The Weird and Wonderful World of Celeb Real Estate

The rich and famous among us are notorious for their penthouse-hopping, estate-buying ways. Here’s a roundup of some of the most outrageous (and gorgeous) celeb real estate stories from the week!


Can't wait to see the new mansion, Elin! - photo from Gawker

Elin Nordegren Knocks Down Mansion

You know what’s awesome? Having enough money for a mansion.

You know what’s even more awesome? Having enough money to demolish said mansion only to rebuild it again. Say what?

Gawker has this totally weird story about Tiger’s ex-wife’s wrecking ball ways.


Please note the FOUNTAIN in the sitting room - photo from Refinery29

Donald Trump: A Modern Midas

If Trump’s touch turns things to gold, his queen, Melania Trump, must feel right at home in their over-the-top, gold-encrusted penthouse. That’s right: the front door is made of gold and diamonds.

Refinery29 offers a peek of the ornate pad, but if you plan on making a house call, remember to wear the mandatory bootie scrubs. The Trumps can’t afford any scuffs or dents on their floor!


Hmph, I hate when dead bodies turn up on my estate! - this amazing photo is from Gawker

Queen Elizabeth’s Country Estate: Site of Murder Mystery

A dog walker was rambling the British royal’s estate when they walked right into a dead body. The Queen is not a suspect, according to Gawker, and the case is a mystery at this point, but perhaps the matriarch should look into a better grounds keeper?

At the very least, Hasbro should come up with a new version of Clue fitted for a queen.


See you next week for more great posts on all things real estate!