Huffington Post names Logan Circle Best-Kept Secret Neighborhood in DC

Anyone searching for a home for sale in Washington, DC has probably already looked at properties in well-known neighborhoods like Dupont Circle and Georgetown. However, they should consider checking out Logan Circle, as the Huffington Post recently named it as one of the best-kept-secret neighborhoods in the U.S.

The news source reports that neighborhoods were picked based on areas where locals tended to search for and buy properties, as opposed to non-locals. According to Walk Score, an organization that promotes walkable neighborhoods as a solution for the environment and economy, this is one of the easier parts of DC for those who love walking. Approximately a half mile east of Dupont Circle, it conveniently features a variety of trendy restaurants, boutiques, a live theatre and art galleries.

"I moved to Logan Circle for a lifestyle change. At my old house, you couldn't walk anywhere. It was a three-mile drive just to get coffee. I wanted a neighborhood where I could just call up my friends on a moment's notice to come over and have some dinner," explained a DC homeowner to The Washington Post.

The vibrant 14th NW and U Streets make for especially fun and pleasant places to live in Logan Circle. There are a variety of real estate options in this area, including townhomes, condos and more.