The Home Maintenance and Repair Guide

    Every house requires some sort of maintenance at some point in time. Whether it’s the interior, exterior, home systems or landscaping, proper maintenance adds value and comfort to the house. When a “house” is well-maintained, it becomes a “home”. The interior of the house is the place where people usually spend most of their time. This is why the interior is important and people hire designers to create the best interior solutions for their purposes. Homeowners also have to keep the house clean because it helps to prolong the life of fittings and building, which is an important part of home maintenance. In the case where some parts of the building or fittings are broken, it’s best to repair them as soon as possible. Let’s look at different aspects of home maintenance in more detail. 

    Interior Maintenance

    A main area of concern in home maintenance is the interior. The interior reflects a lot about homeowners because it’s the area which reflects their personality and preferences. The interior includes the living room, bedrooms, kitchen, study, bathrooms, and all other areas which are indoors. In this sense, it should be safe and comfortable. Also, the interior is usually the part of the home which requires the most maintenance. Here’s a short guide on interior maintenance.

    Floors, doors, windows, and other like fixtures should be properly cleaned, and maintained. Even the ceiling should be cleaned, if not regularly, then at least once a month. Dusting should be done daily to keep your house clean and healthy to live in. Try to choose furniture which is suitable for your requirements. Remember not to overdo anything. Light bulbs should be cleaned regularly and replaced from time to time. Efficient and green appliances should be installed in the home to promote sustainable housing.

    • Interior Maintenance: Offers interior maintenance tips for living and sleeping, combating dampness, windows and doors, and more.
    • Residence Maintenance: A guide on maintenance of interior finishes, windows, safety devices, and more.
    • Insulation: Use this guide to find out how to insulate your home properly.
    • Asbestos-Containing Vinyl Floor: Explains how to maintain vinyl floors that contain asbestos.
    • Hardwood Floors: Learn all about how to clean and maintain your hardwood floor.
    • Upholstered Furniture: Shows how to select the best upholstered furniture for your home.
    • Cleaning Tips: Provides home cleaning tips for ceramic tile floors, mini blinds, walls, windows, and more.
    • Windows: A checklist for maintenance of residential and exterior windows.
    • Window Maintenance: Offers instructions on maintenance of window glass and window frames.
    • Air Ducts: Discusses whether you should clean the air ducts in your home with lots of tips and suggestions.

    Exterior Maintenance

    The home’s exterior appearance is also very important. To protect the walls, high quality weatherproof paint should be applied. In this manner, the exterior is safe in all seasons, whether it’s the scorching summer or the monsoon. To protect the home from rain and snow, proper maintenance of the roof is to be carried out. If there’s any wear and tear, replace the parts immediately to prevent leaks.

    Gutters should be properly covered and drainage pipes should be well maintained. In case there is some wear and tear, it should be repaired by adding additional joints or a better option would be reinstallation of the whole system. Also check for debris and clogs in the gutter and downspouts of your home. The windows should be made in such a way that appropriate ventilation is available. Also check the insulation and air leak in the house.

    Home Systems

    The cleanliness of a house depends how waste is managed in the house. Proper plumbing helps you get clean and clear water which is suitable for drinking. It works by removing the waterborne wastes, thus keeping you healthy and safe. Safety should be of prime importance. Old and defective wiring systems should be replaced to avoid an overload. The installation of a good wiring system is essential.

    Another area of concern is the heating and cooling system. There are many options but it’s always best to choose a system which is environmentally friendly. Maintenance of the home systems would ensure that the tenants would be safe.

    • Household Waste: Provides information on the household ecosystem, hazardous waste, source reduction, and more.
    • Home Composting: Discusses various aspects of home composting like bin/pile information, ingredients for composting, compost tea, and so on.
    • Hazardous Household Products: Offers some alternatives to hazardous household products.
    • Plumbing Basics: Offers information on plumbing in the home, seasonal tips, conservation tips, and more.
    • Home’s Plumbing System: Explains all about the plumbing system in your home.
    • Home Wiring Hazards: The CPSC highlights the hazards in home wiring.
    • Home Wiring Systems: Provides information on various home wiring systems like knob & wire tube wiring, aluminum wiring, and grounded electrical systems.
    • Heating Systems: A look at various types of heating systems like furnaces and boilers, active solar heating, radiant heating, and more.
    • Cost Calculator: Use this tool to calculate the cost of your home heating system.
    • Cooling System: The tutorial shows how you can select a suitable cooling system for your home.


    Landscaping lends character and value to a home. A garden not only looks beautiful but it also offers respite and good health. Proper care of the lawn should be done regularly. Trees and plants should be trimmed and the lawn should be mowed so that the garden appears pleasing to the eye.

    Another thing to consider in landscaping is to practice sustainable gardening. To help protect the environment, it’s best to use green products and fixtures. If there’s a sprinkler in the garden, check it to make sure that it’s working properly and repair any damaged part.

    • Fire-Safe Landscaping: Explains how fire-safe landscaping can offer protection for your home.
    • Water Efficiency: A tutorial which shows how you can promote water efficiency for your landscape.
    • Trees: Explores the importance of trees in your landscape.
    • Green Building: Discusses the importance of landscaping in the home.
    • Energy Efficiency: Shows how you can create an energy efficient landscape.
    • Plant a Tree: Offers some tips on how you can start planting trees in your garden.
    • Health & Safety Tips: Provides information on how to stay healthy and safe while gardening.
    • Maintenance Schedule: Sample of a maintenance schedule for landscaping.
    • Sustainable Landscaping: Offers a lot of information on the topic of sustainable landscaping.
    • Sustainable Landscapes: Touches on various aspects of sustainable landscaping like growing plants, water, landscape materials, air, energy, and more.
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