New food distribution center aims to feed DC's hungry

The way a city cares for its most needy and at-risk residents is typically indicative of how responsive and helpful it is to its citizens in general. People looking for a metro that has a true sense of community and magnanimous ethic might consider purchasing one of the homes for sale in Washington, DC, as the local government just announced the opening of a brand new food bank and distribution center, according to The Washington Post.

This isn't a run-of-the-mill food pantry, either - it's massive. The Capital Area Food Bank's new distribution center cost $37 million to build and occupies the area of two football fields, according to the news source. Equipped with a teaching kitchen, food storage space and 13 loading docks for groceries, the new facility will hopefully help serve some of the city's population who have been negatively affected by the recent recession.

"The middle class is under stress, and many people who have never needed emergency food services find themselves at food pantries," Lynn Brantley, the food bank's president, told the news outlet.

With thousands of residents added to the food-at-risk ranks by the recession, the city has been in need of a facility of such scale and capabilities. The new distribution center is expected to dispense 33 million pounds of food this year, according to the news source, which is 10 million more than it did at the beginning of the downturn.