Take your kids to high-quality parks in Seattle

Young families looking to move to Seattle may wish to consider a home near a high-quality park. There are numerous houses for sale in Seattle that are located by a parks and recreation center, so finding one your kids will enjoy is easy.

Located on the East side of the city on Lake Washington is the Madrona Park. The area features a wooded hillside that slopes down to a grassy beach and a space designated for swimming with lifeguards on duty in the summer. It is an ideal park for families with children because it is outfitted with a play area and restrooms.

If you do not have the room to garden, consider joining the P-Patch Community Gardening Program to grow and maintain some of the city’s green spaces. The Trolley Hill Park features a play space, P-Patch and a picnic area for residents. While it is a small space, less than one acre, it provides a welcome opportunity for you and your children to get dirty and experience the joys of gardening.