Energy-friendly homes come to DC

With high oil costs and escalating fears over environmental damage, many Americans are looking for ways to use limit their energy consumption. To this end, green homes have been popping up around the country. People looking for this type of residence might want to consider the homes for sale in Washington, DC, as this area has recently been targeted by environmentally conscious builders.

One of these developers, KB Home, recently unveiled its "ZeroHouse 2.0" - a home vowing to cut occupants' energy bills to zero, according to The Wall Street Journal, which reports that it is the first of its kind in the mid-Atlantic region.

If similar units in other areas are any indication, this model could fare very well around the District - homebuyers around the country are lining up to get a look at these modern homes.

"We hear every week from our front lines that having the net-zero product included in the price is making a difference," Rick Andreen, president of another private builder, told the news source.

As consumers increasingly seek out energy-efficient homes, the markets that offer them such as Washington, DC, are likely to see property values and quality of life improve.