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    Not all real estate websites are created equal

    We discovered that other real estate websites (including some of the big ones!) are missing up to 30% of homes for sale, and show over 15% of homes for sale that have already sold. Buyers searching on these sites could be missing out on a great home, or wasting time chasing a home that’s already off the market. Lucky for you, we’ve got your back: we never clutter up search results with homes that are no longer for sale, and always show you every available home that is.

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    We keep things current and complete. Because of our direct relationship with the MLS (the authority on what’s for sale and what’s not), we get our data straight from the source. That means we get new listings faster than other websites, and so do you: we instantly send you the ones that match what you’re looking for - in a hot market, being the first to see a new listing can make all the difference! And because we update our website every 2 minutes on average, all property info is as fresh as possible.

    Our service doesn’t stop at the website

    In addition to up-to-the-minute info on neighborhoods (including property values, school rankings, WalkScores and more), we have an awesome mobile app so you can take your search to go and highly-rated local experts who are plugged into your home search and ready to help.