DC's best florists

For a wedding, funeral, Valentine's Day or just as a way to add excitement to a long week, people are always in need of a great florist. If you own real estate in Washington, DC, this won't be a problem, as the city is home to some truly exceptional flower shops.

Whether you're looking for a delicate olio or a bulging bouquet, here are two of the best places to go in DC.

To the 9's
Found just outside the city at 5702 Industry Lane Unit B-18 in Frederick, Maryland, this full-feature floral design studio traffics in flowers for all occasions. By picking their materials from local suppliers, To the 9's can maintain fresh, vibrant arrangements that will liven up any event.

Da Vinci's Florist and Lighting
Like the shop's namesake, this florist places a huge emphasis on artistic integrity and elegant composition. Located at 8839 Brookville Road in Silver Spring, Maryland, Da Vinci has a knowledgeable staff that can assist you in your quest to bring class to your wedding, celebration and more.

Whatever the reason, these two top-shelf florists are sure to make your next occasion memorable and fashionable.