Looking for a community near Washington DC?

Although it can be fun to live within the Washington DC metro area, city life isn't for everyone. Therefore, when looking to buy one of the houses for sale in Washington, DC with  a quieter, more suburban feel, consider one of the many surrounding areas. The commute is quick and the properties are beautiful.

One of the most popular areas around Washington, DC is Arlington. Although it's technically part of Virginia, it sits at the very most northern tip of the state on the Potomac River, directly across from the capital city. According to CNN Money, the average home sale price in Arlington is $460,500. This is actually quite a steal considering how large the houses are and how close it is to the city. However, the least expensive zip code in the area is 22204, with the average home price at $350,000, reports DQNews.

Montgomery County in Maryland is another popular destination for people to live near Washington, DC. It is just north of DC and is known for its affluent families, gorgeous homes and great views. Tree-lined streets and a slower pace of life may be just a few of the things that make Montgomery residents so friendly and Sperling's Best Places says the median home cost is $415,100.