Super Square Footage: Tom Brady's Supersized Home Fits the Football Star

When New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, isn’t throwing touchdown passes, he’s busy scoring some ridiculous real estate (not to mention his ridiculously good-looking supermodel lady, Gisele).

Seriously, his new digs are a bit over the top. The Brentwood mansion, which was recently completed, checks in at about 22,000 square feet and has all the expected amenities: tons of bedrooms, a six-car garage, a fantastic pool, an elevator, and of course, a weight room for the athlete to work out in peace.

But what will the football star do in his post-Super Bowl days when he wants to upgrade?

Thankfully, there are homes for sale out there that are even more palatial and over-the-top. Here are my top three picks sorted by price. Keep in mind that Brady’s modest abode cost about 20 million and is about ½ a football field on a lot of 3.75 acres (3 ½ football fields).

1. Beverly Hills Estate

This sweet house sits on a 20-acre compound in the city of starlets and celebrities. There's an elevator in this one, too (what's up with that? Your wallet's so lined you can't walk up a staircase?), as well as a nice lookin' pool and a 'projection room.' It'd be a great place for Brady to watch the game replays!


Price – 63 million

House Size – 2/3 football field

Lot Size – a whopping 18 football fields

Secret Weapon: a Seventeen-car Garage

(c/o Coldwell Banker Preview Intl.)

2. Florida Palace

If Brady and Gisele plan on making a few more little ones, this might be a good place for them - it offers an additional 8,000 square feet of living space. Enough room for all the toys, right? This warm weather haven comes complete with a recording studio and chromotherapy spa. Could someone please tell me what that is, and why it's necessary?

Price – 60 million

House – 2/3 field

Defensive Line – includes a Panic Room

Offensive Line – 7-limo garage (because who drives sedans when you can afford a limousine?)

Special Teams – Chromotherapy Spa (had to look that one up)

(c/o Coldwell Banker Preview Intl.)

3. New Jersey Mansion

This little beauty took three years and sixty people to build! It's all set for large-scale entertaining as it comes with a coat check (awesome), basketball court (in case Brady ever switches sports), and ballroom (for all those footballers to get their waltz on!). Gorgeous!


Price – 56 million

House Size – 2/3 football field

Lineup – 12 bedrooms and 19 bathrooms

Playbook – Indoor basketball court with scoreboard + ballroom

(c/o Sotheby’s Intl.)


To see more supersized homes, check out the full slideshow over at Forbes.

Next Friday, we’ll take a look at Eli Manning’s high-tech condo

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