Backyard Games Guide

    Running Activities

    • How to Play Dodge Ball – Simple to follow instructions for teaching kids how to play dodge ball outside.
    • Hide and Seek (PDF) – This classic outside game is great for kids of all ages.
    • Red Rover – Red Rover is a great game to play outside. Learn how to play Red Rover with these easy to follow instructions.
    • Hopscotch – Learn the rules of hopscotch; there are several different variations of this outdoor game.
    • Freeze Tag – There are so many different games of tag. Freeze tag is a great game to play in a wide open space.
    • Foursquare and More – Learn how to play foursquare and a few other outdoor games.
    • Chilly Weather Games and Activities – Ideas for fun activities that are perfect for outdoor fun – even when it is cold out; just make sure to bundle up.

    Sports Games

    • How to Play Baseball – Baseball is a game that can be scaled down and played in a backyard. This is a breakdown teaching young kids how to play baseball.
    • Speedball – This is a pretty new type of outdoor sport, it’s like a combination of soccer, basketball and football. Learn how to play and try it in your backyard today.
    • Soccer – Learn the basic points of how to play soccer. For backyard soccer, the field may be a bit smaller, but the game is the same.
    • Badminton – All you need to play badminton in your backyard is a badminton set and to know how to play. Follow these easy instructions.
    • Ultimate Frisbee – Ultimate Frisbee is a popular game to play outside; use any open space you have, including your backyard. Get your friends together and have a great time!
    • Softball – Learn the basic rules and regulations of softball with this easy guide.
    • Volleyball – Volleyball is a fun indoor/outdoor sport; you need a net, volleyball and two teams. Learn more about the rules of volleyball.
    • Kickball – Easy to follow rules for kickball. Kickball is a great sport to play in your backyard if you have a lot of space; just don’t kick it over any fences!
    • Flag Football Rules – Learn the rules of flag football and start a backyard flag football game today.

    Water Games

    • Water Balloon Toss – This is a great game to play outside on a hot summer day.
    • Sprinkler Race – Learn how to set up a sprinkler race in your backyard this summer.
    • How to Make a Slip-and-Slide – A step by step guide on how to build a homemade slip and slide in your backyard.
    • Swimming Pool Games – A collection of different swimming pool games.
    • Marco Polo – Marco Polo isn’t just a famous explorer; it’s also a great pool game!
    • Water Games for Kids – A resource with tons of great pools games for kids of all ages.
    • Water Polo – Fun facts and information about water polo.
    • Water Limbo – Easy to follow instructions for water limbo; try this fun sprinkler game at your next play date or pool party.
    • Cold Potato – A water-filled version of the traditional Hot Potato, Cold Potato is a great outdoor water game.
    • Seven Fun Water Games – More fun water games to play outside and around the pool this summer.

    Thinking Games

    • Science and Nature – A collection of science and nature-based activities for kids.
    • Nature and Animal Drawing – Drawing outside is a great way to learn about animals and nature; look around you and see what type of animals you see. This guide can also help young artists learn how to draw what they see in nature.
    • Outdoor Art Gallery – After you create your nature drawing, hang it up in your outdoor backyard gallery.
    • Painted Rocks – Learn how to create your own rock creature and play different games using painted rocks.
    • Nature Collage – After a hike, use any pretty leaves you’ve collected to make your own nature collage.
    • Autumn Leaf Tree – Look outside in the fall, what do you see? Falling leaves. This craft project is great for fall.
    • Family Tree – Make your own family tree using materials from outside and cut paper.
    • Pine Cone Art – A collection of art activities that use pine cones.
    • Easy Outside Science Activities – Check out these cool science experiments and activities you can do outside.
    • Outdoor Science Activities – Great educational science-based activities for the outdoors.
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