Square Deals: Top Ten US Cities for the Best Value by the Square Foot

Indianapolois, IN

This blog knows that one of the things buyers hunt for is affordability. And of course, affordability is complicated, involving much more than just price per square — a concept discussed by experienced Zip Realtors on Monday. Yet part of said affordability does come down, simply, to the price per square foot of the home.

So where are the best deals in America right now? Updated just this month is this survey, courtesy of buyer’s online resource, Houshunt.com. This data includes neighborhood demographics assembled by OnBoard Infomatics. From this study, we discover the most affordable 20 U.S. zipcodes with are found in four states: New Jersey, Georgia, Indiana, and Illinois .We’ve posted the top ten cities within those states below. (To see the top 20 most affordable U.S. cities, go here.)

Top 10 Most Affordable US Cities per Square Foot:

These prices, striking already, are more so in contrast to America’s pricier cities. For instance, in Monday’s 3 Sizzling Summer Market blog, you can see San Francisco, CA’s average home sells for more than $450 a square foot. The Silicon Valley, CA and Westchester County, NY both enjoy around $300 per square foot.

Quite a difference!

But squares aside for a minute, we know that there’s a lot more than price-per-square foot that goes into consideration when you buy. Now that our week on the square is over, what really makes a house “worth the money?” Let us know in the comments below!

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