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Our interactive pricing tool gives you insight into what other homes are selling for in your local market, so that you can price your home intelligently and see how your home’s value is changing with your neighborhood. We’ve built awesome search filters that put you in the driver’s seat and let you customize your price estimate based on homes like yours that have sold nearby.


Get started with the pricing tool

Start by entering your address in the ZipRealty Seller Center, then click over to the Interactive Pricing Tool tab. You’ll notice that the search filters are preset to include a selection of homes that are similar to yours that have sold recently. We choose the distance and days back according to sale activity in your area, so that we can provide an initial list of suggested comparables. Based on this list of homes and the average of their values, you’ll see a price estimate for your home.



Learn more about the homes included in your estimate

Click to view more photos or click on the address to get more detailed information about the home. The green number on the right is the adjusted price, which is how much the home would be worth if it was the exact same square footage as your home. You can also choose to sort the homes by distance, adjusted price, when they sold, etc.


Adjusting the search filters

Since you know your home best, we put you in the driver’s seat and allow you to adjust the filters to find the homes that are the most like yours. Move the sliders to change the beds, baths, square footage, lot size and distance from your home; check or uncheck options to change neighborhoods, school districts and property types. To save your settings, make sure you click on the “Watch” button - you’ll receive updates on the value of your property and your filters will be saved when you return to the pricing tool.



As you adjust the search filters to include more or less homes in your estimate and as you hide homes that are not like yours, your estimate will change based on the current homes included. You can view which comparable homes are included either in the list or on the map to give you even more insight into how much homes are selling for in your neighborhood.


Other things to note

It’s important to understand that the estimate is based on what data we have available. If the initial list of comparable homes we show you is short, or if you don’t see any changes after changing a filter, you may need to adjust multiple filters to get more results for your estimate. Also, if we don’t have the records for a home, we won’t preset the filters.


If you need help figuring out which homes you should include or if you just want an expert opinion, get in touch with a real estate agent on ZipRealty.com. They’ll be able to guide you in selecting comps and will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate of your home’s value based on their knowledge of your local market.

Visit the ZipRealty Seller Center to try out the tool!

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