Spruce up your Seattle home with local flora

New homeowners looking to put their own spin on their backyard can creatively use native plants. After purchasing one of the houses for sale in Seattle, consider researching local flora and consulting with neighborhood nurseries to determine which plants are best for your yard.

The King County website provides an interactive Native Plant Guide for those who are interested in expanding their knowledge about local greenery. It includes native landscaping directions, how-to articles and details on plants native to western Washington.

If you wish to plant a tree in your new Seattle yard, consider the bitter cherry or the Oregon white oak, which is often referred to as the Garry oak. The bitter cherry features tiny white flowers in the spring and red berries in the summer – making it a great option if you want to attract birds, mammals and butterflies.

Don’t have room for a tree? Consider planting a chocolate lily. This delicate flower is a perennial, so it will come back every year. It benefits from being in sun, but also requires partial shade at times.

Consult with local experts to determine which plants native to the Seattle area will look great in front of your new home.