Selling During the Holidays? 10 Reasons Why You're Not Crazy

Need to sell your home before 2013? You’ve probably heard the holidays are a hard time to sell, and that you’re better off waiting until the New Year. But many sellers want or need to sell their homes before the new year for a variety of reasons, and we think you can do it—and today we offer 10 reasons why.

sell your house during the holidays1.    National inventory is still at all time low. Most metro areas ZipRealty serves still have fewer homes for sale than they did last month and last year. The Department of Numbers, which tracks 54 metro areas, reports December homes for sale are 23% fewer than they were in December of 2011. That means, in general, we have more buyers than sellers. As a seller then (if yours is among the inventory starved markets), you enter the market from a position of strength. This may not be the case in January if more sellers enter the market as well.

2.    The holidays don’t encourage lookie-loos: Folks who look at homes in December are serious buyers. And, given the shortage of homes available both due to seasonality and low inventory, these buyers are all the more serious. Though you might not actually close until 2013, you could have offers within days of listing.

3.    Homes show beautifully with holiday sparkle. Do up that tree, hang those wreaths, light the candles, bake the cinnamon cookies. Your home takes on the magic of the season.

4.    The holidays bring out strong emotional connections to homes. Buyers want to have their own holiday traditions in their own homes! That emotionality could mean more motivated buyers for your home.

5.    Flexible schedules and time off work during the holiday season means buyers have time to look at homes and move on them quickly.

6.    You can take advantage, for once, of taxes: some buyers need to purchase homes for tax reasons before 2013.  Your home could fit that need perfectly.

7.    You may be able to stay in your home over the holidays, a contingency of the sale. That way you can enjoy the season and move next year, with the sale already behind you.

8.    If you do stay in your home until 2013, you may then become buyer in January: You could then have more homes to choose from and better buying power if more homes are on the market.

9.    You may get more money for your home if you sell now, with this low inventory and quick push to close before 2013.

10.  Spring isn’t always the “better time” to sell. Each market is different. Speak to a local Realtor® who knows the way your particular market behaves in relation to seasonality, and who knows how current trends in inventory and prices relate to your listing.

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Anna Marie Erwert writes from both the renter and new buyer perspective, having (finally) achieved both statuses. She focuses on national real estate trends, specializing in the San Francisco Bay Area and Pacific Northwest. Follow Anna on Twitter: @AnnaMarieErwert