What sports programs are available to DC adults?

Recreational activities provide plenty of benefits to adults, and those looking for a fun time might consider checking out the DC area's sports programs. When you purchase one of the homes for sale in Washington, DC, you can become involved in a collection of options available from the local Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR).

Showcase your on-court abilities by joining a DPR basketball league. There are men's, women's and coed options available, and 12-player teams play each other at various fields throughout the district during the summer and winter.

Flag football
Fall and spring sports enthusiasts can enjoy playing flag football with other adults outdoors. Each team includes 25 players, and the leagues are designed to help people develop strong character and build their gridiron skills. Become a member of a men's, women's or coed league for a chance to become physically active and make new friends.

The popular sport you might have enjoyed at recess is available to DC adults. Teams include between 12 and 28 players and celebrate the sport with fun-filled afternoons of competitive and courteous play. Kickball in the district allows participants to enjoy games as coaches, players or spectators.