The 20011 ZIP code of DC saw a large gain in home sales

When you divide a city into sections, it is easier to get a sense of real estate and other trends. By closely inspecting these areas, you may be able to see which neighborhoods are experiencing increased home sales and values, and which are going in the other direction. People considering purchasing real estate in Washington, DC, may want to consider this strategy before making a decision on a property.

In the District, one of the ZIP code areas that has recently experienced a particularly strong period is the 20011 region. This zone, in the northwest of the city,  includes Brightwood Park, Petworth, Crestwood, Fort Totten and other neighborhoods.

In the first quarter of 2012, this section of the District had 146 homesales, 11.5 percent more than in the same period of 2011, according to DQNews. Not only does this show that the area is becoming more attractive, but also that many homeowners feel it could be a good investment to buy property there.

During the same time, prices increased just 1 percent, meaning that many homebuyers felt that 2012 is a good year to purchase.

If you are looking for your dream house in northwestern Washington, DC, this may be an opportune time to buy.