Using a ZipRealty Home Search to "Meet" Your New Community

Curious about a different city? Maybe even a different state? Moving out of your immediate comfort zone is both exhilarating and terrifying, and the only way to make it more the former and less the latter is to arm yourself well with knowledge. And ZipRealty puts all of that knowledge at your fingertips.

People move for more reasons than I could possibly type here, reasons both economic and emotional. Anything from a new job, a growing family, proximity to a great school or just the need for change could bring you to the MLS to look at homes for sale in a new location. But scrolling through jpegs won’t tell you if a neighborhood will really make you happy. You need information. And ZipRealty has got it.

Search for What Matters to You

As a nation-wide brokerage, we give you access to those essential, and basic facts, such as:

  • Size, number of bedrooms and baths, exterior and interior features.
  • Days on the market and popularity with other online viewers
  • Property listing and sale history as well as comparable nearby listings, both current and recently sold
  • Detailed maps

Less basic, and more thorough research, however, is also readily available. You can find out all of this (and more) about a neighborhood:

  • WalkScore TM and what exact businesses and services are walkable and how far away they are from the home.
  • School district information
  • Weather and air quality
  • Crime data
  • Census data like the education and career status of your neighbors, number of families with children, and the average cost of living
  • Property value information: the median equity held, the median mortgage debt  

Real Life Example

My friends, a young couple who just had a baby, are planning to move out of San Francisco, where they currently rent, to a neighborhood they can afford to buy a home in. Because they are leaving behind friends and family, they really want to find a community rich with other families. They want other parents with young kids close by, and all the services and activities easily found in areas where such families proliferate. 

They’re thinking of the East Bay, CA or Portland, OR. I recommended using a ZipRealty search to look at homes in both areas that fit their budget and needs, and then compare the family demographics of each location.

Here’s a screen shot of the type of info they got from this search. I’ve starred the information they particularly care about, but you can see other info available as well (plus, this is only a portion of the overall information there). The listing is a single-family home in Portland, OR.


And they can continue this research, for as many homes as they like, saving their search results and favorite listings, all before making the next move, which is seeing these homes in person. Particularly for the potential inter-state move, advanced research that lets them narrow down and target whatever it is they’re looking for is essential.

Ready to start not just looking but actually learning about your potential new community?  Below is a screenshot of what you'll see under the detailed information about a home for sale, with the clickable link circled. And it's all free! So get started: Search for homes for sale in any of the markets ZipRealty serves, and click “see local info” on any listings that catch your eye.

Anna Marie Erwert writes from both the renter and new buyer perspective, having (finally) achieved both statuses. She focuses on national real estate trends, specializing in the San Francisco Bay Area and Pacific Northwest. Follow Anna on Twitter: @AnnaMarieErwert