The perils of apartment hunting in DC

Many potential renters in the District are currently encountering an incredibly tight market, which is leading them to lower their standards or increase their budgets as a result. Facing fierce competition and quickly-filling units, it can be a stressful time for many. The low supply of rental units could also be an indication that this might be a good time to consider purchasing one of the houses for sale in Washington, DC - if only to avoid going through the tumultuous search for property.

In an effort to document this trend, The Washington Post ran a regular column throughout the summer focusing on a recent college graduates quest to find a suitable place to rent. The graduate's search did not go so easily.

"Believe me when I say competition for affordable housing [in some of the Districts more coveted areas] is fierce; for anyone looking for a place, you can expect to be beaten to the punch over and over again," Jon Fox, the selected home-hunter wrote in the news source.

Eventually Fox did find a place - the basement of his sister's townhouse. As the apartment market continues to tighten, you may want to consider one of the homes for sale in this popular metro.