What are some of the top DC burger joints?

You might purchase one of the homes for sale in Washington, DC, for a variety of reasons, including the area's restaurants. Burger lovers will especially enjoy this metro's offerings, as the district features plenty of places where you can find a great meal.

Central Michel Richard
Visit Central Michel Richard at 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, which is less than a mile from the White House. Treat yourself to a high-quality dining experience at a restaurant that blends traditional American offerings with a French flair. It won the 2008 James Beard Foundation Award for best new restaurant because of its innovative atmosphere and unique entrees.

Try a basic or deluxe option - both of which will satisfy any burger lover's hunger. Popular choices include the Ahi tuna, lamb and lobster burgers. Each sandwich is served with tomato confit, mayonnaise and potato tuiles, and you can enjoy french fries or salad on the side.

Good Stuff Eatery
Handcrafted burgers have helped Good Stuff Eatery at 303 Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast become a popular destination for diners on Capitol Hill. Cathy Mendelsohn and her son, Spike, opened the restaurant in July 2008 to give residents the opportunity to enjoy some of America's favorite dishes.

This eatery has gained notoriety for its farmhouse burgers, which feature ruby-red tomatoes, thinly sliced onion, lettuce and pickles. Each sandwich is served on a sweet, fresh Pennsylvania dutch bun, topped with a spoonful of Good Stuff sauce. While these burgers may draw visitors, their original offerings such as the Prez Obama Burger, Michelle Melt and Spike's Sunnyside has kept many coming back time and again.

Ray's Hell-Burger
Ray's Hell Burger is located roughly five miles outside DC at 1725 Wilson Boulevard in Arlington, Virginia. The restaurant has become a haven for burger lovers across the district.

According to The Washington Post, President Obama made a trip to the restaurant in May 2011 to sample its indulgent offerings. Ray's Hell Burger earned a spot on Washingtonian's Cheap Eats 2012 list, as you can get a burger for around $7. Menu selections include the Mack, a burger that features a barrage of toppings including American cheese, pickles and tomatoes, and the B.I.G. Poppa, a patty topped with blue cheese and Cognac-sauteed mushrooms. Mouthwatering side dishes are available to complement your burger, including cole slaw and mac and cheese.