Seattle neighborhood among the top trendiest in the nation

It’s no surprise to many that Seattle is a hip city, noted to be the West Coast birthplace of trendy style, music and food. According to Forbes, the city’s hippest neighborhood, Capitol Hill, was ranked eighth in the nation behind East Austin, Portland’s Pearl District and Chicago’s Wicker Park. For those looking for real estate in Seattle neighborhoods with the best coffee, tech-savvy neighbors and walkability can look in several different neighborhoods.

Just beating out the up and coming Ballard neighborhood, Capitol Hill nabbed the trendiest Seattle neighborhood title for its walkability. The area boasts a number of shops with rich coffee - the area has the highest density of coffee shops on Forbes’ list - and easy access to farmer’s markets, Capitol Hill is a highly populated urban neighborhood. The area is especially known for its LGBTQ community and large amount of students that attend Seattle University, Cornish College of the Arts and Seattle Central Community College.

In April, Travel and Leisure named Seattle the best city for hipsters, where the local taste is influenced by vintage and artistic style. One of the newest bars in the area, coined at the most hipster bar in the world by Draft Magazine, Seattle’s Churchkey Can Company produces a pilsner beer in an old-fashioned flat-top can that requires a “church key” opener to enjoy.

Travel and Leisure readers voted on 35 different metropolitan areas based on their coffee, live music, bars and boutiques. The magazine also included factors like best microbrews and the most offbeat and tech-savvy locals. A true sentiment to a neighborhood growing with the trends is the use of food trucks, and as the nightlife is growing in the area, as are on-the-go food options.

"In the 80s up until somewhat recently, street food was considered something of a blight on the city," Department of Planning and Development’s Gary Johnson said. "As we became a much more urbanized and cosmopolitan city, Seattle was noted for its lack of a vibrant street food scene."

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