DC airports to implement strategy to reduce time spent at security

For frequent travelers, the experience of going through security and waiting in seemingly endless lines is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. Therefore, any effort to reduce the frequency and duration of these scenarios is greatly appreciated. Regular travelers thinking of buying one of the houses for sale in Washington, DC, may have a brighter future ahead of them if they do in fact purchase property - the city's two major airports are implementing strategies to help airport visitors get through security quickly and safely.

Both Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport will be adopting the SecureTray System at security lines to help ease the strain and reduce wait times. With trays featuring unique ID numbers and carts specifically designed for security purpose, this new upgrade is sure to please tourists and residents alike.

"We are excited about bringing the SecureTray program to both airports in the Washington DC metropolitan area," said Joseph Ambrefe, CEO of SecurityPoint Media.

Already in place at several other airports across the country, the SecureTray program is planned to be in place at both DC-area airports by early August.