Taxi upgrades likely coming to DC

Already known for its capable fleet of taxis, Washington DC will likely be seeing some substantial improvements to its cabs in the coming months, according to The Washington Times. For people looking for real estate in Washington DC, this is likely welcome news. Not only will it improve the quality of the ride, it will also make payment more convenient for both drivers and passengers.

"It's something that we promised we would do, and it's something we've delivered on," DC Mayor Vincent Gray said in a press conference, according to the news source.

If the bill passes, it will form a $34.9 contract with VeriFone Systems, which will result in credit card readers, in-ride news videos and satellite navigation for all cabs, according to the Washington Post.

The bill would not only upgrade the amenities found in taxis, however - it would also overhaul the accrediting process and affect the makeup of the city's fleet. The law would sizably increase the number of taxi inspectors, bolster training for new drivers and add many more handicapped-accessible cabs, according to the source.

For people thinking of moving to the district, this law could make it a lot more pleasant and convenient to get around in.