We’re Getting UnZipped!

It’s happened more times than we can count: we’re talking or emailing with one of our agents, and during the course of our conversation they share an amazing story or insight with us – something that is so poignant, heartfelt (and at times, pretty darn funny) that we immediately wanted to shout it from the rooftops and share it with the world.

So, we made a point of having more and more of these conversations, asking more questions… and capturing it all on film!

As you can imagine, many of the stories revolve around what our agents are doing every day in neighborhoods across the US: helping people find (and own!) the home meant for them.

So, we asked our buyers and sellers to record their stories about working with Zip, being a homeowner, and to send us those videos, too.

Thus, UnZipped was born!

More stories are coming in every week – take a peek at our UnZipped Video Library on Facebook to see who’s already been UnZipped (we included one below, too), and follow us on Facebook to see the newest UnZipped videos, and to share your story with us.  We’d love to hear it!

Here is Alina Aeby from our San Francisco district sharing an amazing story about an out-of-country home buyer who never even saw the property she was buying until signing.  View the rest of our videos here.