H Street Corridor is trendy destination for young homebuyers

When looking for a new home, most people deem the location as the most important factor. For younger buyers, this typically means that a given neighborhood is close to entry-level jobs, features a lively social scene and has affordable homes. Therefore, first-time buyers may want to get a close look at various areas within a city to see which neighborhoods fit this bill. Young people looking for one of the houses for sale in Washington, DC, may want to pay special attention to the H Street Corridor, as it is commonly believed to be one of the most entertainment-rich, vibrant districts in the country.

Although it was a leading commercial sector in the early 20th century, the H Street Corridor - also called the Near Northeast or the Atlas District - hit hard times in the middle of the century, as it was a hotbed for racial tensions. After decades of stagnancy, however, a city-guided revitalization project helped turn the neighborhood into one of the District's brightest lights.

Filled with unique restaurants, off-kilter shops and a heralded social scene, the neighborhood has become a gathering place for recent graduates, young professionals and nascent families. Forbes recently included the H Street Corridor on its list of America's Hippest Hipster Neighborhoods, alongside other stylish stalwarts such as Williamsburg, Brooklyn and the Mission District in San Francisco.

One thing that separates the H Street Corridor from its hipster peers is the strong political undertones that gird the district's identity. Unsurprising in a city defined by politics, the H Street Corridor's penchant for grassroots activism helps the neighborhood fit in with its surroundings while still having a character all its own.

However, politics are far from the only driving force of this growing enclave. Dance clubs, burlesque shows and frequent festivals help provide entertainment for the members of Generation Y who, in large part, comprise the neighborhoods citizenry.

One event, the Truckeroo food truck festival, has been gaining adherents of late. Held once a month between June and October, this extravaganza features cheap eats of every variety, live music and teeming crowds. On festival days, the streets are packed with young adults happily sampling the region's vast assortment of street food.

Like the other hip neighborhoods across the country, the H Street Corridor is growing fast, and many of its homes are filling. If you are looking for a fun, young place to live, now might be the best time to check out one of the District's emerging gems.