Seattle legislation eases up on regulations

On July 23, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn signed a legislation that would reform development regulations to create and sustain jobs in Seattle. Buyers looking for homes for sale in Seattle can benefit from this reform intended to improve neighborhoods, large-scale developments and accessory dwelling units.

The changes will be especially good for residents that run home businesses, which will now allow them to alter structures, advertise in the media and on the internet and add accessory structures if needed.

This change will also allow more freedom with commercial street fronts, required parking within a quarter mile of good transit service and extending time limits of temporary permits. Also, the laws give more flexibility to residents wishing to add a dwelling unit, like a backyard cottage.

"Today's Council vote supports jobs, urban vitality and environmental sustainability by removing outdated and unneeded regulations," McGinn said. "I especially thank Council member Richard Conlin, not only for his leadership on the Council in gaining approval for this package of reforms, but for his dedication to reforming city regulations in a way that helps protect and encourage what makes Seattle a great city."