Woodland Park Zoo for young and old

Children and adults alike can relish in the beauty of Woodland Park, an expansive park that is occupied on its western half by the Woodland Park Zoo. Located in the Green Lake neighborhood, families looking for real estate in Seattle can enjoy this close attraction with more than 1,090 individual animals.

The 92-acre zoo has nearly 300 different species divided up into geological environments including the Northern Trail, the Tropical Rain Forest, the African Savanna, the Asian Elephant Forest, the African Wild Dog exhibit, Jaguar Cove, and the Humboldt penguin exhibit.

For more than 110 years, the Woodland Park has been a beloved community park. The zoo holds keeper talks daily and several activities for kids like puppet shows.

Visitors can feed an elephant or visit one of the newest additions to the zoo, two snow leopards that were born this past spring. The zoo puts on adult-geared events like live music and a wine tastings of some of the Northwest’s best wines.

The Woodland Park Rose Garden is a perfect spot to have a leisurely stroll. The 2 ½-acre rose garden features bush roses, hybrid teas, miniatures and tree roses, which has been opened since 1924.