Will You Fall in Love with this House? Even the Best Technology Can't Tell You...

Consider this scenario: You’re looking for a life partner, and like many people today, you turn to the Internet, to one of the myriad dating sites that will match you to someone who shares common goals and interests. You spend hours scrolling through your options, reading information and looking at pictures. Then, you narrow it down to one person.

Is your next step a proposal of marriage?

Hardly. Shouldn’t you, perhaps, meet in person? Spend some time together? Get to know one another? Buying a house is a similar process, with a similar commitment as the end result. As a first-time buyer, you wouldn’t buy a house you’d only seen online!

Why visiting a home for sale is so importantLike any serious house hunter, I suffer from an addiction to the MLS. I use ZipRealty’s home search features perhaps too often. I scroll through pictures until the wee hours of the morning, peering lustfully at gorgeous, spacious kitchens and master baths that could be mine. But in the end, I’m not that much closer to actually owning any of it. My point is that in this modern age of technology, we buyers need to balance the convenience (and addictive nature) of online searches with the very necessary home visit. That’s what ZipRealty’s Drop In and Win promotion is all about!

Today, ZipRealty reminds you that even the most informative MLS listing, the most exhaustive photo collection, can’t replace what you learn when you and your agent actually step inside a home for sale.

The Internet and Today’s Buyer

Yes:  ZipRealty’s new features make searching for a home easier and more specific to an individual buyer’s needs than ever. Our persistent search bar allows you to instantly narrow, expand or change your home search from anywhere on the website. Our interactive search results map delivers key property details on homes of interest, including  beds, baths and price but also more the address and days on market. We also include a Walk Score® and links to important local information you need, like neighborhood crime, weather, and school statistics. And if you like a particular neighborhood, you can use our Streetsketch™ mobile app or polygon search to create a unique shape connecting and therefore enclosing a location of personal interest.

We’ve also made our home search more customizable than ever, to help you pinpoint properties that are as close to your perfect home as they can be. These features help you find homes that fit you faster so you can get out and visit them faster. Even though you can fairly sure you’ll love a house you’ve spent so much time researching, you want to get a feel for the actual, physical home and neighborhood.  And getting there faster gives you an edge over your competition.

Great Homes Have Great Appeal

Spring is a busy real estate season, nationally, so a well-priced home in a great neighborhood attracts many buyers. While I’m back at my apartment clicking through photos of my favorite house for sale, buyers more savvy could be visiting that house with their agent, making an offer, and making real progress in securing the home of their dreams. Meanwhile, all I have to show for my efforts is dry eyes from too much screen time…and a backache!

Drop in and Win ZipRealty

ZipRealty knows you need to get in the house to really get in the game of buying one, which is why we’ve brought you the Drop In and Win Sweepstakes.  Just pick one of those homes you've been staring at online: it's time for a face-to-face! Your agent will confirm your visit in our system, and you’ll automatically be entered to win one of  three gift certificates. Winners can select from Crate & Barrel, Lowe’s, Sears, or Best Buy.

  •   1st prize: $2,500
  •  2nd prize: $1,500
  • 3rd prize: $1,000

Best of all, you might just visit, and fall in love, with your perfect home in the process!