Places to get your squash-fix in DC

Finding easy, fun ways to exercise is crucial to successfully staying in shape. Many people jog, lift weights or take fitness classes to get their workout fix, but there are many other ways to go about it. One of the most popular is squash.

For many, squash - and its close kin, racquetball - is an ideal way to work out because it is fun, social and, of course, works up a hearty sweat. However, finding a place to play can sometimes be difficult. Courts only serve a few people at a time and, due to the sport's popularity, they are often reserved days, if not weeks, in advance.

However, the nation's capital has long been considered a haven for the squash-inclined. Those looking for one of the homes for sale in Washington DC who are fans of this tennis-like sport are in luck.

Here are a few of the places where many residents of DC go to play the classic sport.

Results Gym, Capitol Hill
This large gym, situated at 315 G St. SE, features four international squash courts. In addition to the wide selection, the facility also places a lot of emphasis on fostering a love of the sport. It features several professionals who can assist beginners and experts alike.

However you want to play, Results can help you out - come with a friend for a light-hearted match or join one of the gym's several teams to hone your skills. There is also a league specifically for juniors.

National Capital YMCA
YMCAs have long been inexpensive, inclusive ways for people to try their hand at new sports and find partners or competitors. This downtown branch, located at 1711 Rhode Island Ave. NW, could be a great place to learn about or improve at racquetball.

This YMCA makes a great place to identify like-minded racquetball fans. It's easy to get some swings in here, as the location is open until 10:30 every weeknight.

YMCA Arlington Tennis and Squash Center
Another YMCA branch just outside the city, this facility is specifically geared to racquet sports of all stripes. With eight indoor tennis courts and two American squash courts, this is a great place to get some swings in. Like Results Gym, this location features many professionals eager to fine-tune your movements and tactics.

Enthusiasts looking for some well-maintained courts for tennis and squash will find that this facility, located at 3400 North 13th Street in Arlington, Virginia, is a good bet.