Landscaping Tips for Home Owners

    Landscaping is the process of using plants, stones, and man-made structures to beautify the yard or grounds of a home, business, or other building. Many people will hire professional landscapers to perform this task, but most homeowners are quite able to design a beautiful landscape on their own when they have access to good information. This resource guide has been constructed to give homeowners and other interested persons a list of some of the best landscaping resources on the Internet. Key elements of most landscape designs are listed, with several links to information on these elements found beneath each heading.


    Beginner Tips

    Ecological Landscaping — There are all kinds of tips for environmentally friendly landscaping on this page.

    Garden Basics — The Audobon Society offers this excellent overview page on the basics of yard and garden design.

    Green the Grounds — This helpful site contains tips on how to landscape a yard in a manner that is friendly to the environment.

    Landscaping Cary Style — Cary, North Carolina, hosts this page on landscaping for water efficiency; it has tips that are applicable everywhere.

    Planning and Designing a Garden — Even though this page is about landscaping in Texas, most of its information is applicable anywhere.


    BHG: Flowers ZipRealty offers this extensive resource on flowers and landscaping.

    Landscaping Ideas: Annuals and Perennials — Here is a brief article on using flowers in a landscape from a site devoted to gardening and yards.

    Tree Planting and Care 101 — Despite the title of this link, this article is more about using flowers to complement a landscape than it is about trees.


    Bushes and Shrubs

    Landscaping Bushes — Tips on using bushes for privacy screens and other landscaping ideas for bushes can be found here.

    Landscaping Shrubs — This page has a list of some of the most common landscaping shrubs used in the United States.

    Shrubs and Ornamental Plants — Home gardeners can learn how to choose bushes, shrubs, and other ornamental plants for their yards on this site.



    Landscape Tree Care Information — This information on trees and landscaping from the University of California can be applied nearly anywhere.

    Landscaping for Energy Efficiency — Trees can be used to help improve home energy efficiency when they are included in a landscaping plan, as this page demonstrates.

    Ten Great Patio Trees — HGTV has a gallery of ten excellent small trees for use in landscaping.


    Garden Soil — Some helpful information on soil for landscaping uses is available via this link.

    How to Landscape with Different Soil Types — How Stuff has an extensive resource on using different soils in landscaping.

    Recycling Plant Debris for Healthy Soil and Turf — Here users can find good reasons why they should use plant debris to enrich their soil.


    EPA: Composting — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a great deal of information on composting on this site.

    Journey to Forever: Composting — Here is some good information on composting and how it benefits topsoil.

    Natural Landscapes Project: Composting and Soil — This page has tons of information on the use of composting to improve soil for landscaping.

    Pest Control

    Pest Control Library — Good information on various yard and garden pests can be found on this page from the National Gardening Association.

    Pests in Homes, Gardens, Landscapes, and Turf — The University of California offers some good information on identifying pests and getting rid of them.

    Principals of Pest Management — Basics of managing pests in the home garden are offered when the link on the top left side of this page is clicked.

    Lawn Care

    Conserving Water in the Garden: Landscape and Lawn Care — Oregon State University has a lot of good tips on how to care for one’s lawn without wasting water on this site.

    Healthy Lawn Care and Renovation — This page is a great overview on lawn care for interested home landscapers.

    What to Look for in a Lawn Care Service — Some good pointers on what to look for in hiring a lawn care service are available here.



    Efficient Irrigation — Here is a good overview page on irrigating a landscape without using too much water.

    Irrigation Tutorials — Homeowners can learn to design all kinds of home irrigation systems on this site.

    Landscape, Irrigation, and Outside Water Use — The section on irrigation is just one part of this extensive site on water efficiency and landscaping.


    Build a Fish Pond — Instructions for how to build a fish pond can be found here.

    Fish Pond Mosquito Control — Ponds can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and this page can help homeowners keep the pond that beautifies their landscape from becoming home to mosquitoes.

    Landscaping Around Your Pond — For those who incorporate a pond into their landscape, this information on plants to use in and around ponds will be useful.


    Designing and Installing Outdoor Lighting — The University of Minnesota offers this handy guide on the design and installation of an outdoor home lighting system.

    How to Buy Lighting — Here is a simple overview on how to purchase the proper lighting for a landscape.

    How to Put in Landscape Lighting — This Old hosts this helpful, step-by-step guide to installing lights in a landscape.

    Decks and Patios

    Build Your Own Natural Stone PatioPopular Mechanics provides a thorough explanation of how one can build a stone patio on this site.

    How to Build a Deck — Learn the basics of deck building on this good overview page.

    Patio Landscaping Ideas — The ideas found on this page can help homeowners beautify their patios.

    Fences and Walls

    Do-It-Yourself Fence Plans — This page has a large list of fence plans for the do-it-yourselfer.

    Rock Retaining Wall Construction — A brief guide for building a rock wall for a landscape or garden is available via this link.

    Walls and Fences — Bob has several articles and interviews on building fences and walls and incorporating them into a landscape.

    Paths and Driveways

    Building Your Garden's Paths — Those who want to add some paths to their garden should consult this useful page.

    Driveway Landscape Ideas — This brief overview page contains some great information on landscaping a driveway.

    Landscaping Ideas for Garden Path Walkways — A gallery of photos of path landscaping ideas are just one of the resources found on this site.


    A Gallery of Garden Shed Ideas — Some great pictures of different garden shed options can be found on this site.

    A Great Area for Plants — Here is some brief information on landscaping around a shed or other outdoor building.

    Building a Shed — This page contains many helpful articles on building different kinds of sheds.


    Build a Gazebo — Links to many different gazebo plans are found on this page.

    • Gazebo Landscaping Ideas — Some basic landscaping ideas for use around a gazebo are accessible via this link.

    Gazebo Planting — Users can find a basic guide here for setting up a landscape around a gazebo.

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