christine is very professional, patient, and thought of things we did not notice. She is very protective of her clients.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
My agent Christine is very responsible, it is my pleasure to work with her, I will definitely refer to my friend and hope has more business with her.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christine was very professional. She was very responsive to our requests and needs. She paid attend to detail and made sure we were aware of and understood each item that came up. She was patient through out our entire search process,which was months! Thanks to Christine, we were able to find our perfect home w/in our price range.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christine was there for us all the time. From the beginning she is very professional. We choose a couple of agent to help us find our first home and Christine hit the spot. I would definitely recommend her to all my friends looking for a home.
Home buyer in N. Las Vegas
Christine was a great help at every step along the way. We had some trouble with the seller's agent and Christine stayed on top of them, making sure the job got done. Couldn't be happier with the service she provided!
Home buyer in N. Las Vegas
Christine was a great agent. She didn't pressure us at all and was very thorough. She was truly a pleasure to work with.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christine Fisk is a treasure! I'd never worked with a realtor but I now feel I know what they're all about. Working from Pennsylvania was difficult but she would line up viewings when we were able to visit Las Vegas. She was insightful to our needs and investigated all options and possible pitfalls. Phone and fax communication was always informative and professional. Any question was answered freely and more information was always volunteered. I never felt out of the loop. She would check out my web site selections. She was always talking with our contacts to meet deadlines and keep us informed of progress. She never gave up trying to find our new home, and she did. The Pulte home was a drawn out process due to their policy but she and we persevered to our benefit. I think of Christine as a new found friend who has been with us through a very important step in our lives. We wanted to be in Las Vegas and I had been on your web site with another realtor. He left you and I inherited Christine Fisk. Was it fate or or destiny? Whatever, it worked. Thank you for allowing me to glorify your agent, but after all she made "RANCHO MILAGRO" (MIRACLE RANCH), our new home, possible! Francine Ross, Pittsburgh, PA, moving soon to be a "native" of Las Vegas.
Home buyer in LAS VEGAS
No review submitted
Home buyer in North Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in Las Vegas
Christine did an excellant job. I have recommended my friends to her. The best agent I have ever delt with. 110% satisfied
Condo seller in Las Vegas
When I commissioned Christine to be our agent to sell my mother's property it was necessary to let her know that my mother was in the beginning stages of Alzheimers. That it would be frustrating at times because I live on the East Coast. She went beyond the call of duty. She held several open houses and kept me informed of the progress. When the condo finally had an offer she drove my mother to pick up condo documents and also took her to the Title Company to sign the papers. She went beyond the call of duty. This is the second time I have used a Zip Reality Agent, and I would use Zip Reality in the future as well. Thank you, Patricia Stickley
Home buyer in N. Las Vegas
No review submitted
Home buyer in N. LAS VEGAS
Well I found ZipRealty via the internet and low and behold I got a response via Christine Fisk. This process started around Oct./Nov. 2005, and my wife and I weren't sure if were going to be in Las Vegas long-term being that she is active duty military and could be stationed anywhere in the world at a moments notice. So we asked that C. Fisk simply check in with me once a month via telephone and send me daily listings on properties that we would like. Well my wife's situation changed and I began to move towards a promotion so we felt like it was time to buy (July 06) and who did we call of course, C. Fisk. She never pressured us or made us feel uncomfortable in anyway. She was flexible and willing to go an extra mile to make us happy.
Home buyer in Las Vegas
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Home buyer in North Las Vegas
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