Buying Westchester real estate in New Rochelle

If you are planning to purchase Westchester real estate, you should first narrow down the area in which you wish to live. Westchester County, New York, covers over 450 square miles and is home to over a million residents, offering a wide variety of housing options in numerous cities throughout the county. Although opinions will certainly differ, one of the most consistently popular cities in which to find homes in Westchester, NY is New Rochelle.

Established as far back as 1688, New Rochelle is located about 25 miles from downtown Manhattan and two miles from the Bronx border. Known for its almost three miles of Long Island Shore, New Rochelle is the seventh largest city in New York with a population of about 80,000 residents. Among New Rochelle’s many honors, it was named the best city in New York to raise children by Business Week. It was also named one of the 100 best walking cities in the country by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Westchester real estate in New Rochelle offer a mixture between new and old, urban and suburban, upper and middle class. In the densely populated downtown area you will find condominiums and high rises as well as a surplus of affordable housing for the middle and low income residents. Farther out, housing options change to sprawling lots with expensive single family homes nestled in family friendly neighborhoods. Homes in Westchester, NY that are located in the very north end of New Rochelle are among the most expensive in the country, making Forbes magazines “500 Most Expensive Zip Codes” list. With the wealthy and working class residents living harmoniously in this attractive neighborhood makes New Rochelle a model city for others to emulate.

About one-third of all households within New Rochelle have children under the age of 18 living in them. Children in New Rochelle may attend public schools in the City School District of New Rochelle which has won the U.S. Department of Education’s Blue Ribbon Award on more than one occasion. The District's high school, New Rochelle High School, is among the most diverse schools in the country with students representing over 60 countries enrolled in the school.

Outdoor lovers can enjoy the city’s 230 acres of public parks as well as over 100 acres of inland waters. Not surprisingly, several well-known private yacht clubs can be found in New Rochelle. The waterfront is not just made up of private yacht clubs, but also provides residents with a marina and a public beach as well. Likewise, several sailing and rowing clubs as well as the New York Sailing School can also be found in New Rochelle.

Given the diversity of options, anyone looking for Westchester real estate in New Rochelle is likely to find what they are searching for. Although median home prices run over $750,000, this can be somewhat deceiving because it includes the high priced real estate located on the northern end of New Rochelle. Homes in Westchester, NY for those operating on a working class budget can also be found in New Rochelle.

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