Seattle art and culture scene grows

The strength of a city is in the collective identity of a diverse group of individuals. A metro area is not simply defined by its commodities, but rather by the personalities behind community organizations and initiatives. Seattle residents are expressing themselves through art and film across the city, and those interested in experiencing the thriving culture can purchase one of the houses for sale in Seattle to get close to the action.

Seattle film industry
According to the Puget Sound Business Journal, the Seattle film industry created 5,000 jobs and almost $500 million in spending in a year in 2001, the last time this was measured by the mayor’s office. However, James Keblas, director of the Seattle Office of Film and Music, claims the number of permits issued to film crews has doubled – a positive sign for the market.

One of the biggest events of the metro area’s film industry is the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF). The celebration will show 460 films, 50 of which were made in Washington. Eight of these 50 films are full-length movies such as "Your Sister’s Sister," and most include recognizable stars, reports the news source. The film was directed by Seattle’s own Lynn Shelton and it will be the feature opening the gala – the first time a local production has ever achieved the honor.

"People have been critical of SIFF in the past for not supporting the local sector," Keblas told the news source. "But in SIFF's defense, a film doesn't get into SIFF because it’s local, it gets in because it's good."

Columbia City Gallery
The City Hall will be hosting artwork from the members of the Columbia City Gallery until July 2. The exhibit is made up of a local artist cooperative in southeast Seattle and will feature 70 works by 22 professionals.

Seattle’s emerging art industry will soon take on bigger cities, better known for pushing the envelope through style, context and composition. The exhibit is one stepping stone toward a much larger goal of Seattle art appreciation. The works incorporate representational and abstract painting styles, mixed media, sculptures, glass, ceramics and enamel.

Residents interested in supporting local art and film ventures may want to take a trip to either one of the events between searching for a house on the MLS listings in Seattle.