Target spruces up downtown Seattle

During the last week of July, Target announced a new version of its store will to appear in downtown locations and the first two to open were in Chicago and Seattle. The Seattle store, which opened its doors July 22 on Second Avenue between Pike and Union streets, will provide a convenient shopping experience for those who own or are looking to buy real estate in Seattle, WA.

This store and other local retail outlets opened up to attract more people to an area that was previously less-than-attractive. The core downtown area was one hit hardest by the recession, seeing a 10 percent decline in the number of retail stores. Until the new additions, the Pike-Pine corridor was at a leasing standstill.

"Little by little, property owners have been making investments and putting new tenants in," Joncas said. "Having Target there means that corner is never going back to the way it was."

The 96,000 square foot center is about a third smaller than a normal store, and carries items more suited to city living. For instance, the shelves will not be stocked with 24-packs of paper towels or 70-inch televisions because most city residents don’t have room for those things.